What’s Life Like Dating Someone Ultra-Attractive? (Solved)

Most people date within a similar range of attractiveness. However, some people date much more attractive partners.

What’s life like dating someone ultra-attractive?

Dating someone ultra-attractive offers advantages and disadvantages. Ultra-attractive partners can trigger insecurity, jealousy, and a lopsided focus on the physical side of a relationship. Ultra-attractive partners get more attention and social perks than less attractive partners.

Let’s look at what life is like dating someone ultra-attractive.

What’s Life Like Dating Someone Ultra-Attractive? (7 Things You Need to Know)

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There are 7 things you need to know about dating someone ultra-attractive.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in an appearance-unaligned relationship. You might be surprised at some of the uncomfortable realities.

Here is what life is really like dating freakishly beautiful people.

1) Other People Will Not Understand Why They Are With You

One thing people with more attractive partners almost always say is that other people can’t understand why the hotter person is with them.

I’ve dated outside of my “attractiveness” level, and this was always true for me, too.

You get side glances, double-takes, and confused expressions—even from friends and family members.

It’s like the world is somehow out of balance for other people.

I don’t claim to be ultra-attractive, but when I dated someone less traditionally attractive than me, even acquaintances felt the need to tell me, “You’re too hot for her.”

Mind you, these were not even close friends of mine.

2) People Will Flirt With Your Ultra-Attractive Partner Right in Front of You

It never ceases to amaze me how bold and oblivious people are in the face of a romantic relationship.

In any social setting, flirting with your partner is rude and disrespectful.

Just because you’re dating an ultra-attractive person does not make it okay. People will flirt straight up flirt with your partner right in front of you. Almost as if you are not sitting right there.

If you are at a bar or nightclub, guys and girls will be all over the attractive person.

Leave them for a split second, and the vultures will attack. Even your own friends might make a pass at your partner.

3) Dating an Ultra-Attractive Person Is Not for the Faint of Heart

If you are a jealous person, don’t date an ultra-attractive person.

You will have a hard time.

Ultra-attractive partners get more attention in person and on social media than less attractive partners.

All of their exes are most likely better looking than you (Related: Should I Date Someone Who Isn’t Over Their Ex?).

If you know jealousy is not your strong suit, do not date an ultra-attractive partner. The spotlight will turn their way constantly, at the expense of your self-esteem. You don’t need that in your life.

You might find yourself patrolling their phones and getting into fights with random strangers.

4) People May Judge Your Ultra-Attractive Partner

Perhaps without meaning to, people often judge really attractive people as shallow, stupid, or promiscuous.

This is not fair at all to them. But it is how the world so often works.

For example, if they don’t talk much or hide behind you, people may judge them as cold and arrogant. If they hold their own and speak up, people will often read them as rude, narcissistic, and self-centered.

It’s a no-win situation.

There’s nothing you can do about it except to support your significant other and have their back.

5) They are Spoiled With Choice

Ultra-attractive people have more choices for dating and hooking up.

Sure, many people feel intimidated, so that limits some of their choices. But all you need to do is spend a day watching the behind-the-scenes notifications of an ultra-attractive person’s dating app profile to see what I mean.

Ultra-attractive partners are spoiled by endless choice.

Meaning that they can get pretty much anyone they want at almost any time. Rejection is virtually unknown to them.

Therefore, if they are not the faithful type, watch out.

6) They Get Better Treatment 99% of the Time

Gorgeous people get better service, more social perks, better jobs, better pay, free gifts, and so much more.

Get used to it.

Ultra-attractive people get the most out of all social interactions.

It doesn’t make them bad people, but it does make it harder for their partners to compete in the attention game.

7) Dating Ultra-Attractive People Is a Major Ego Boost

Seeing your friend’s reaction when you introduce your model-like boo is very fulfilling. It’s like you won the dating lottery.

Every time your look at your partner, you instantly wonder how you got so damn lucky.

You get a little ego boost a hundred times every day.

I have to admit, that’s pretty nice.

Here is a good (and funny) video that illustrates what it’s sometimes like to date someone ultra-attractive:

YouTube video by Bustle—What’s Life Like Dating Someone Ultra-Attractive?

What’s Life Like Dating Someone Ultra-Attractive? (For Men)

Dating super attractive people is somewhat different for men and women.

There are both similar and different pros and cons.

The Disadvantages of Dating a Beautiful Girl

The disadvantages of dating a beautiful girl are her getting constantly hit on by everyone, being cat-called, and being approached by thirsty guys (and girls).

Insecure boyfriends will not last long.

When her looks eventually fade (as happens with everyone), you might realize that you don’t really even like her personality.

So, make sure that you date someone for who they are inside and not just for their looks.

Another potential disadvantage is that she might not put forth much effort.

Ultra-attractive people often live life on “easy mode.” They get most of what they want without working very hard.

That includes relationships, attention, and gifts.

You don’t want to get involved seriously with anyone who isn’t willing to work at building a healthy and happy relationship.

For many of the same reasons, she may be terrible in bed.

Note: Not all attractive women are lazy, personality-vacant, egotists. Attractive people come in all varieties, and she may very well be a wonderful person with charm and grace.

The Insecurities of Dating a Beautiful Woman

When you date beautiful women, you’ll naturally experience some insecurities.

Better-looking men will hit on her right in front of you.

If she is a model, she’ll constantly be surrounded by gorgeous men (and other women) with perfect bodies.

Every time her phone buzzes with a notification, you might fear it’s another sly guy (or girl) sliding into her DM’s. Waiters will flirt with her and give her special treatment.

It takes a very secure man to successfully date a beautiful woman.

Benefits of Dating a Beautiful Woman

The benefits of dating beautiful women include feeling proud of her beauty and feeling like a stud.

As stated above, people look up to you as a couple.

Your friends probably envy you for dating a girl who’s way out of your league.

You’ll probably get better service at some places (and worse at others because of jealousy). When you go out together, other women will probably stare at you, desire you, and hit on you.

What’s Life Like Dating Someone Ultra-Attractive? (For Women)

For women, it’s pretty much the same as for men. However, there are some unique differences that it’s helpful to point out.

The Downsides of Dating an Attractive Man

The disadvantages of dating an attractive man are the same as dating an attractive woman, but it’s intensified by being female.

You will get judged by a thousand people every day.

Other females will throw themselves at your man any chance they get—without any thought about you.

It can be fun for the first few weeks or months.

Eventually, you get over feeling starstruck by their beauty. Then you are left with their intelligence, charm, personality, and character.

Long, stable relationships are not built on the unsteady foundation of surface attraction.

The Benefits of Dating an Ultra-Attractive Man

The benefits of dating an ultra-attractive man are how people react to you.

They say, “You go, girl!” and “Wow! He’s so hot!”

It can feel thrilling to know you’ve landed one of the most attractive people in your town, city, or country.

Dating Someone More Attractive Than You: Is It Worth It?

It is worth dating someone much more attractive to you if you are a secure person and you genuinely like the other person. Otherwise, you will drive yourself and your hot partner crazy.

If you are dating casually, enjoy a few ultra-attractive partners.

However, don’t date someone seriously if you are only with them for their looks.

Appearances fade. Personality is forever.

Final Thoughts: What’s Life Like Dating Someone Ultra-Attractive?

Every person is unique, including ultra-attractive people.

It would be unfair to lump every person with supermodel looks into the same small box or category.

Value a potential partner both for their physical attractiveness and their inner attractiveness. In the end, the latter is much more important than the former.

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