How Old Is Too Old for a Bridesmaid? (Wedding Expert)

When choosing bridesmaids for your wedding, you may come across traditions that don’t make sense for your friend group, family, or age preferences.

How old is too old for a bridesmaid?

There is no age limit or restriction for a bridesmaid. Most bridesmaids fall between 18 to 30 years old. However, a bridesmaid can be under 18 or over 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80. A bridesmaid can be a person of any age, generation, marital status, race, or gender identification.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how old is too old for a bridesmaid.

How Old Is Too Old for a Bridesmaid? (Detailed Answer)

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When choosing bridesmaids, age should be a secondary factor when weighing your candidates.

The bridal party should be comprised of each bride’s closest friends and family members who she wants to stand by her side on her big day, no matter their age or the size of their wedding budget.

It is normal for many women to have their sister or best friend who may be significantly older than them serve as a bridal attendant.

However, there are certain limitations that should still be considered.

When discussing age as it relates to which role each guest will take in the bridal party, older bridesmaids can more easily take on more mature roles such as readers or planners.

Meanwhile, younger bridesmaids can bear more physical responsibilities like coordinating flower bouquets or carrying train bustles.

Knowing this balance prevents any potential squabble between bridesmaids over their assigned roles at the wedding.

More importantly, all members of the bridal party should ideally develop a bond that goes beyond age and gender by participating in pre-wedding activities like showers, bachelorette parties, and even group wedding dress fittings.

Such interaction keeps everyone involved and strengthens the friendship between them.

It also makes differences in age seem immaterial on the special day itself.

Is 40 Too Old To Be a Bridesmaid?

Absolutely not!

The role of the bridesmaid is important—from lending emotional support to helping to plan and organize a bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Experienced women of 40 know what it takes to be a good friend, and most couples wouldn’t dream of leaving her out.

Whether she simply dresses in her own style or opts for one of the latest trends in bridesmaid fashion, being 40 doesn’t disqualify anyone from participating in this joyous occasion.

Is 50 Too Old To Be a Bridesmaid?

Not by any means.

In fact, having grandmothers and older relatives as part of the wedding entourage is becoming increasingly popular.

At 50 years old, they can be counted on to bring kindness, good humor, and wisdom to a wedding day that might otherwise have been missing (especially if the bride or groom has a lot of younger siblings or other relatives ).

Is 60 Too Old To Be a Bridesmaid?

Not in the slightest.

A graceful matron-of-honor can still pull off the gown beautifully and with elegance.

With age comes grace and dignity, many qualities that are welcomed at weddings. The older bridesmaid should be given plenty of consideration when choosing gowns that fit comfortably and look flattering.

A well-dressed 60-year-old can often provide inspiration for others in the group.

Is 70 Too Old To Be a Bridesmaid?

Of course not.

As long as she is physically able, consider inviting your favorite older relative to take part in your special day.

In an age where youthfulness is often glorified, it’s nice to include those with more experience in this very public act of celebration. And even if you don’t ask an elderly relative to be formally listed among your attendants, make sure they’re still included as part of the festivities.

A special seating arrangement or unique toast will make them feel just as involved in your happy moment.

Do Older Brides Have Bridesmaids?

It is common for older brides to have older bridesmaids by their side while walking down the aisle.

Although they tend to get more creative in their choices of dresses, often opting for styles not traditionally seen on younger ladies, their age is not an indication of their worthiness of the job.

Ultimately, it’s about who the bride would like at her side for those special moments.

This could mean having members of the wedding entourage that are much older than the traditional lineup of young ladies.

Older brides may be associated with a wider group of friends because they’ve been living longer, allowing them to draw from a larger circle when selecting potential bridesmaids from family and friends.

Whatever age you are when you become a bride, having your closest companions up there with you is what matters most.

5 Reasons To Have an Older Bridesmaid

Is it ok to have an older bridesmaid?


Here are five reasons to have older bridesmaids at your wedding.

Reason 1) More Life Experience With Weddings

Having an older bridesmaid is a great way to bring more wisdom and perspective to your wedding.

An older bridesmaid can work with you to plan the big day and ensure everything runs smoothly. She will be able to draw from her experiences with past weddings, providing helpful solutions to those potential hiccups that may arise.

Of course, she’ll also look beautiful walking down the aisle.

Reason 2) Grace Under Pressure

As you go through planning, having an older bridesmaid provides a unique level of maturity and grace under pressure.

Weddings often involve stressful moments and an experienced bridesmaid will help keep everything running calmly and make sure no one loses their head over any mishaps.

She can provide a grounded sense of steadiness to help get through any difficulties encountered during the event preparation process.

And, believe me, that is priceless.

Reason 3) Longevity of Your Friendship

When contemplating who you would like to have in your bridal party, having an older bridesmaid is a great way to celebrate the longevity of your friendship.

Someone with whom you have shared major milestones in life:

  • Childhood
  • High school
  • College
  • Wedding showers
  • Baby showers (and babies)
  • Overseas travel

This type of person will be there as a witness to your own momentous occasion – your wedding – to show respect for your relationship and the history you share.

Reason 4) Honor Someone Special In Your Life

Whether this person is close in age to you or significantly older, establishing him or her as one of the members of your bridal party can indicate how much they have meant — and continue to mean — to your life journey.

To have them standing alongside you when making this most important commitment is truly special.

It shows gratitude and appreciation for their presence throughout the years.

Reason 5) Positive Vibes

Lastly, an older bridesmaid often projects more calming energy throughout the group.

This optimism and serenity will help keep everyone balanced and relaxed amidst all of their duties throughout the planning stages leading up to the “big day.”

The more positive vibes, the better.

Before we close out this section, remember that age is not a reason not to choose someone to be a bridesmaid.

Here is a good video that talks about bridal party mistakes to avoid when picking bridesmaids:

YouTube video by Kristen Gregor – How Old Is Too Old for a Bridesmaid?

10 Reasons Why Older Women Might Not Want To Be a Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is an exciting honor, but it is also a major commitment.

Older women often have more on their plate and might not be excited about the prospect of being in a wedding party.

Here are ten reasons why an older woman may not desire to be a bridesmaid:

  1. Time constraints – An older woman may have work or family commitments that make it hard for her to give the necessary time and attention to the role.
  2. Financial burden – Weddings can be expensive and older women might not want to or have the means to participate in activities associated with being in the bridal party, such as going dress shopping or booking flights for destination weddings.
  3. Physical limitations – Dancing, standing for a long period of time, and performing other physical tasks associated with the wedding party can be difficult for older women due to age-related issues like joint pain and arthritis.
  4. Anxiety – Organizing travel plans, happy hours, showers, bachelorette parties, etc takes up a lot of energy and requires attending unfamiliar places which can lead to apprehension in some older women.
  5. Obligations – Some parties are expected of bridesmaids such as throwing showers and giving speeches which could present unwelcome burdens on an older woman.
  6. Duty fatigue – Many older women are used to caring for family members and working strenuous jobs. Being asked to take on additional tasks like planning bachelorette trips may feel overwhelming. They may feel tired more quickly and not want to slow down the rest of the bridal party.
  7. Feeling left out – As younger bridesmaids go out for long nights at bars or clubbing trips, over 40 bridesmaids may feel excluded from these festivities due to age differences
  8. Family dynamics – It is possible that family dynamics around the bride or groom and other attendees might make the occasion uncomfortable for mature women.
  9. Dress discomfort – Dresses and accessories for bridesmaids that feel comfortable for mature ladies can sometimes be hard to find. If there is a large age gap in the bridal party, finding a suitable dress for everyone can get even more complicated.
  10. Humility – Many older women have been bridesmaids many times before over the course of their lifetimes. They may want to step aside so that younger women get the chance to experience the beauty of being a bridesmaid.

Final Thoughts: How Old Is Too Old for a Bridesmaid?

The bottom line is that age really shouldn’t be a huge factor when choosing a bridesmaid.

Your fondness and friendship with the lady (regardless of age) should guide your decision more than anything else.

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