Who Is the Best Relationship Coach? (Solved)

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Coach Corey Wayne is the best relationship coach for men. Matthew Hussey is the best relationship coach for women. Their material is simple, practical, and it works. Both coaches have coached thousands of people to improve their relationships.

I’ve studied and followed many dating coaches, and I confidently believe these two are the best for men and women. I don’t know either coach personally or get anything for recommending them.

Let’s talk about who they are, why they are the best, and how they can help you in your relationships.

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Who Is Coach Corey Wayne?

Corey Wayne is a relationship coach, YouTuber, and bestselling author. He is an expert in the field of relationships, with a personal website called UnderstandingRelationships.com.

He has helped thousands of men and women improve their lives, get better at dating, and find the person of their dreams.

As a world-renowned relationship coach, he’s worked with “professional athletes, musicians, CEO’s, Doctors, sales and business professionals, military veterans (active and retired), business owners, professional coaches, and of course your average Joe and Jane Six-pack”

Corey Wayne runs a popular YouTube channel under the name, Coach Corey Wayne. On the channel, he posts videos almost daily about peak performance, dating, seduction, pickup, getting your ex back, solving common relationship problems, and more.

He is also a published author of two books, How to Be a 3% Man and Mastering Yourself.

Who Is Matthew Hussy?
5 Things That Make Guys Want You (B... x
5 Things That Make Guys Want You (Based on Science)

One of the world’s leading dating advice experts for women is Matthew Hussey. He has coached millions of women around the world and has helped them to get their dream love lives.

The author of Get The Guy, he is the resident love expert on The Today Show and a New York Times bestselling author.

He has been featured in media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, and Dr. Drew’s Life Changers.

Matthew Hussey has worked with celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Christina Aguilera. He’s trained over 100,000 women in his live seminars and has a vast following of 92 million women online due to his video courses.

A few highlights about Matthew:

Why Is Corey Wayne the Best Relationship Coach For Men? (7 Great Reasons)

As I mentioned, I’ve studied relationship coaches for a long time. I’ve always been obsessed with learning how to have better relationships.

While I follow several coaches, I consider Corey Wayne the best by far for men. There are seven great reasons why. I’ll list the reasons, then briefly expand on a few of them.

7 reasons why Corey Wayne is the best relationship coach for men:

  1. I personally experienced his transformative process (my story below).
  2. He published the best dating and relationship book on the market.
  3. He runs a popular YouTube channel where he offers tons of free value.
  4. The 1.4 thousand members of a global Facebook group I run all have been changed by his coaching.
  5. You can get personal, live video coaching from him.
  6. You can get his bestselling books for free on his website.
  7. His process is comprehensive—it covers everything from dating to long-term relationships and happy marriages.

Ok, let’s dig into a few of these reasons in a bit more detail.

I personally experienced his transformative process (my story below)

As a man, I know Corey Wayne is the best relationship coach because he helped me get over my divorce, find my soulmate, and launch my freelance writing business. 

I’ll keep my story short.

I’ve struggled with relationships most of my life. While I managed to date a lot and get married, I could never make my relationships work. After a painful divorce, I re-evaluated my life.

At that point, I had been teaching evidence-based relationship skills for 13 years. I knew what made relationships tick.

However, I still felt like something was missing. A necessary piece of the puzzle.

I looked around at available resources, only to find Coach Corey Wayne’s book, How To Be a 3% Man. I had seen it before, but didn’t care for the title, and figured it preached the same pickup and dating ideas you can find in many other books.

Yet, the book had hundreds of raving reviews. Like, crazy good reviews from guys that sounded just like me.

Figuring it couldn’t hurt, I purchased an eBook copy. I devoured it in a few days. The content blew my mind.

Within weeks, I started practicing what I learned and noticed good results. Over a few months, my schedule filled up with dates. Getting and going on great dates was no longer an issue.

Using the principles of the book, I eventually found my current long-term girlfriend with whom I am madly in love. I couldn’t be happier.

He published the best dating and relationship book on the market

I started reading relationship books in high school and never stopped.

I’ve read How To Win Friends and Influence People, Mars Vs. Venus, The Game, The Mystery Method, How To Talk To Anyone, Interpersonal Communication, and scores of others.

The best relationship book, by far, is How To Be a 3% Man.

Here’s why it’s the best:

  • It teaches you how to have a better relationship with yourself.
  • It shows you simple strategies that work.
  • It gives tons of examples from real-world situations.
  • It helps you understand how relationships work.
  • It provides a road map for success in dating and relationships.
  • It is based on relationship research and published scientific papers.

I could go on, but suffice it to say, there is no other book on the market that covers relationships like How To Be a 3% Man.

The best part is that you can actually get both of his books for free when you sign up to his email list from his website. Yes, 100% for free. That should save you a few bucks.

I actually like the book so much that I bought both the eBook version and the Audible version so that I could listen to it in the car or while I’m doing other activities.

Here are two other dating books for men that I recommend:

He runs a popular YouTube channel where he offers tons of free value

Corey Wayne’s YouTube channel is pure relationship gold.

Even if you don’t get his relationship book (you should), I strongly suggest you check out his videos. If there is a topic on relationships, he’s covered it multiple times from every conceivable angle.

As an example, watch one of his most popular YouTube videos:

7 Principles To Get An Ex Back
Video by Coach Corey Wayne via YouTube—Who Is the Best Relationship Coach?

Here are some Corey Wayne YouTube stats:

  • 449K subscribers (as of now)
  • He has close to 1,000 videos on his channel
  • There are 395 videos about attraction
  • There are 143 about getting a girlfriend
  • There are 124 about essential dating and relationship fundamentals

Corey Wayne will show you how to improve your relationships with your partner or spouse by giving you a simple strategy that can be applied immediately in any situation where you’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

Why Is Matthew Hussey the Best Relationship Coach For Woman? (7 Great Reasons)

Matthew Hussey is an uber-popular relationship coach with a giant YouTube Channel, a bestselling book, and an entire lineup of relationship programs.

Here are seven reasons he’s the best relationship coach for women:

  1. Matthew Hussey specializes in coaching women.
  2. He offers live seminars and virtual retreats.
  3. He wrote a bestselling book on how women can attract men.
  4. He offers online programs and live coaching.
  5. He’s been featured on The Today Show, The Rachel Ray Show, Match.com, and more.
  6. He has his own national radio show about life and relationships.
  7. He writes a monthly relationship column for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Matthew has climbed from the bottom to the top. He started with clients in coffee shops and cafes but now teaches relationship skills across the globe. He helps people by teaching them how to be their best selves in relationships.

In crowded rooms and on week-long vacations, Hussey and his team make programs to help people—especially women—change their lives.

Who Is the Best Relationship Coach on YouTube?

I bet you already know my answer.

The best relationship coach on YouTube for men is Coach Corey Wayne. The best relationship coach on YouTube for women is Mathew Hussey. Both coaches specialize in helping men or women attract the partner of their dreams.

Both coaches run super popular YouTube channels that provide practical advice to common dating problems.

One of my favorite video series from Corey Wayne is when he reads and responds to one of his follower’s emails. He gives professional-level relationship advice for free based on the situation in the letter.

Matthew Hussey has entire playlists about how to attract men and how to get them to commit.

Check out this popular video from Matthew:

If He DOESN'T VALUE YOU, Do This To Get Him To CHANGE! | Matthew Hussey
Video by Matthew Hussey via YouTube—Who is the best relationship coach?

How Much Is a Corey Wayne Phone Session?

A 1-hour phone/skype coaching call with Corey Wayns costs a one-time payment of $1000.00. Within 24-48 hours of your order, Corey Wayne will respond by email to schedule your call.

If you purchase a coaching call on the weekend, he may respond on the next weekday.

You can ask him about anything during your call:

  • Life
  • Career
  • Dating
  • Marriage
  • Starting your own business

Does Matthew Hussey Offer Personal Coaching?

Matthew Hussey does not offer personal, one-on-one coaching. However, he does offer monthly live video coaching for VIP members of his exclusive “Love. Life” community.

Love.Life is a monthly membership service that includes video training to help you find, attract, and keep the man of your dreams.

The program comes with access to his monthly live video coaching. You can ask him direct questions during these live coaching events. He will answer any questions you have about what men are looking for in relationships and how to make yourself more attractive.

How Can I Email Corey Wayne?

You can email Corey Wayne a relationship question that you want him to consider answering in a future YouTube video and Coaching Newsletter.

To send an email, keep it to 3-4 paragraphs with a maximum of 500 words. Send your email to: Questions@UnderstandingRelationships.com.

There is no guarantee that he will respond or answer your question in a video. If you want to increase your chances of getting him to answer your question, follow the email guidelines and ask an original question that he hasn’t already answered.

You can watch the YouTube videos on his channel to see what he usually covers.

How Can I Contact Matthew Hussey?

His team lives all around the world, but his business headquarters is located at the following address:

GTGUK Services Ltd Acorn House, Church Road, East Brent, Somerset, TA9 4ZH

You can also reach out to his team on social media:

Final Thoughts: “Who Is the Best Relationship Coach?”

You really can’t go wrong with either relationship coach. What I love is how much their advice meshes with each other so that men and women can learn from both of them.

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