Why Do Guys Like Popular Girls? (7 Best Reasons Explained)

Guys everywhere can’t seem to get enough of popular girls – their appeal is undeniable.

But why do guys like popular girls?

Guys like popular girls because they are attractive, connected, and fun. Popular girls often have a big social circle with a smaller entourage of other popular girls. They are usually sporty, confident, positive, and rich. Not all guys like popular girls.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about why guys like popular girls.

Here Is Why Guys Like Popular Girls (7 Best Reasons)

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There are at least seven good reasons that guys like popular girls.

While every man has their preferences, there are clear patterns we can learn about what the majority of men find attractive in women.

Here are the seven most common reasons guys fall head over heels for Ms. Popularity.

1) Popular Girls Are Usually Cute

The top reason guys like popular girls is because popular girls are usually attractive.

And attractive people get all the love.

They always have and probably always will – because it’s hardwired into our brains to pedestalize attractive people.

It’s something we can’t deny; good looks often open doors that would remain stubbornly closed to us otherwise. Take celebrities, for example. How many unattractive A-list stars do you know?

Probably 85 percent (or more) of celebs land squarely in the “exceptionally good-looking” camp.

Face it: being pretty comes with privileges.

Attractive people get better jobs, make more money, and attract better-looking partners. All of this makes them popular. And that’s the main reason guys like them.

2) Popular Girls Are Usually Social

Popular girls are usually the life of the party, or should I say, the hive of activity.

With a huge social network and a close-knit entourage of other popular girls, they can organize gatherings like no one else.

Dudes love that… if there are popular girls around, you know it’ll be a good time.

Plus, with their natural charisma and sparkle, they just have this energy that compels guys to join in on the extravaganza.

Picture this: snacks in hand as laughter and thunderous music emanates through the room – captivating conversations between strangers and friendly debates between old friends; all organized by the ever-charming popular girl.

Talk about an instant recipe for an epic evening. Who wouldn’t want to be around that kind of energy?

Not to mention that popular girls act as their own little monarchy within the confines of high school, college, or the office – they get first dibs on invites to exclusive events and gatherings, and they’ve got their fingertips in every pie around town.

This is to say: When you date a popular girl, you have a lot of fun.

3) Popular Girls Are Seen as a Prize

Guys want to date popular girls because it literally feels like winning – against the onslaught of dudes vying for her attention.

Popular girls really know how to play that game. They up their credentials, they attend the right events, they use social media to cultivate admiration and success.

They are metaphorically the gold medals in the realm of dating.

The downside is, popular girls have lots of options when it comes to choosing a partner due to their higher market value. So getting chosen by one is seen as a prize in itself.

For example, take Kim Kardashian.

It’s no secret she’s an incredibly popular woman in the modern world. Because of her popularity, dating her is viewed as quite an accomplishment – a status symbol if you will.

It’s kinda like having an endorsement from the queen of celebrity herself.

4) Popular Girls Are Semi-Famous

Popular girls have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that draws in guys like moths to a flame.

Being semi-famous – whether it’s because she’s the acting captain of the cheerleading squad, killin’ it as the volleyball star, or belting out her lyrics on stage as a front singer in a local band – means that, in some small way, she resembles a celebrity.

Measuring up to celebrity status, even if only locally, somehow gives popular girls an allure that’s hard to resist.

5) Popular Girls Are Confident

Guys like popular girls because they’re confident and naturally charismatic.

They have the joie de vivre to engage a room, splashing it with their magnetic personalities. Men can sense that self-assuredness—subconsciously or not—and are naturally drawn to it.

These women know how to start conversations, tell stories, and what topics to avoid in polite company, which is a definite plus in any guy’s book.

There’s an electric spark when you’re around them—one that says, “I know who I am and I’m not afraid of anything.”

Besides all that, upwardly mobile guys want someone who won’t pull them down but rather lift them up.

Guys know that they can take a confident woman anywhere and she will shine.

6) Popular Girls Are Rich

Many men like popular girls because they often have money or come from money.

A lot of people assume that the only time such an attraction to wealth makes sense is when you are looking for someone to take care of them.

Kinda sad, but thankfully not true.

Popular girls in the upper middle or high class can bring way more than just funds to the dating table.

Even some men who are rather low maintenance might look at a woman’s financial status as a surprisingly positive thing. After all, having a lady partner who makes a good income or comes from generational wealth is definitely a desirable attribute.

It means they have the means to be an equal partner, go on exotic vacations, and help plan fancy dates at swanky clubs or restaurants.

7) Popular Girls Have Style

She knows which shoes to wear with what type of skirt or which earrings will look great when she’s out on the town.

Even better, popular girls manage to stay ahead of any trends that arise.

They don’t just latch onto them as soon as they hit the ground. They’re trendsetters – you know they’ll be wearing something first before it reaches the masses, and that often gets boys swooning like crazy.

Guys love to feel ahead of the pack and to walk into a room with a stunning lady by their side.

Here is a good video about why guys like popular girls:

YouTube video by Dating Logic – Why Do Guys Like Popular Girls?

Do All Guys Like Popular Girls?

No, not all guys like popular girls.

Guys like different types of women. For example, there are those guys who enjoy sporty girls, the ones that make physical activity look effortless and smoke the rest of us on the track.

Athletic girls make them feel like they can keep up with them in every sense and that’s attractive.

The same goes for shy girls.

Some guys would rather have one-on-one conversations or hangouts at home over loud parties or wild events.

Other men like funny girls, nerdy girls, or artsy girls.

Guys might not like popular girls because:

  • They are intimidated by them
  • They get jealous easily
  • They don’t care about popularity
  • They are shy and introverted

Do Popular Guys Only Date Popular Girls?

It really depends on the person and what they’re looking for in their partner.

Popular guys may want to reap the benefits of having a popular partner, like inviting them to swanky parties or getting invited to exclusive clubs.

On the other hand, some guys aren’t into that rigid world of “cool” people, and instead want someone who complements them — someone who’s content with staying home in sweatpants and watching a movie, instead of having to be seen at some club every night.

It all boils down to chemistry.

If a reserved girl captures a popular guy’s heart (or vice-versa) then that’s all there is to it — popularity isn’t even seen as an issue then.

In the end, whether you end up with an unpopular or popular person shouldn’t matter as long as you respect each other and are both happy with your relationship.

Final Thoughts: Why Do Guys Like Popular Girls?

In a way, there is a “chicken and egg” dynamic with popular girls.

Guys might like them because they are popular and the women might be popular because so many people like them. Popularity and attractiveness exist in a synchronous relationship that sometimes defies easy explanation.

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