JKJK Meaning (Explained With 20 Examples)

You’ve probably seen JKJK on a text message or social media app and wondered what it means.

What is the meaning of JKJK?

JKJK means “Just kidding just kidding.” JK is internet slang for “just kidding.” When you see JKJK, someone is either doubling down on their joke or canceling out their kidding. It means a panicked just kidding or the person is actually serious about their message.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the JKJK meaning.

What Does JK Mean?

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The common abbreviation JK means “Just kidding” or, in other words, the person is joking.

Most people use JK when they want to take back something they said or when they don’t want to seem too serious.

For example:

  • I’m JK, I didn’t mean it.
  • I was only JK-ing about what I said earlier.
  • Just kidding! I didn’t mean it.

What Does JkJk Mean in Texting? (JkJk Definition)

In texting, JKJK means “just kidding just kidding.”

As we mentioned, the second JK cancels out the first. The person is saying that they were serious about their text message to you.

Here’s an example of the JkJk meaning in texting:

Person A: I’m so sorry I was late for the meeting.

Person B: I wasn’t really mad JKJK

In this example, Person B is saying that they weren’t actually mad when Person A was late. They were just kidding about being mad.

JKJK often comes up when texting when someone says something mean or sarcastic. At first, they may want to say “just kidding” to soften the sting of their text message.

But then they realize that their message could still come across as offensive. So, they add another “just kidding” at the end to emphasize that they were, in fact, joking.

Here are some examples of JKJK in texting:

  • I’m only joking! JKJK
  • I was just kidding! JKJK
  • Don’t take it personally. JKJK

Here is a good video on the meaning of JKJK:

YouTube video by AnswerBeach—JKJK Meaning

What Does JKJK Mean on Snapchat?

You might run across the term JKJK on Snapchat.

If you do, the acronym has the same meaning as when you see it in a text message. Either the person is serious or doubly joking.

On Snapchat, someone might send you JKJK when they want to say they were just kidding but don’t want their message to be taken too seriously.

Here’s an example of the JKJK meaning on Snapchat:

Person A: I saw you flirting with that guy at the party last night.

Person B: I was

Person A: ????

Person B: JKJK! I was just joking. I would never do that to you! I love you, Teddy bear!!

What Does JKJK Mean in Gaming?

In Gaming, JKJK is commonly used in multiplayer games.

It’s a way for players to let others know that they were just kidding and not to take their actions too personally. This can help prevent people from getting too upset over what happens in the game.

After all, it’s just a game!

Here’s an example of the JKJK meaning in gaming:

Player 1: I’m going to kill you!

Player 2: JKJK! I was just joking! Don’t get so mad!

What Does JkJk Mean on TikTok? (JkJk Definition)

On TikTok, you might see people using the acronym JkJK.

When they do, it has the same meaning as it does in texting and other social media platforms. The person is either being doubly sarcastic or emphasizing that they were being silly, “Joshing,” or being a rascally joker.

Here’s an example of how JKJK might be used on TikTok:

Person A: I love that new song by Lil Cheerio.

Person B: I hate it. It makes me wish I didn’t have any ears.

Person A: Who are you right now??

Person B: JKJK! I love it!

In this example, Person B is saying that they actually like the song, not hate it. They were just kidding about hating it.

When Might Someone Use JKJK?

As you can probably tell, the acronym, JKJK, is very versatile.

Here are a few times when someone might use it.

Someone might use JKJK when they want to emphasize that they were only joking about something.

For example, let’s say you tell your friend that you saw their boyfriend flirting with another girl at the bar. But then you realize that it might have just been innocent banter and not actually flirting.

You might text your friend and say: “I’m sorry! I was just joking! JKJK!”

In this example, you’re emphasizing that you were only joking about what you saw. You don’t want your friend to think that their boyfriend is actually cheating on them.

I don’t recommend messing with your friend’s emotions or relationship like that but sometimes human beings do silly things.

Someone might also use JKJK when they want to let the person they’re texting know that they don’t actually mean what they’re saying.

For example, let’s say you and your friend are arguing about something via text. But then you realize that you were just being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative and you actually agree with your friend.

You might text them and say: “You’re right. I was just being a jerk. JKJK!”

In this example, you’re using JKJK as a way to reassure your friend that you had good (although, perhaps unwise) intentions.

What Elese Can JKJK Mean?

JKJK could also mean a few other things:

  • JKJK = Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago
  • JKJK = James Kanyisa Jimmy Kanyile
  • JKJK = Jump kicking jump kicking
  • JKJK = Just know just know
  • Jellybean kitten jellybean kitten

10 Examples of JKJK (Text Messages and Social Media)

To really nail down the answer to, “What does JKJK mean in slang?” here are 10 examples.

We’ll use a mix of different examples from different sources.

Check out these JKJK examples:

  1. I’m sorry! I was just joking! JKJK!
  2. You’re so mean. JKJK
  3. You love me, don’t you? JKJK
  4. Bro, up your game, bro! JKJK You’re good.
  5. I’m just playing with you. JKJK
  6. JKJK Don’t be mad, plzzzzzzzzz
  7. Don’t be fooled by my good looks. JKJK
  8. Let’s get married! OMG, JKJK
  9. Why you trippin, tho? JKJK
  10. I low-key can’t stand you right now. JKJK

How To Know What Someone Means When They Text JKJK?

The best way to know what someone means when they text JKJK is to think about the person’s character, look for context clues, and ask them what they mean.

If you’re not sure about someone’s character, look for context clues in the conversation.

For example, if the person is usually joking around, then it’s more likely that they’re joking when they use JKJK.

If you’re still not sure, you can always ask the person what they mean. This is the quickest and most surefire way to know for sure what someone means when they use JKJK.

How To Respond to JKJK

When you receive a JKJK text, the best way to respond is to determine the meaning and then respond accordingly.

  • If you think the person is joking, you can joke back or simply say “Gotcha!”
  • If you think the person is being sincere, you can respond in a sincere way or simply say “I know.”
  • If you’re not sure whether they are joking, just ask, “What do you mean?” or “You’re joking, right?”

The key is to assume the best, don’t take it personally, and manage your emotions so that you don’t jump to conclusions.

Final Thoughts: JKJK Meaning

JKJK can be a fun way to interact with friends and family, so have fun with it!

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