What Is a Long Distance Lamp? (Explained)

Long-distance lamps, also known as friendship lamps or touch lamps, are innovative technology designed to bring people closer.

What is a long distance lamp?

A long distance lamp is a paired set of lamps connected via the internet that light up simultaneously regardless of geographic distance. These lamps provide a unique, heartwarming way to express love, longing, or just a simple hello.

This article explores the ins and outs of these fascinating devices.

What Are Long Distance Lamps? (Longer Explanation)

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Long-distance lamps are internet-enabled lighting devices that bridge the gap between physical distances.

They are paired devices that sync through a Wi-Fi connection to mimic each other’s behaviors.

This means when one lamp is touched and lights up, the other one does so too, irrespective of its location.

The beauty of these lamps is that they allow people to share their presence and communicate emotions without using words.

They are sold in pairs or sets, and each lamp can be anywhere in the world, creating a “touch” of connectivity between loved ones.

The primary function of a long distance lamp is to provide a comforting reminder of a loved one.

Each touch, each light-up moment is a gentle nudge, a silent whisper of “thinking about you”.

This emotional connectivity makes them more than mere lamps; they are conduits of affection.

Types of Long Distance Lamps

As the popularity of long distance lamps continues to grow, so too does the range of available styles, designs, and features.

While the fundamental concept remains the same across all lamps — touch one to light the other — there is a broad spectrum of options to choose from, each offering unique benefits.

Here, we’ll explore some of the most popular types of long distance lamps:

1. Traditional Friendship Lamps

These are the most common types of long distance lamps.

They generally feature a classic or minimalist design, often with a wood or plastic base and a glass or plastic cover.

Traditional friendship lamps are characterized by their ease of use and setup.

A single touch on the sensor surface lights up the lamp, and the paired lamp(s) respond in kind.

2. Multi-Color Friendship Lamps

While traditional friendship lamps generally emit one or two colors, multi-color friendship lamps offer a more extensive palette.

Users can assign different colors to different people or specific messages.

This type of lamp allows for more expressive communication and personalization.

3. Bluetooth Friendship Lamps

Bluetooth friendship lamps offer an alternative to Wi-Fi-enabled models.

They connect via Bluetooth and are ideal for close-proximity use, such as within the same house or neighborhood.

These lamps are perfect for family members living under the same roof who want to share messages without disturbing others.

4. Friendship Lamps with Built-in Speakers

These are a more advanced version of the traditional friendship lamps.

In addition to lighting up, they also play pre-recorded messages or sounds when touched.

This feature adds another layer of connection, transforming silent communication into something you can hear.

5. Friendship Lamp Clocks

These are dual-purpose devices that function as both a lamp and a clock.

While it serves the same purpose as a traditional friendship lamp, the clock feature helps track different time zones.

This feature is particularly useful for loved ones living in vastly different time zones.

6. Friendship Lamps with Personalized Designs

These lamps offer a personalized touch, where you can customize the design or add inscriptions.

Whether it’s a cherished photo, a meaningful quote, or a special date, these lamps make for a truly personal gift.

7. Smart Home-Compatible Friendship Lamps

These are high-tech models that can sync with other smart devices in your home.

You can tell these lamps what to do using smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can integrate them into your broader home automation setup.

How Do Long Distance Lamps Work?

The technology behind long distance lamps is a combination of internet connectivity, touch sensors, and integrated LED lights.

Each lamp connects to the internet through Wi-Fi, and the paired lamps are synced using a unique group ID that is defined during the setup process.

Touch sensors embedded in the lamps are activated by human touch.

Once touched, a signal is sent over the internet to the corresponding lamp(s) within the same group.

This signal lights up the other lamp(s), mirroring the color of the activated lamp, regardless of their geographical location.

This process is instantaneous, resulting in both lamps glowing the same color at the same time.

Here is a short video that shows long distance lamps in action:

YouTube Video by Zoci Voci – What Is a Long Distance Lamp?

The Significance of Colors in Long Distance Lamps

Long-distance lamps often come in a variety of colors that can be customized according to the user’s preferences.

This feature adds another layer of communication, enabling users to convey different emotions or messages.

For example, you might assign the color blue to signify that you miss your partner, while red could mean you’re feeling loved.

Yellow could be a cheery hello, while a rainbow spectrum could be a special signal between you and your loved one.

The colors and their meanings can be personalized to your unique relationship, making each touch a significant gesture.

Uses of Long Distance Lamps

Long-distance lamps can serve various purposes in our daily lives.

Below is a summary of their key uses:

  • Connecting Long-Distance Relationships
  • Bridging Family Distance
  • Building Friendships
  • Comforting Children
  • Office Use

Connecting Long-Distance Relationships

For couples living apart due to various circumstances, a long distance lamp can be a comforting presence.

Each time the lamp lights up, it serves as a reminder of their partner’s affection, making the geographical gap feel a bit smaller.

Bridging Family Distance

Families scattered across cities, states, or even continents can use long-distance lamps to express their love and thoughts in a novel way.

For instance, elderly parents can use it to let their children know they’re well without having to pick up the phone.

Building Friendships

Friends, especially those living in different time zones, can find these lamps a fun and thoughtful way to keep in touch.

They can assign different colors for different messages, adding a unique layer to their communication.

Comforting Children

Parents or guardians can use these lamps to comfort children who might be afraid of the dark or who have separation anxiety.

The glow of the lamp can reassure them that they’re not alone, providing a sense of security.

Office Use

In a more unconventional use, offices can adopt these lamps to signal breaks, meetings, or even as a fun way to celebrate achievements.

It’s a creative method to foster interaction and enhance the working environment.

Setting Up a Long Distance Lamp

Setting up your long distance lamp involves a few simple steps.

First, you’ll need to connect the lamp to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you can download the corresponding app on your smartphone, register your lamp, and assign a unique group ID to it.

This group ID is what connects the lamps together.

Any lamp with the same group ID will sync with each other, allowing them to communicate.

It’s also possible to add more than two lamps to a group, perfect for families or groups of friends.

After the setup is completed, the lamps are ready to use.

Pros and Cons of Long Distance Lamps

As with any product, long distance lamps come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding these can help potential buyers make informed decisions.

Here’s a look at some of the important pros and cons.


  1. Emotional Connectivity: Long-distance lamps provide a unique way to feel connected with loved ones who are far away. They offer a tangible reminder of your relationship, serving as a comforting presence.
  2. Ease of Use: These lamps are typically straightforward to set up and use. All it takes is a touch to send a signal, making them user-friendly for people of all ages.
  3. Personalization: Many models allow you to customize the colors, enabling you to express different emotions or messages.
  4. Versatility: These lamps are useful for a wide range of situations — from long-distance relationships and families living apart to friends who want to stay connected.
  5. Design: Long-distance lamps often have sleek, modern designs that can complement most home decor styles.


  1. Dependent on the Internet: These lamps require a stable Internet connection to work. If your Wi-Fi is unreliable, this could impact the lamps’ performance.
  2. Price: Some long distance lamps can be quite expensive, especially the models with advanced features. They might not fit into everyone’s budget.
  3. Limited Communication: Although they provide a unique way to communicate, communication is still limited to lighting up a lamp. They can’t replace other forms of communication like calls, texts, or video chats.
  4. Privacy Concerns: Since the lamps are connected to the internet, there could be potential privacy concerns. Always ensure to buy from reputable manufacturers who prioritize user security.
  5. Potential Technical Issues: Like any tech gadget, long distance lamps could face technical issues. Check the warranty and customer service options before purchasing.

Here is a summary chart of the pros and cons:

Emotional ConnectivityDependent on Internet
Ease of UsePrice
PersonalizationLimited Communication
VersatilityPrivacy Concerns
DesignPotential Technical Issues
Pros and Cons Chart: Long Distance Lamp

Are Long Distance Lamps Worth It?

The worthiness of a long distance lamp can vary greatly depending on individual needs and circumstances.

For some, they can be an invaluable way of maintaining emotional closeness despite physical distance.

For others, they might be seen as a nice but unnecessary gadget.

Here are some factors to consider when determining if a long distance lamp is worth the investment for you:

Emotional Value

The emotional value of these lamps is their primary appeal.

They offer a unique way to communicate with loved ones, which can be especially comforting for people in long-distance relationships.

If you are someone who values non-verbal communication or enjoys symbolic gestures, a long distance lamp could be an excellent investment.

Frequency of Use

Consider how often you’ll use the lamp.

If you plan to use it daily or very regularly, it might justify the cost.

On the other hand, if it’s likely to be a novelty that wears off after a while, it might not be worth the investment.


Your budget is another critical factor.

There are different models of long distance lamps available at various price points.

While some are quite affordable, others with more advanced features can be expensive.

It’s important to balance your desire for the lamp against your financial ability.


Consider what other methods you’re currently using to stay connected with loved ones and whether a long-distance lamp would enhance or replace these methods.

For instance, if you’re already satisfied with regular video calls, texts, and social media interactions, a lamp might not add much value.

However, if you’re looking for a more tactile and ambient way of expressing your feelings, a long distance lamp could be worth it.


Think about the longevity of the lamp.

Is it well-made and durable? Does the manufacturer offer good customer service and warranty options?

A long distance lamp that lasts for many years can provide good value for the money.

Personal Preference

Lastly, personal preference plays a crucial role.

Some people love the concept of these lamps and find them to be a warm and charming way to stay connected.

Others may see them as less useful or impactful. It ultimately comes down to what you feel about the lamp and the idea it represents.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Long Distance Lamp?

When it comes to purchasing long distance lamps, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Ease of Use. Choose lamps with an easy setup process. The lamps should also be easy to operate on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Connectivity. The lamps need a reliable and steady Wi-Fi connection to ensure seamless communication. Consider your internet connectivity and compatibility before making a purchase.
  3. Quality and Design. The quality of the lamp should be durable and long-lasting. In terms of design, choose one that complements your home décor as these lamps are usually placed in visible areas.
  4. Customization. Lamps that offer customizable color options allow you to create a more personal and expressive communication palette.
  5. Price. Price is an important factor in any purchase. Ensure the price matches the features, quality, and overall value of the lamps.

Where to Buy Long-Distance Lamps

Finding the perfect long distance lamp can be as simple as a few clicks or taps.

These unique pieces of technology can be purchased from a variety of online and physical stores.

Here are some popular places where you can buy long distance lamps:

1. Amazon

Amazon, being one of the biggest online shops around the globe, has a big selection of long distance lamps to choose from.

You can find various types of lamps with different features, styles, and price ranges.

Customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights to help you make the right choice.

Here are some good long distance lamps: Lamps by LuvLink.

2. Uncommon Goods

Known for their unique and creative products, Uncommon Goods is a popular destination for buying long distance lamps.

They offer a variety of designs, from traditional styles to more modern, sleek options.

3. Etsy

Etsy is a global online marketplace that specializes in handmade, vintage, and custom products.

Here, you can find long distance lamps with personal touches and customizations, making your lamp a truly unique gift.

4. eBay

eBay, an e-commerce giant, offers new and used long distance lamps.

It’s a great place to look for deals and possibly find lamps that may no longer be available in primary retail outlets.

5. Manufacturer’s Website

Many manufacturers sell their lamps directly from their websites.

Brands like Filimin, FriendLamps, and Bond Touch offer a range of long distance lamps directly to consumers.

6. Specialty Gadget Stores

Stores that specialize in gadgets and unique gifts, both online and brick-and-mortar, often carry long distance lamps.

These stores can be great places to see the lamp in person before making a purchase.

7. Big-Box Retailers

Big-box retailers such as Walmart or Best Buy often carry a range of tech gadgets, including long distance lamps.

These stores provide the advantage of being able to see and sometimes demo the product in-store.

The Future of Long Distance Lamps

As technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate more features being added to these lamps.

Future models could incorporate sound, touch-sensitive surfaces for more interactive communication, or even integration with home automation systems.

Imagine a world where your lamp not only lights up when your loved one is thinking about you but also plays your favorite song, or sends a personalized message.

The possibilities are as limitless as the technology we create.

Final Thoughts: What Is a Long Distance Lamp?

Long-distance lamps serve as a testament to human creativity in leveraging technology for emotional connectivity.

In a world where virtual communication has become the norm, these lamps offer a refreshing, intimate, and heartwarming mode of expressing sentiments.

Whether it’s a simple “I miss you,” a “Goodnight” or a “Just thinking about you,” these lamps speak volumes without saying a word.

So, if you are longing for a touch of connection, consider getting a long-distance lamp and lighting up the life of your loved ones in an entirely new way.

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