21 Best Man Speech Examples & Ideas for the Groom’s Brother

Your brother has just asked you to be his best man and you’re feeling honored, pumped, and a little bit nervous.

As a professional writer and speaker who gave a best man speech for my brother, I know how important this speech is to everyone at the wedding.

You want to nail it.

Therefore, here are 21 best man speech examples and ideas you can use to present a best man speech that your brother will never forget.

Best Man Speech Ideas for the Groom’s Brother

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Rather than let the nerves get the better of you, channel that energy into writing an amazing best man speech. Your brother entrusted you with this crucial job for a reason—he knows you’ve got his back.

So take a deep breath, relax, and let’s get started.

1) Start With a Theme

The first step is to come up with a theme or angle for your speech.

Are you going to focus on your brother’s childhood misadventures? His successes in work or love? His friends’ impressions of him?

Once you zero in on a theme, it will be much easier to write the rest of the speech.

Everything else in your best man speech should connect back to the theme.

2) Know the Mood You Want To Create

Next, think about the mood you want to create with your speech.

Are you looking to make everyone laugh? Bring tears of joy to people’s eyes? Both? Knowing the emotional tone of your speech will help guide the content and delivery.

For example, if you want people to laugh, sprinkling in a few light-hearted jokes is key.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for more of a sentimental tone, sharing personal anecdotes or stories about your brother is a better bet.

3) Choose the Best Structure for Your Best Man Speech

You’ll want to use a clear structure or outline for your best man speech.

Are you going to tell a linear story from start to finish? Jump around chronologically? Use a mix of both? Once you settle on an approach, it’s time to start filling in the blanks with some killer content.

Keep in mind that regardless of what structure you choose, it’s important to start strong and end on a high note.

You want people to remember your speech long after the wedding celebrations have wrapped up.

4) Tell Your Favorite Stories

Be sure to include some of your favorite stories about your brother.

Whether it’s a funny story from childhood or a more recent tale of his antics, these stories will help to humanize your brother and give the audience a glimpse into what he’s really like.

Just be sure not to embarrass him too much!

5) Know How To Start Your Speech

One idea is to begin by thanking the groom and bride for allowing you to share in their special day.

You could also start by telling the audience a little bit about your relationship with your brother and what he means to you. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s something that will grab everyone’s attention and establish the right tone.

Other ways you can start your speech:

  • Quote
  • Joke
  • Story

6) Talk Up Your Brother

This is his big day, after all, so it’s important to say some nice things about him.

Talk about his strengths and what makes him an amazing person. You could even share some of your favorite memories of him.

Just be sure to keep it positive.

No one wants to hear a long venting session about all of his flaws and negative traits.

7) Speak Directly To Your Brother

The best man speech is meant to be a personal tribute to your brother.

This is his big day, after all, and your speech should reflect that. Thank him for asking you to be his best man and tell him how happy you are for him.

If you have any inside jokes or funny stories about your brother, this is the time to share them. However, don’t go too overboard – remember that his new wife is in the audience.

8) Speak Directly To The Bride

While your speech is mostly about your brother, you don’t want to leave out the other most important person at the wedding.

A personal address to the bride is a wonderful way to include her.

Welcome her to the family and say how happy you are that she has found happiness with your brother.

9) Recite the Story of How They Met

This is also a good opportunity to share a story or two about how your brother met his future wife.

The audience will love hearing about the early days of their relationship, and it will help to personalize your speech.

When my brother asked me to be his best man, I was committed to delivering a speech that would really capture the story of how he and his bride met. I had heard the story many times, of course, but I wanted to find a way to really bring it to life for the guests at the wedding.

To do that, I decided to share some of the “behind the scenes” details that my brother had confided in me over the years.

I started by recounting the first time they met, at a mutual friend’s party.

My brother had been instantly attracted to her, but he was too shy to make a move. I told the guests how he had agonized over whether or not to ask for her number, and how he had finally mustered up the courage to do it.

As I recounted his story, I could see my brother getting emotional, and I could tell that the guests were really connecting with him.

By sharing some of the more intimate details of their relationship, I was able to really bring my brother’s love story to life.

It was a beautiful moment and one that I will always treasure.

10) Use the Right Amount of Humor

Not only is a best man speech an opportunity to honor the groom, but it also provides a chance to share some light-hearted stories.

However, it’s important to strike the right balance with humor in a best man speech.

Too much humor can come across as insensitive or mean-spirited, while too little can make the speech seem dull. The key is to focus on funny stories that will resonate with the audience and shed some light on the groom’s personality.

11) Share a Meaningful Quote

One way to make sure your speech is both personal and meaningful is to use a quote that has special significance for the bride and groom.

Maybe there is a saying that your father always said to the two of you or something your grandmother mentioned to your brother before she passed.

Don’t just slap on a generic quote.

12) Wish the Best to the Bride and Groom

When giving a best man speech about your brother, give the bride and groom your best wishes.

They are embarking on a new chapter in their lives, and you want nothing but the best for them. Talk about how happy you are for them and how excited you are to see what the future holds for them.

Here is an example of what you might say:

On behalf of my brother and his new bride, I want to say thank you for coming to celebrate their special day.

It means a lot to them that you are all here to support them as they start this new chapter in their lives. I know they are both extremely excited to begin this journey together, and I wish them all the best. I am confident they will make each other very happy and will always be there for one another through thick and thin. I am honoured to have been chosen as best man, and I know my brother is lucky to have found such a wonderful woman.

So please join me in raising a glass to the happy couple – may they always be as blissfully content as they are today. Cheers!

13) End Your Speech On a Bright Note

A bright note can be a funny or sentimental story.

It could also be a quote, a toast, or a positive statement about your brother (the groom). A funny story will help to lighten the mood and leave everyone laughing.

Something heartfelt will leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy.

14) Don’t Wing It

I know from experience that it’s tempting to wing it when it comes to the speech, but trust me, that’s not the way to go.

It’s much better to come prepared with a few key points that you want to make.

That way, you won’t get choked up, say something inappropriate, or go off on tangents. Plus, your brother will appreciate your efforts and know that you took the time to really honor him on this important day.

15) Read It Out Loud

One tip that can help you deliver a great speech is to write it down and then read it out loud.

This will allow you to catch any tricky pronunciations, awkward sentence structures, or words that don’t sound quite right when said aloud.

Not only will this help you deliver a more polished speech, but it will also help you feel more confident and prepared when the big day arrives.

16) Practice Giving the Speech 10 Times

Once you have a draft of your speech, it’s time to start practicing.

I recommend practicing your speech at least 10 times. This may seem like overkill, but it’s really not. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be with the material.

And when it comes time to give the speech, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare.

If possible, try to record yourself while you’re practicing. This will let you see how you sound and help you make any necessary adjustments to your delivery.

For example, if you notice that you’re using too many “ums” or “ahs,” try to cut back on them.

You also want to pay attention to your body language and make sure you’re not crossing your arms or fidgeting too much. Remember, the goal is to look confident and poised when you’re giving the speech.

17) Double-Check Everything on the Day of the Wedding

On the day of the wedding, make sure to double-check everything for your best man speech.

You’ll want to have a working microphone and speakers, and know where you’ll be delivering your speech. It’s also a good idea to check the room layout, so you know where your brother and his bride will be seated.

And finally, before you start your speech, take a quick moment to check the lights and echo in the room.

If you’re using notes, make sure they’re with you and easily accessible.

Best Man Speech Examples

One of the best ways to write your best man speech is to read and hear good examples.

So, this section is full of best man speech examples for every occasion:

  • Traditional best man speeches
  • Emotional best man speeches
  • Short best man speeches
  • Funny best man speeches
  • Religious or spiritual best man speech
  • Best man speech for an older brother
  • Best man speech for a younger brother
  • Best man speech for a step-brother
  • Best man speech for a brother-in-law
  • Best man speech examples for a twin brother

Traditional Best Man Speech Examples

Here is an example of a traditional best man speech:

My brother is one of the most important people in my life. He’s been my best friend since we were kids, and I can’t imagine going through life without him by my side. That’s why I’m so honored to be his best man today.

I know my brother is going to make an amazing husband because he’s always been such a great friend to me. He’s always been there for me when I needed him, and I know he’ll be there for his new wife too.

It’s an honor and a privilege to celebrate with you both, and I know I’ll never forget this day. I love you, brother – congrats on your big day!

Check out this second example of a traditional best man speech:

It’s my great honor to be your best man today.

We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we? I can’t even remember a time when you weren’t by my side. You’ve always been there for me, no matter what. And I know you’ll always be there for _____ too. She’s so lucky to have you as her husband.

I know you’re going to make an amazing husband and father. You have all the qualities that matter most – you’re kind, you’re patient, and you’re so good with kids. _ is going to be one lucky family.

So let’s raise our glasses to the happy couple! ______and______, may your life together be full of love and happiness.


Emotional Wedding Speech for Brother

This is a good example of an emotional best man speech for your brother:

I remember when I was younger, I used to always look up to my brother. He was always the smarter one, the better athlete, and the more popular guy.

I was always trying to keep up with him and be like him. Even though I could never quite measure up to his accomplishments, he always made me feel like I was just as good as he was. He has always been my biggest supporter, and I know that he will be an amazing husband to his new wife. I am so honored to be standing up here today as his best man.

My brother has always been a great example to me of what it means to be a good man. He is always so patient with everyone and he is always quick to lend a helping hand. I know that he will be a great husband to his new wife.

I want to thank my brother for everything that he has done for me over the years. He has always been there for me, even when no one else was. I know that he will continue to be a great brother, husband, and father, and I am so proud of him. Congratulations, brother!

Watch this video of another great best man speech that is raw and emotional:

YouTube video by Me 2 Us – Best Man Speech Examples

Short Best Man Speech Examples

Sometimes you just want to say a few quick words about your brother and his new wife.

Here are a few short best man speech examples:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to stand before you today as the best man for my brother, (name).

On behalf of (name) and his new wife, (name), I want to thank you all for being here to celebrate their special day. (Name) has been my best friend since childhood, and I am truly honored to be standing up for him on this important occasion. I know that he will make an incredible husband, and I am confident that (name) will be by his side every step of the way.

So please join me in raising a glass to the happy couple. Cheers!

Here is another short best man speech example:

My brother is a big sports fanatic. Just like a successful football team, my brother and his new bride make a great team.

They complement each other perfectly and they always have each other’s back. I know that they will always be there for each other, no matter what life throws their way. I’m so happy that my brother has found his perfect partner and I wish them all the happiness in the world. Congratulations!

Funny Best Man Speech Examples

If you or your brother are a natural-born comedian, then injecting humor into your best man speech is par for the course.

Here is an example of a funny best man speech:

First of all, I want to congratulate my brother on finding the woman of his dreams.

As soon as I met her, I could see why he was so head over heels in love with her. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.

Her only flaw is her poor taste in husbands. But I guess nobody’s perfect. (Wink)

I’m happy to say that she seems to be just as crazy about him as he is about her.

I also want to congratulate my brother on making it through the wedding planning process without losing his mind. As anyone who’s been through it knows, wedding planning can be a nightmare.

There are so many details to take care of and so many people to please. But my brother managed to stay calm and sane throughout it all.

And that’s really saying something for a guy who wept like a baby during The Notebook.

Seriously though, I wish all the best of luck and love to the happy couple. Cheers!

Best Man Speech Examples for Older Brother

If your brother is older than you, here is an example of a best man speech for him:

My big brother is a professional pilot, and I’ve always looked up to him – literally and figuratively. He’s always had a passion for flying, and he’s worked hard to turn his passion into a career.

Today, he’s living his dream, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Just like my brother has dedicated his life to flying, marriage is a commitment that should be taken seriously. It’s not something to be taken lightly – it’s a journey that should be undertaken with care and consideration.

Just like my brother has navigated through some turbulence in his career, marriage will have its ups and downs.

But I know that he and his bride will weather any storm, because they’re committed to each other and they’re willing to work hard to make their marriage last. May their life together be as smooth sailing as my brother’s career in aviation!

Best Man Speech Examples for Younger Brother

Now let’s look at a best man speech for a younger brother:

In just a few short minutes, my little brother will be a married man.

It’s hard to believe that the boy who used to follow me around everywhere is all grown up and starting his own family. But I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s always had a sense of duty and honor, even when we were kids. And when he joined the military, I knew he was going to make an outstanding soldier.

He’s already done so much for our country, and I know he’ll only continue his legacy of love and dedication.

It’s my pleasure to toast the best man, my little brother. Congratulations, and may your life together be filled with love and happiness.

Best Man Speech Examples for Brother-in-Law

A future brother-in-law can be just as close and special as a biological brother.

Here is a best man speech to honor your brother-in-law:

It’s my pleasure to be here today to give the best man speech for my brother-in-law.

I first want to thank everyone for coming and celebrating this special day with us. It means a lot to have you all here to support Mike and Jess as they start their married life together.

I’ve known Mike for a few years now, and I can say without a doubt that he is one of the most genuine, caring, and fun-loving people I know. He’s always up for a good time, but he also knows how to be serious when the situation calls for it. In other words, he’s the perfect brother-in-law! (And I’m not just saying that because he’s my sister’s husband.)

I know that Mike will make an amazing husband to Jess.

He already treats her with so much love and respect, and I know he’ll only continue to do so as they embark on this new chapter in their lives. I couldn’t be happier for them both.

So let’s raise our glasses to the happy couple – may your marriage be everything you’ve ever hoped for and more! Cheers!

Religious Best Man Speech Examples for Brother

Next, here is a best man speech example for a brother who is religious or spiritual:

Marriage is a sacred institution, and I am honored to be here today as my brother makes a lifetime commitment to his wife.

I have known (name) all my life, and I can say without a doubt that he is a good man. He is kind, honest, and hardworking, and I know that he will make an excellent husband.

(Name) is also a deeply religious man, and I know that his faith will guide him in this new chapter of his life. I am confident that he will cherish and respect his wife always, and I am proud to call him my brother. On behalf of the family, I would like to wish (name) and his wife all the happiness in the world.


Best Man Speech for Brother: Second Wedding

If your brother is getting married for the second time, check out this best man speech:

It’s been said that the best man is the person who knows the groom the best.

And in that case, I think I’m uniquely qualified to give this speech. Because not only do I know my brother better than anyone else, but I was also his best man at his first wedding. But despite my experience, I’m still a little nervous about giving this speech.

After all, weddings are a time for new beginnings, and I want to make sure that I get it right.

So let me start by congratulating my brother and his new wife. This is a truly special day, and I know that you’ll be very happy together.

I remember when my brother first told me that he was getting married again.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised. But then I realized that it made perfect sense. After all, my brother is one of the most romantic people I know. He’s always believed in the power of love. And I know that he’s found true happiness with his new wife.

So on this special day, I want to toast my brother and his new bride. May your life together be filled with love and happiness.

Best Man Speech Examples for Twin Brother

Here is a best man speech example for a twin brother:

It’s my pleasure to be here today to say a few words about my brother, the groom.

First, let me just say how happy I am to be here with all of you to celebrate this special occasion. My brother and his new wife are a perfect match, and I know they’ll be very happy together.

I’ve known my brother my whole life, of course, and there’s nobody I know better.

After all, I see him everytime I look in the mirror. We’ve been through a lot together, and I’m so proud of the man he has become. He’s kind, he’s generous, he’s hardworking… in short, he’s everything you could want in a husband.

And I know he’ll be just as wonderful a father when the time comes.

I wish you both lots of love, good fortune, and good health always!

Best Man Speech for Step-Brother

Finally, here is an example of a best man speech for your step-brother:

While we have never shared the same blood, he has always been like a brother to me.

From the time I can remember, he has always been there for me, whether I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to help me celebrate a triumph. He has always supported me, even when I made mistakes, and I know that he will make an amazing husband.

So please join me in raising a glass to the groom – a man who is not only my step-brother but my best friend.

Best Man Speech for Brother Quotes

I thought I would make a list of my favorite quotes you can use in your best man speech for your brother.

Just remember that the best quotes are personal and meaningful.

Best man speech for brother quotes:

  • “Love one another and you will be happy; it is as simple and as difficult as that.” – Michael Leunig.
  • “May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.” – Anonymous
  • “Being his real brother, I could feel I live in his shadows, but I never have and I do not now. I live in his glow.” – Michael Morpurgo.
  • “I love you so much, and I really hope you’ll feel the same about me after you hear my speech.” – Anonymous
  • “Never go to bed on an argument. Stay up and fight. – Phyllis Diller
  • “Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet service to see who they really are.” – Will Ferrell
  • “A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.” – Unknown
  • “He is my most beloved friend and my bitterest rival, my confidant and my betrayer, my sustainer and my dependent, and scariest of all, my equal.” – Gregg Levoy
  • “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” – King Solomon
  • “When you deal with your brother, be pleasant, but get a witness.” – Hesiod

Tools for Writing a Best Man Speech for a Brother

If you want to write and deliver an unforgettable best man speech, I highly recommend that you use a few of my favorite tools.

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Best Man Speech Examples: Chart of Recommended Tools

Final Thoughts: Best Man Speech Examples

Writing a best man speech may seem daunting at first, but if you take it one step at a time, before you know it you’ll be delivering an epic tribute to your brother that he—and everyone else—will remember for years to come.

We have lots of other great articles about weddings on this site. Check a few out before you go!

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