Is Wedding Videography Worth It? (Yes, 13 Reasons Why)

As someone planning a wedding right now, I know how expensive weddings can become—food, venues, and photography can add up quickly.

Is wedding videography worth it?

Yes, wedding videography is worth it. A professional wedding video is a cinematic experience that a bride and groom can enjoy for the rest of their lives. They can share it with friends, family, and children for fun and as a legacy keepsake. Not paying for video is the most common wedding regret.

In this article, you’ll learn 13 reasons why wedding videography is absolutely worth it.

13 Reasons Why Wedding Videography Is Worth It

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There are at least 13 reasons why wedding videography is worth it.

You might be worried that you’ll regret the expense later in your life but I promise you that you won’t. Your wedding video will rekindle those loving butterfly feelings every time you and your spouse watch it together.

Here are 13 reasons you should pay for wedding videography.

1) To Have a Lasting Record of Your Special Day

A wedding video is one of the best ways to remember your big day.

Photos are great, but they don’t capture the sound and movement of your wedding. A video captures the anticipation of the big day, the excitement of the ceremony, and the joy of the reception.

It’s a lasting record of your special day that you can watch again and again.

2) To Avoid the Most Common Wedding Regret

One of the biggest regrets that a bride can have is not having a video of her wedding.

While photos are important, they simply can’t capture the emotion and energy of a wedding day. A videographer will not only capture the key events of the day, but also the smaller moments and details that make a wedding unique.

In addition, a videographer can help to create a more complete record of the day.

3) To Be Able To Relive the Memories of Your Wedding Day

Hiring a wedding videographer is a fantastic way to capture the emotions of your wedding day.

You can relive the joy, laughter, and love every time you watch your wedding video.

It’s a beautiful way to keep the memories of your special day alive.

Plus, it’s a great way to rekindle the emotions of your love commitment on every anniversary or other special occasion.

4) To Capture the Emotions and Moments That You May Not Have Seen on the Day

On your wedding day, everything will move so fast.

You’ll be surrounded by family and friends, all eager to congratulate you on this special occasion.

And of course, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with your new spouse. In the midst of all the excitement, it can be hard to take everything in.

That’s why a wedding video is such a valuable memento.

A professionally-produced video will capture all the cherished moments of your wedding day, from the first time you see each other at the altar to the last dance of the night.

5) To Have a Unique Memento That You Can Share With Family and Friends

A wedding video is a unique momento that many people don’t get because of the high price.

That makes the video you invest in that much rarer and special. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day filled with excitement, joy, love, and nerves.

You’ve spent months (if not years) planning every little detail to perfection.

And when the big day finally arrives, it goes by in the blink of an eye. That’s why a wedding video is such an important investment.

6) To Have a Professional Record of Your Wedding Day

Hiring a professional wedding videographer is a great way to ensure that you have a high-quality record of your special day.

Your guests may take videos on their phones.

Meanwhile, a professional videographer will be able to capture all the important details and moments. They will also edit the video into a cohesive, cinematic experience that you can cherish for years to come.

In addition, a professional videographer will have the equipment and skills necessary to capture the audio of your wedding day, which is an important part of the overall experience.

7) To Have One Less Thing To Stress Over

Wedding planning can be an insansely stressful process.

There are so many details to take care of, and it can be hard to keep track of everything. One way to reduce your stress level is to hire a professional wedding videographer.

This will give you one less thing to worry about on your big day.

8) To Capture the Speeches, Toasts, and Other Memorable Moments From Your Wedding Day

A wedding videographer is a must-have for any couple who wants to relive their big day.

Your wedding videographer will capture all of the toasts, speeches, and other memorable moments from your wedding, preserving them for you to watch and enjoy for years to come.

For example, my cousin’s wedding videographer captured the moment when her dad surprised her with a heartfelt speech that brought everyone to tears.

It’s moments like these that make hiring a wedding videographer worth every penny.

9) To Have a Way To Remember Your Vows

Memories fade over time, and photographs don’t capture audio. Hearing yourself say your vows aloud will help you hold yourself accountable to those promises.

Plus, it’s a great way to re-motivate yourself to live up to your commitments.

After all, what’s more motivating than hearing your own voice promising eternal love and devotion?

A wedding video is the perfect way to keep those precious memories alive for years to come.

10) To Share Your Wedding Day With Friends and Family Who Couldn’t Make the Ceremony

One of the many benefits of hiring a wedding videographer is that it allows you to share your special day with friends and family who couldn’t make it to the ceremony.

This is especially true of older relatives or friends who live overseas.

Whether they live too far away, were sick, or just couldn’t make it, a video allows them to feel like they were there with you on your wedding day. 

11) To Have a Keepsake That Your Family Will Cherish Forever

When you hire a wedding videographer, you’re not just paying for someone to document your big day.

You’re creating a keepsake that you and your spouse will cherish for years to come, and that you can share with your future kids and grandkids.

Your wedding video will be a cherished part of your family’s history.

It will allow future generations to witness your love and commitment to each other. In today’s world, where people are increasingly disconnected from their families and communities, a wedding video can be a valuable part of a virtual family legacy.

12) To Make an Investment In Your Love

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a lot of things that you can skimp on and still have a beautiful day.

However, one thing that you shouldn’t skimp on is a wedding videographer.

A wedding videographer is an investment in your forever love. Yes, you can make more money, but you can never get your time and memories back from your wedding day.

A good wedding videographer will be able to capture all of the special moments from your big day, from the first look to the first dance and everything in between.

They will also be able to edit the footage into a beautiful video that you can watch over and over again for years to come.

13) To Get a Highlight Reel of Your Special Day

A wedding videographer can provide you with a highlight reel of your special day.

This reel can include footage of the ceremony, reception, and even the rehearsal dinner. A highlight reel is a great way to relive your wedding day and share it with family and friends.

A movie trailer wedding video can also be a great way to record your ceremony.

This type of video gives you a short burst record of your ceremony, which can be helpful if you want to watch it again or share it with others.

Wedding videographers can also provide you with a full-length video of your wedding day.

Pros and Cons of Wedding Videography (Chart)

If you’re still trying to decide on whether or not to pay for wedding videography, here is a quick pros and cons chart:

Wedding Videography ProsWedding Videography Cons
Video recordExpensive
MemoriesInconvienent (sometimes)
Relive the wedding dayAlready have photos
No regretsFriends and family will make videos
Family keepsakeOpportunity cost
Pros and Cons of Wedding Videography (Chart) – Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

When I say “inconvenient” I mean that some videographers can get in the way. For example, they can block the view of your guests and make it impossible to capture certain photos.

Wedding videographers can cost between $1,500 and $10,000.

The opportunity cost of what else you could do with ten grand is something to consider. That’s a house downpayment for many people.

Is a Wedding Video Necessary?

No, a wedding videographer is not necessary.

It’s an optional cost if it fits into your budget. However, if you can afford a videographer, I highly recommend it to any couple.

I’ve never heard of any couple regretting getting a professional video of their ceremony.

On the flipside, I’ve heard plenty of brides and grooms express regret for not putting the money into video. Therefore, I suggest that you do everything you can to fit a professional videographer into your wedding budget.

Here is a good video about the importance of hiring a wedding videographer:

YouTube Video by Amari Productions—Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

3 Times That Wedding Videography Is Not Worth It

There are definitely some occasions where it makes sense to invest in a professional videographer, but there are also times when it’s simply not worth it. 

Here are three of those times.

When the Videographer Is Super Expensive

If you’re on a tight budget, then hiring a super expensive videographer is probably not going to be the best use of your money. 

There are plenty of other ways to capture your special day without spending a fortune.

 Don’t blow your entire budget on one vendor.

When You Really Can’t Afford It

If you’re really struggling to afford your dream wedding, then cutting out the videographer might be necessary. 

There are other ways to capture your memories.

So don’t go into debt just to have a video of your big day. It’s not worth the financial stress.

When You Have To Compromise on More Important Parts of Your Wedding

If you’re having to make sacrifices in other areas of your wedding in order to afford a videographer, then it’s probably not worth it. 

Your guests won’t care if there’s a video of your ceremony.

I wouldn’t recommend skimping on things like a venue, food, or entertainment in order to have one.

Final Thoughts: Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

The bottom line is that reasonably-priced professional wedding videography is definitely worth it.

I don’t think you’ll regret investing in it.

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