Better Marriage Blanket (Ultimate Guide in 2024)

Flatulence in the marriage bed. It sounds like a very silly problem, but if your partner regularly stinks up your bed, you know the problem is very real.

The Better Marriage Blanket may be the solution.

Here is what you need to know:

The Better Marriage Blanket traps flatulence and reduces the spread of bad smells in your bed, making sleeping with your partner much more comfortable and pleasant. The blanket is made of activated carbon. The price of the blanket ranges from $29.99 and $59.99 in the United States.

In this article, we’ll cover seven things people ask me about the blanket.

What Is the Better Marriage Blanket?

The Better Marriage Blanket is a comforter that uses an inner layer of activated carbon fabric to absorb odors at a nano-level before they can escape into the air or onto other surfaces. It helps contain and reduce flatulence.

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Essentially, it is a quilt or comforter that traps gas and prevents it from bothering anyone in the bed with you.

The anti-flatulence blanket is similar to what’s called an “Amish fart blanket,” which is an old-fashioned long-lasting quilt. They are not fancy and usually do not cost much, but they can have beautiful patterns or color combinations.

It traps air released from farts during sleep, thereby helping to keep things fresher in the mornings.

Amish women traditionally created them using small pieces of each available bright or bold fabric jumbled together with matching strips for binding seams.

Is the Better Marriage Blanket Real? (Solved)

Yes, the Better Marriage Blanket is very real.

The blanket absorbs bad smells and protects your sleeping partner from the foul odor. This can be a simple way to make sleeping with someone more pleasant for both of you.

As I mentioned, people of various cultures have been using special blankets to mask flatulence for a long time.

The exact blanket may be new, but the technology to mask bad smells is not new at all. It can be surprising how resourceful people can be when motivated by a desire for comfort.

However, I do have some bad news. It appears that the official website is now defunct, so it may be difficult to find the blanket from the official seller. The good news is that you can get blankets (or other products) with similar technology from other sources.

I’ve listed some of those sources later in this article so that you can check out the blankets for yourself.

How Does It Work? (Explained)

The Better Marriage Blanket uses a layer of activated carbon fabric. The military uses “activated carbon fabric” to protect soldiers from exposure during chemical warfare.

What is activated carbon fabric?

Activated carbon fabric is a type of geotextile. It’s made from a polymer that has been subjected to high temperatures and steam, both of which cause the polymers to mesh and create microscopic pores. The result is a material with lots of tiny holes that are less than 0.5 micrometers in size.

Activated carbon fabric can adsorb chemicals and odors through these tiny openings.

Activated carbons are typically manufactured into products like filter bags or sheets for air purification, absorbent cartridges for use in reverse osmosis drinking water treatment systems, or made-to-order filters to treat contaminated streams.

So, this is a very strong and versatile material that really works to reduce odors.

How Much Does It Cost? (Prices)

The original Better Marriage Blanket retailed for between $29.99 and $59.99.

However, the original version does not seem to be widely available anymore. You may be able to pick up one from resellers like eBay or Amazon. Please note that the price may be higher from these resellers.

There are, however, alternatives that use similar fabrics and technology to reduce odors. While the name of the product will be different, the results will likely be the same.

I’ve made a shortlist of the alternatives below with prices ranging from $30 up to nearly $100, depending on the size and brand you want to buy. Check out the alternatives to figure out what might work best for you.

My guess is that a $30-$50 version will probably do the job most of the time.

Who Is It For? (6 Examples)

Although it is marketed toward married couples, anyone sharing a bed with anyone else can benefit from the blanket’s odor-preventing ways.

Who is the blanket for?

  • Marriage couples
  • Co-habituating couples
  • Sleepovers
  • Older adults
  • Kids
  • Chronic flatulence sufferers

You can also get the blanket as a gift (or a gag gift) for someone.

The creator of the product envisioned his blankets used in college dorm rooms, planes, nursing homes, and even space shuttles.

The 1-minute commercial that introduced the blanket to the world was a viral hit.

Check it out there:

Video by Larry Mason via YouTube

Alternatives to the Better Marriage Blanket

Ok, let’s talk about alternatives.

Since the official blanket might not be readily available anymore, I’ve made a list of similar blankets for you to consider.

ProductPrice Range $-$$$Visit Store
Amish Fart Blanket$Visit Store
Activated Charcoal Filter Cloth$Visit Store
Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Topper$$Visit Store

For even cheaper options, you could also try:

Who Created the Better Marriage Blanket?

Francis Bibbo, a science teacher and keen deer hunter from Denver, Colorado, came up with the idea for the blanket after buying a chemical suit to hide his body odor while hunting.

Bibbo says that he purchased a couple of chemical suits from an army surplus store.

While using the suits, he noticed that the suits seemed to absorb the bad smells associated with passing gas. That was his lightbulb moment for the blanket.

He cut a few suits into strips which he then fastened together into a blanket.

He used the blanket on his own marriage bed for 15 years before creating the first public prototype. In case you’re wondering, he tested the blanket on every conceivable bad smell to make sure it worked.

For example, he tested the blanket on dead fish, animal feces, Limburger cheese, and propane.

According to Bibbo, within seconds, you won’t be able to detect any of the smells.

Better Marriage Blanket Review

My friend is married, and like many couples, they sometimes have disagreements about things like leaving the toilet seat up or taking out the trash.

But there’s one thing they don’t argue about anymore, and that’s flatulence.

You see, my friend’s husband is a bit of a fart machine, and it was starting to cause some real tension in their marriage. That is until they bought the Better Marriage Blanket.

This blanket was truly a godsend.

Since it’s made of a special material that absorbs flatulence, so my friend no longer has to hold her breath every time her husband lets one rip.

As a result, their marriage is more comfortable and happier than ever before.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the simplest solutions help preserve the peace and sanctity of marriage. These little gestures of kindness can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of respect and care in your relationship.

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