How Much Does a Soulmate Sketch Cost? (w/ Prices)

I recently ordered a Soulmate Sketch to see what would happen. There are lots of options, and in my research, I found several options that I thought might be helpful for someone else looking. I’ve included everything (even the prices and sketches I received) in this article.

How much does a soulmate sketch cost?

A soulmate sketch costs between $6.00-$30.00 (USD). A simple black-and-white sketch on Etsy will costs you approximately $6.00. If you want a full-color sketch with more description, you might pay up to $30.00. A sketch and description by Master Wang of Soulmate Sketch will cost you $29.99.

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Guy, girl, and a sketch of the guy for my article on How Much Does a Soulmate Sketch Cost
Image from Soulmate Sketch—How Much Does a Soulmate Sketch Cost?

After purchasing two sketches from two different sources, my recommendation is to go with Soulmate Sketch. You get a better digital sketch, more details about your soulmate, and right now you save 40%.

How Much Does a Soulmate Sketch Cost? (Examples)

During my research, I found that you can get a soulmate sketch from several different sources.

You can get a sketch from:

  • Etsy
  • Fiverr
  • Soulmate Sketch (from Master Wang)
  • And other sources

Here is a quick table that compares the prices of these three options.

SourcePrice RangeVisit Site
Etsy$6-$30.00Visit Site
Fiverr$20.00Visit Site
Soulmate Sketch (Master Wang)$29.99Visit Site
How much does a soulmate sketch cost?

As you can see, Etsy is the cheapest option. You can hire an artist on Etsy to sketch your soulmate for as little as $6.00 (I think the actual amount is close to $6.30 with sales tax).

However, other artists on Etsy charge $10, $12, or $20 (or more). You typically get a soulmate reading with each purchase. Your sketch comes anywhere from 12 hours to 24 hours after you make your purchase.

The only artist on Fiverr I could find goes by the handle, girolamoartist. He charges $20, sends you your sketch in 2 days, and provides a reading.

Master Wang of Soulmate Sketch (my personal favorite) costs $29.99, and also comes with a detailed reading, along with several other optional features. You get your sketch in 24 hours.

Is a Soulmate Sketch Worth The Cost?

You might be wondering why a soulmate sketch can cost up to $30 or more, and if it’s worth it.

Yes, a soulmate sketch is absolutely worth the money. The reason is because of the significance of the service. An artist, some of whom have decades of experience with fortune-telling and other physic arts, provides you with a picture of your personal soulmate. They also give you a detailed reading so that you can understand who this person is before they enter your life.

Your soulmate sketch sets you up to find the love of your life. Some might say that service is priceless, and a steal at $30.

Think of all the time and money you can save searching for your soulmate. Think of the intense joy of finding your one true love—even getting a portrait of them!

Personally, I ordered both the $6.00 version from Etsy and the version from Soulmate Sketch (Master Wang).

I wanted to compare the two services. Boy, am I glad I did. As you’ll see at the end of this article, the sketch and description by Master Wang far exceed the cheaper Etsy service. I received a complementary horoscope and fortune-telling reading within a few hours, along with a few exercises to help manifest the person into my life.

There really is no comparison to any other service.

As with most things in life, you seem to get what you pay for with this incredible service.

Who Is the Soulmate Sketch Artist?

Master Wang is the artist that draws your soulmate when you order a soulmate sketch through the Soulmate Sketch program.

Starting as a Chinese street artist and physic, Master Wang discovered an uncanny ability to sketch the soulmates of his clients. Using a mix of artistic and psychic talent, he sketches a detailed image from psychic visions. He’s been offering this service to clients for years with amazing results.

He is also an expert in astrology, which helps him create accurate soulmate sketches.

Because of his experience, notoriety, and the happy testimonials of his former clients, I decided to check out his service for myself. I’m so happy I didn’t hesitate.

You can see the results for yourself at the end of this article.

Who Is the Etsy Sketch Artist?

There are many Etsy sketch artists who will draw your soulmate.

I chose an Etsy artist who goes by the simple title, Psychic. On their Etsy profile, they describe themselves like this:

I am a Spiritual Advisor. What does this mean? I am a mentor, a friend, someone who can offer counsel and direction in your life. I can help you make your life more manageable and easier and show you a better way to handle your own issues and guide you down those tough decisions you need to make. While I know not everyone will be ready to hear what I have to say, I will never sugar coat something or give you lofty fairy tales.

I do like that they give you the truth, work with you, and move you toward a path of your own freedom where you don’t need their services anymore.

Who Is the Fiverr Sketch Artist?

The Fiver artist I found is Girolamo. The artist is from Romania and offers ten years of experience as an artist. They don’t go into any detail about their physic experience.

However, all of their gigs (services) on Fiverr revolve around drawing your soulmate or sketching you from a past life (that actually sounds really cool). While his reviews are very good, I wonder about his experience. I would prefer for him to tell a little more about the process of sketching your soulmate and giving you a reading.

Do Soulmate Drawings Work? (The Real Answer)

The price of a soulmate sketch only matters if they actually work.

Yes, soulmate sketches work, but only if you use an experienced and reputable physic artist. I’m sure you can find good artists anywhere, but I sometimes wonder about services on Etsy or Fiverr. You can certainly find quality artists on these sites, however.

Many positive reviews and testimonials demonstrate how well these sketches can work.

For example, Nicole purchased a soulmate sketch from the same Etsy seller as me. In her review, she says, “Such a beautiful drawing and a beautiful reading!! I’ve had soulmate readings done before and she mentioned the same details if not in more detail. Would highly recommend! Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️”

Girolamo on Fiverr also has good reviews.

For example, Honeylove88 on Fiverr said this in her review: “Chills! The reading is an exact word for word description of someone that I’m currently interested in. I wasn’t expecting that at all. The drawing wasn’t the exact same but some features were identical. I’ll be recommending this reading to friends.”

Master Wang also has hundreds of happy clients.

Lucy says, “My life was set in the right direction when I first saw my drawing and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you from me, my husband, and our beautiful 2 children. “

I thought I’d also give my own reviews. I’ve actually tried several of these sketch services myself, and I share the results below.

My Soulmate Sketch (Esty)

Finally, here is the first of two results from the two soulmate sketch services I bought. I’ll share the images and then part of the descriptions they sent me so that you can see how it works.

After I ordered a soulmate sketch from Etsy, I received this image:

Sketch of a woman—How much does a soulmate sketch cost?
Author Purchased Sketch by Etsy artist—how much does a soulmate sketch cost?

I actually think the artist quality is quite good. It’s obvious the artist has talent. Although the purpose of this service is not about how good the drawing is, it is how accurate the picture is of your soulmate. The psychic description that came along with it included a good bit of detail for $6.00.

Here’s a snippet of the description:

This woman will have a wide face and thick lips have big eyes, a medium-sized woman. She will have straight long hair, she will dance very well and is fond of love. She loves surprises and sudden mood swings. She wants her special days to remember. Has piercing on his belly. 35 years old, letter name s.

My first reaction is that the artist doesn’t seem to write clear, grammatically correct English sentences. I’m not sure what “She wants her special days to remember” even means. And “has piercing on his belly” just shifted the gender focus of the description of my soulmate, so now I’m extra confused.

Other than that, the description is pretty decent. I definitely like dancing and someone fond of love. Good thing she likes sudden mood swings so much (wink).

My Soulmate Sketch (Master Wang)

As you know, I also purchased a sketch from Master Wang of Soulmate Sketch. Here is the sketch I received:

face picture of a woman—how much does a soulmate sketch cost?
Author purchased sketch from Dr. Wang—how much does a soulmate sketch cost?

As with the sketch from Etsy, the picture I got from Master Wang is just as good when you consider it has more to do with the accuracy of my soulmate than artistic talent. The description, however, is much better.

The following is a snippet from the description:

This woman is intelligent, she likes to deepen and learn constantly, that is why she spends a good part of her time in things that allow her to enrich his knowledge. She is practical, logical, a perfect strategist. In addition, she walks with her feet firmly on the ground, although this does not prevent her from daydreaming.

My first reaction is that the language and grammar are much better. Sure, there are some goofs in the writing with this delivered physic description, but it reads much smoother. And it makes sense.

Along with the description, Master Wang also sent:

  • Tips on how to attract my soulmate faster
  • Exercises to clear my life of any negative energy blocking my soulmate from arriving in my life
  • A prayer/spell for inviting my soulmate into my life

All in all, I’m extremely happy with what I received. Hands down, I recommend this service over the others.

Here is a YouTube video of someone who also ordered a sketch from Master Wang (referred to as Master Wu in the video):

Video by INFP Anaïs Lucia Comedy via YouTube—How much does a soulmate sketch cost?

Final Thoughts on “How Much Does a Soulmate Sketch Cost?”

In the end, it’s completely up to you what service you choose.

Any of them will give you insight into your soulmate and what you might look like. If you also want some extra tips for attracting them into your life, you might want to try Soulmate Sketch.

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