Is Dating a Younger Man Wrong? (13 Things To Consider)

An older woman dating a younger man used to be a social blunder but things have changed.

Is dating a younger man wrong?

No, dating a younger man is not wrong. While a woman dating a younger man is rarer than a man dating a younger woman, there is nothing wrong with any person of any gender dating someone younger. An age gap might present challenges but that does not mean the age difference is wrong.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the pros and cons of dating a younger man.

Advantages of Dating a Younger Guy (7 Great Reasons)

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There are many reasons that dating a younger man is not wrong.

Here is a short list of the advantages:

  1. More time flexibility
  2. Fewer responsibilities
  3. Less emotional baggage
  4. Fewer bad relationship habits
  5. More adventurous
  6. More healthy
  7. More energetic

Now, let’s go over these advantages in more detail.

1) More Time Flexibility

One reason you might want to date a younger guy is that he’s still just starting his career and building up savings for the future.

They might have less responsibility at work which means that younger guys usually have more flexibility in their schedules.

When I was younger, I had tons of time to spend on dating and exploring other interests.

2) Fewer Responsibilities

Younger men are less likely to have children or other responsibilities. This can make them better relationship partners because they have more time to dedicate solely to you.

It’s also less likely that you will have to deal with “baby mommas” or “baby daddies” from previous relationships.

Fewer responsibilities mean fewer complexities in the relationship.

3) Less Emotional Baggage

Younger guys have had fewer relationships so they are less likely to feel burned and resentful of past girlfriends or boyfriends.

This is a major plus!

Many of the issues that pop up in new relationships stem from emotional baggage carried over from previous dating experiences.

Therefore, younger guys might offer more emotional openness and vulnerability than older men who might feel scarred from bad experiences or painful divorces.

4) Fewer Bad Relationship Habits

Another benefit is that younger men might not have developed poor relationship habits.

Habits that older men might have picked up over decades of unhealthy relationships.

For example, older men sometimes get complacent or stop trying. Younger men are more likely to put in the effort to make your dating relationship work.

Older men might be more concerned with who wears the pants in the relationship, while younger men might be more willing to compromise and seek equality.

This is, of course, not always the case.

Both younger men and older men can both demonstrate good or bad dating habits.

5) More Adventurous

Younger guys tend to be more adventurous with their life decisions.

They’re usually ready to go exploring, hiking, skydiving, and go on spontaneous dates. Dating younger men can feel exciting and fun.

Older men can be less adventurous.

This isn’t always true, but it’s typical. Many older men have already “had their fun” and now want to relax at home with simple activities that you may find boring.

6) More Healthy

Younger men tend to be healthier than older men.

Older men deal with a cache of health issues from cholesterol to heart issues, even erectile dysfunction.

Younger men in their 20’s and 30’s typically don’t face these same issues.

As I’ve grown older, I definitely noticed differences in my physical health. I experience more sickness and health-related issues now than ever before in my life. Yet, I’m still a pretty healthy guy in my early 40’s.

7) More Energetic

Younger guys are usually more energetic and provide a fresh perspective on life.

They are more likely to want to spend time doing the things that you enjoy—whether it’s going for walks or cooking dinner together at home.

Younger men also typically bring more energy to the bedroom.

If sex is a high priority for you, younger men usually bring more energy than older guys. Younger men are in their sexual prime, so they experience fewer issues with sexual performance like erectile dysfunction.

Disadvantages of Dating a Younger Guy (6 Examples)

Dating a younger guy is not all fun and games. While there are plenty of advantages, there are also clear disadvantages.

Some common downsides of dating a younger man:

  • Immaturity
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Still in the “having fun” stage
  • Less money
  • Hyperfocus on intimacy
  • Sudden life changes

Let’s take these disadvantages one by one.

1) Immaturity

Younger men might be more immature.

They might not be fully developed in their emotional management or life skills. Men tend to get more mature and experienced as they age.

Younger men might show less responsibility.

A person’s maturity level is one of the most important factors in choosing a partner, and younger men are usually less mature than older men.

If you want to avoid childishness, game-playing, or jealousy, you might want to avoid dating a much younger man. However, a man who is only a few years younger than you is probably more closely aligned with your maturity level.

2) Lifestyle Habits and Skills

Younger men might party with alcohol and drugs.

They might spend money frivolously without much thought for the future.

Essentially, they might possess lifestyle habits that are counterproductive to a strong, healthy relationship. They may not know how to cook or clean properly either, which can make it difficult for them to contribute to a committed relationship that shifts into living together.

3) Still in the “Having Fun” Stage

On top of this, they are more likely than older guys to be on the prowl.

They might always be looking for a new date or partner, not building genuine connections with you.

They may also show “playboy” tendencies that can result in sex without commitment and quick flings instead of long-term relationships based on love and mutual respect.

Of course, if you want the same thing, then there is no problem.

Many younger men want to wait until later in life to settle down in a committed relationship—especially if we’re talking about marriage and starting a family.

If you want some really good examples of how to use obsession phrases to ignite connection, attraction, and commitment in a younger man, check out my article on the Obsession Phrase Master List (w/ 40 Full Examples).

4) Less Money

Younger men might be unable to provide financially and only have jobs that barely pay the bills.

This sometimes means cheaper dates, less travel, and more financial stress that can hurt the fun playfulness of dating. Money isn’t everything, but it certainly helps to have some when dating.

Dating can easily get expensive, even in smaller cities and towns.

Dating a younger man without much money is going to limit your options. There is nothing wrong with this reality, but it’s helpful to know the downsides going into the relationship.

5) Hyperfocus on Intimacy

Many younger men might be hyperfocused on physical intimacy.

Depending on the age gap between the two of you, this focus might not fit with your current priorities.

It is important to think about the person you are dating in terms of their age. If there is more than a five-year difference, this could be cause for concern.

Or, at the very least, an open and honest conversation.

Affection is often a critical issue in many dating relationships, so getting on the same page as early as possible will help you avoid many of the problems other couples face.

6) Sudden Life Changes

A younger man might undergo sudden and significant life changes, such as moving to another state or country, getting a job transfer, or entering a period of study at a university.

Any of these changes could disrupt a budding dating romance.

Here’s a video that quickly covers some of the major disadvantages of dating a younger guy:

Video by Matthew Hussey via YouTube—Is dating a younger man wrong?

Is It Weird for a Girl To Date a Younger Guy? (Answered)

While it may not be wrong to date a younger guy, some women wonder if it is weird.

So, is it weird for a girl to date a younger guy?

No, it is not weird for a girl to date a younger guy. It may feel weird because of social norms and gender dynamics, but it is not weird at all. A 1-5 year gap in age is common.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is, “What is my motivation for dating a younger guy?”

There could be many reasons why someone would like to date someone younger. You might want to have fun, feel validated, or simply explore a new connection.

There is no right or wrong reason, but it is important to uncover your motivations.


Because knowing your motivations can help you reassure yourself that you are making the best choice.

You might also want to ask yourself, “Why should other people’s opinions of my dating choices matter?”

Most importantly, you must accept and support your own choices. No matter who you date, you probably won’t please everyone in your life.

The most important person to please is yourself. If you feel happy with your dating partner, then go for it!

Why Do People Think It’s Wrong for a Woman To Date a Younger Guy?

The question of whether or not there is something wrong with a woman dating a younger man has been debated for years. It’s an issue that can be divisive.

Why do people think it’s wrong to date a younger guy?

Some people think it’s wrong for a woman to date a younger man because of the dynamics of an age difference. They feel uncomfortable with what they perceive as a lack of balance in the relationship when one person is much more experienced than the other.

Some people argue that a woman dating a younger guy is wrong because he might not be interested in the same things.

When people are of different ages, they’re often at different stages in their lives as well.

This can lead to problems if one person wants to constantly go out while the other person wants to stay at home.

Or if one person wants to settle down and the other person does not yet want that type of commitment.

What Do We Mean By “Younger”?

Younger can mean many things to many people.

If you date anyone even a day younger than you, technically, you are dating a younger person. But most people don’t squabble over a few days, weeks, or even months.

The meaning of younger can range from a few years to a few decades.

Some people talk about the acceptability of a 5-10 year age difference. Anything more, they say, and you ask for relationship trouble.

Many others don’t care about age gaps of any size. For them, it’s all about intimacy and connection between two people.

I fall into this camp.

There are vastly different cultural values about dating all around the world. In fact, I created a pretty comprehensive article of information about dating norms in 195 different countries.

While I have dated girls 20 years younger than me, I always tended to date women around five years younger.

I think a closer age often makes relationships easier, but the ease of a relationship is much different than a question of right and wrong.

Final Thoughts: Is Dating a Younger Man Wrong?

While dating a younger man is not wrong, it does offer some real challenges to relationships.

The bottom line is that age only matters if it matters to you and the other person. Any challenge can be overcome with the right mindset, commitment, and approach.

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