Does Dating Get Easier for Guys? (Finally Explained)

As a guy who has been dating for almost 30 years now, I have definitely noticed a change in how easy it is to date. My dating life now is 100% better than when I was a teenager or in my early 20’s.

Does dating get easier for guys?

Yes, dating gets easier for guys with time and experience. Older men are more mature, traveled, and have more life experiences, which make them better in relationships. There is often a dating power shift in a man’s 30s. Men in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s can often date women in their 20’s. 

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Why Does Dating Get Easier For Guys? (Solved)

There are many reasons why dating gets easier for guys as they get older.

Some of the biggest reasons why:

  • Older men are more mature
  • Older men regulate their emotions better
  • Older men are more traveled
  • Older men have more life experiences
  • Older men are more successful
  • The dating power shift that happens in a man’s 30s

Older Men Are More Mature

As guys get older, they get more mature. Imagine a 20-year-old guy who has never been on a date in his life. He is still very young and immature when it comes to dating (and life).

The older he gets, the more mature he becomes—both emotionally and intellectually.

In their 30s or 40s, men are nearing their peak of maturity with many developed interests that women find attractive. They take responsibility for their lives, often have their own homes and vehicles, and understand the finesse of adult relationships.

As guys age from 40-50 years old, they only get more mature.

Guys at this age have often been married, fathered children, and know how to take care of other people outside of themselves. All of this makes these older guys more attractive to many women.

Older Men Regulate Their Emotions Better

Older men are better able to regulate their emotions, which also makes them more attractive.

Older men are less likely to be moody, temperamental, and quick to anger. This makes them more attractive because they are easier to get along with (especially for long-term relationships) and they are more likely to be able to control their emotions.

Men’s testosterone levels drop as we age, which also makes us less prone to aggression and anger. This means that older men have better emotional regulation than younger men.

Research supports this assessment, pointing out that men reach peak maturity at the age of 43. Other research published in the Dialogues in Neurological Studies journal, also suggests increased maturity as men age. In fact, emotional maturity is a common trait among many successful aging male executives and business owners—and this is an attractive quality.

In addition, older males tend to stay in better moods and manage stress much better.

Finally, psychologists note that guys often become calmer with age because they’ve had plenty of time for reflection on what matters most.

Older Men Are More Traveled

Older men are often more traveled. They’ve explored the world, culture, and offer plenty of interesting stories about their travels. Most people, including most women, enjoy traveling.

When they meet a well-traveled man, they imagine themselves traveling with him to all kinds of exciting places. A well-traveled person is interesting, charismatic, and instantly gains the attention of other people.

There are a number of reasons a well-traveled man is more attractive:

  • Men who have lived in other countries are more likely to be culturally aware. They’ve been exposed to different cultures and may understand a woman’s background better.
  • Men with travel experience often seem more adventurous.
  • Women like the idea of “traveling” together, so this shared interest is attractive.

Older Men Have More Life Experience

Women want an experienced man.

The older you get, the more experienced you become—at work or at love! A man who’s been around the block before has more “street cred” when it comes to relationships.

He’s probably going to be more patient and understanding than a guy who is still navigating through his 20s.

Older men have been with several (and perhaps many) women before, so he knows what people want from their partners. Younger guys often don’t understand how important it is to listen or to be supportive.

Older men have had their fair share of failed relationships and know what to do differently in new relationships.

Men get more confident in themselves as they get older, so it’s not uncommon for them to feel like they don’t need the validation from women that younger guys crave. This can make a big difference when you’re dating someone.

Many older men also feel like it’s easier for them to balance work and family life because of their many years of experience.

Older Men Are More Successful

Men in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s often have a lot of success in the world. They’ve had time to build up their career and businesses. They’ve paid off debt, saved money, and made investments.

Older men are more likely to be financially stable, which means they can offer women the stability that is difficult for younger guys who might have student loans or other debt hanging over their heads.

Success, status, and stability are three traits many women find incredibly attractive.

More money means more opportunities to go on dates, experiment with new activities, and travel. Dating can be quite expensive, so financial stability means more and better dates. It’s also less likely that these older guys will experience abrupt financial changes that significantly disrupt their life and attention.

The Dating Power Shift in Your 30s

In your 30’s, a dating shift happens. Many relationship experts share how a man’s “market value” on the dating scene increases as they get older. Meanwhile, a woman’s value as a dating partner tends to go down.

Dating value has nothing to do with value as a human being. Everyone is valuable as a human being.

However, many men value youth and beauty while many women place a higher value on success, maturity, and wealth. In your 30’s, a man has been successful enough to have accrued resources. He is more mature and experienced in life.

Men usually become less interested in (or at least less desperate for) relationships when they are over 40 years old because of this shift in dating value. With more options, they see often see less need to settle down with someone.

Women may also feel like their marketability decreases with age so it becomes harder for them to find a partner. At least, a partner that is not significantly older, less successful, or less attractive than her. Some dating experts refer to this as women “hitting the wall.” After years of higher dating value in their teens and early twenties, women often discover that it gets harder for them to find quality partners as they get older.

Here’s a video from Better Bachelor that talks about how dating can change as guys and girls get older:

Video by Better Bachelor via YouTube—Does dating get easier for guys?

Again, this is not always the case and has nothing to do with intrinsic value as a human being.

Many young men find that dating is harder for guys.

However, dating gets easier for guys as they get older and dating market value changes in their favor.

Final Thoughts on “Does Dating Get Easier For Guys?”

As a man in his early 40’s, I can assure you that dating definitely gets easier for guys as you get older. After a divorce a few years ago, I re-entered the dating scene after a 15-year hiatus.

The last time I dated, I was in my 20’s.

Back then, I didn’t date very much. I can only remember a handful of girlfriends during college. After my divorce, I suddenly found myself with a surplus of dates. The sheer number of options at this age was a welcome change but also overwhelming.

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