How To Ask for a Second Chance in a Relationship (Solved)

I’ve faced my share of first-time failed relationships where I asked for a second chance. It’s not easy, but it is doable with the right approach.

How to ask for a second chance in a relationship?

You can ask for a second chance by following these tips:

  1. Don’t be defensive.
  2. Don’t justify any “bad” behavior.
  3. Do not beg, threaten, or cajole the other person.
  4. Apologize for your part in why the relationship ended.
  5. Demonstrate why you have changed or why the situation has changed.
  6. Listen to the other person closely, carefully, and respectfully.
  7. Validate the other person’s feelings.
  8. Discuss all the reasons the relationship didn’t work out in the past.
  9. Share why you think the relationship will work now.

Breaking up or falling out of a relationship is a tough feeling, and it can be really hard to get over. You might even feel like there is no hope left. But don’t give up! There are plenty of ways that you can ask for a second chance in your relationship, and this blog post will teach you how.

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The Best Thing You Can Do To Get a Second Chance

The best thing you can do to get a second chance is to give the other person time and space to miss you. This is a time for them to think about what they want and how you will work together.

It seems contradictory, but the anxiety and uncertainty of missing you can actually increase attraction.

The two most important points:

  • Give them space: don’t call, text, or email the other person. Let them contact you when they are ready.
  • Be patient and understanding of their feelings: be attentive to their needs, but not too much that it’s overbearing

What seems to work really well is to briefly let the other person know that you want to reconcile and then let them contact you if they want another chance.

The emphasis is on “briefly.”

In this article, you’ll see several examples of a short message that lets the other person know that you want another chance. You don’t need to use the exact words in the examples.

Make the message your own, but keep it short and sweet.

The Worst Thing You Can Do To Get a Second Chance

The worst thing you can do to try to get a second chance in any relationship is to chase the other person. This is especially true if you were dumped. Corey Wayne, one of my favorite relationship coaches, echoes this idea in his YouTube video titled, “Never Chase After Being Dumped.”

You will look desperate, overbearing, and low value.

Usually what happens is that you end up chasing the person right out of your life. This is true for both men and women.

Human beings appear to be hardwired to run away when being chased (like most other creatures on earth). Chasing is the exact opposite approach to what actually works.

Chasing seems like the right thing to do, but it isn’t.

Instead of chasing, let your partner know you want a second chance and then give them “the gift of your absence”. If they miss you and want to reconnect, they will reach out to you.

If they don’t contact you for 30 days, don’t contact them first. You’ll probably want to but don’t. Do whatever you need to do so that you do not give in to the temptation to call or text them. If you want the best chance to win them back, let them come to you on their own time.

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How Do You Prove You Deserve a Second Chance?

One of the key elements in asking for a second chance is proving you deserve one.

How do you prove you deserve a second chance?

In order to ask for a second chance in your relationship, you must prove that you have learned from the mistakes of the past, that you can be trusted, and that you are taking steps towards becoming an emotionally stronger person.

Here are some ways to demonstrate this:

  • Apologize
  • Make amends
  • Share how you have changed with the other person involved in the relationship.
  • Demonstrate how you have changed (with evidence)
  • Shed negative habits
  • Be open about your feelings, thoughts, fears, or concerns

Make amends with other people that were affected by your bad behavior. This includes apologizing and showing remorse for any harm done or words spoken out of anger.

The best way is through action rather than just words alone. Words matter, but actions matter more.

How Do I Apologize To Ask for a Second Chance?

An apology can help rebuild the trust that was broken in the relationship. An apology also shows your personal responsibility, maturity, and self-awareness. These are all very attractive traits.

What should your apology include? The apology needs to be sincere, and make no excuses or justifications. Insincere apologies will be dismissed and may make things worse.

Any hint of justification for past behaviors will only backfire, making it harder for the other person to give you a second chance. You must drop all ego when asking for a second chance. Ego will only get in the way.

You can apologize by saying, “I’m sorry for how I behaved when we were together. Let’s talk about what went wrong.”

If you’re worried that your apology will sound like an excuse, don’t be afraid to show humility with your apology. You can say, “I’m sorry for what I did. Will you please give me a second chance?”

Remember to keep your apology short and sweet. Groveling will only lower your value in their eyes.

How To Ask a Guy for a Second Chance

Most guys I know (and I know thousands of them), are emotional and get very attached to the girls they date.

The best way to ask a guy for a second chance is to be honest with him about how you feel. If he’s not interested in a second chance, don’t force it on him. If for some reason he still doesn’t want another go around, find someone who does.

You can say something like, “No matter what happened between us, I’m sorry and want another chance because we’re so much better together.”

You might want to go through the steps we’ve mentioned above about apologizing, making amends, taking responsibility, and showing how things have changed.

There’s probably a good reason the relationship didn’t work out in the past. If you really think the two of you can build a new solid foundation, and avoid the mistakes of the past, then it makes sense to try moving forward together.

To make it work, it will take an emotionally strong partnership, good communication, and changing any bad behavior.

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How To Ask Your Ex for Another Chance

If you are still in love with your ex, then it is possible to ask for a second chance.

You may be hesitant to try again. You might think that asking for a second chance is a sign of weakness or desperation. But you deserve another chance and your partner deserves the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, as well.

Consider how you would feel in the position of your ex.

They might be scared to take a chance on another relationship. On the other hand, your second chance can provide them with an opportunity to learn from past mistakes without having to start over with another person.

To avoid looking desperate, give them some time and space after the break up before you ask for a second chance.

If you deal with anxious feelings of loneliness or loss, it’s best to process those feelings with others before starting a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend about second chances.

Asking for Another Chance in a Relationship Letter

Anyone—ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands or ex-wives, other partners, co-workers, family, and friends—may write a letter asking for another chance in their relationship.

Sometimes, we express ourselves most authentically in letters. Sometimes, our words are more powerful than we think.

A letter is personal. It takes time and effort to lay out your thoughts and feelings on paper.

While I think asking for a second chance in person is best, a letter is another option. And you can always combine a letter with an in-person conversation. You can even ask for a “meet up” in your letter.

What should you say in your letter? You could say, “I want to be in a relationship with you. I don’t want us to stop seeing each other and talking because of all the mistakes we both have made. Our feelings for one another deserve another chance.”

It’s important that you’re honest about how much you care about this person, even if they’ve hurt or rejected you in the past.

Be clear: what do YOU need from the situation? Do you want more time together before taking things further, or are there certain behaviors that need to stop happening as soon as possible? What “next steps” do you want in the relationship?

Basically, you want to hit all of the major elements we’ve previously covered when asking for a second chance by letter. The elements do not change, just the medium.

How To Ask for a Second Chance by Text

I don’t recommend asking for a second chance by text, but you can start there. A text is (at least) one step down from a letter.

If you do decide to ask for a second chance by text, the key is to keep the message brief and clear. Use the text as a bridge to meet up with the person. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel. It’s okay if it seems a little emotional or out of the norm for text messages.

Try sending something like this: “I hope we can talk soon about what happened between us. I miss you and hope we can work things out.”

Be honest and clear. Avoid mentioning past mistakes or wrongdoings, which can come through in text with the wrong kind of tone.

If they don’t respond with anything other than a standard reply like “I’ll call you,” then it’s probably not worth continuing the conversation. Don’t send more than one text and definitely don’t keep texting or calling if they don’t respond.

Their non-response is a response.

If they do respond, set up a time to get together as soon as possible. I think it’s more courageous and respectful to speak with the other person face-to-face, especially about something so significant.

How To Ask for a Second Chance With a Friend

Not all second chances occur in romantic relationships. You can ask for a second chance from a family member, friend, or even co-worker.

How do you ask for a second chance with a friend?

First, be sincere. If you know the situation that led to the breakdown in your relationship, make sure you address it and apologize for how this affected them. Second, follow the nine steps at the beginning of this article for the best results. Third, find out if there is anything they need from you before moving forward together again.

You can even ask another friend or family member for insights on how to get back in the other person’s good graces. You just might learn something that helps you land your second chance.

What Not To Do When Asking for a Second Chance

Just as important as what to do is what not to do when asking for a second chance in a relationship.

Here is a list of what not to do:

  • Don’t get defensive.
  • Don’t overwhelm the other person with endless texts and calls.
  • Don’t make any threats.
  • Don’t justify your past behavior.
  • Don’t gloss over important details about the relationship.
  • Don’t fail to realize the other person’s point of view.
  • Don’t judge your partner’s behavior.
  • Don’t ignore your partner’s behavior.
  • Don’t repeat the same mistakes.
  • Don’t act like a relationship expert.
  • Don’t break trust.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of communication.
  • Don’t focus on one mistake (Yours or theirs).
  • Don’t wait for fate to take care of the relationship.
  • Don’t overpromise what might happen in the future.
  • Don’t avoid the truth.
  • Don’t act like the only woman or man in the world for the other person (this can come across as manipulative).
  • Don’t fail to define what a second chance means.
  • Don’t avoid hard conversations.
  • Don’t forget to feel good.

That’s a lot of things not to do. If you feel overwhelmed, that’s completely normal. Very few people get this right the first time. There’s a reason why powerful people, celebrities, and rich people hire consultants to help them make apologies and ask for second chances. It’s not easy.

You might be wondering why you should avoid all of these things.

When you act defensive, blame, or judge, you alienate the other person. That’s the opposite of what you want. They are your partner. It’s your job to start actively making them feel safe, loved, and connected to you again. That’s the only way to get another chance.

Here is a video by Brad Browning, a relationship and break up coach, on how to get a second chance with your ex:

Video by Brad Browning via YouTube—how to ask for a second chance in a relationship

Final Thoughts on “How To Ask for a Second Chance in a Relationship”

It’s not easy to get back into a relationship after you’ve broken up or parted ways. You have to give time and space for people to think about what they really want.

This may sound like an impossible feat, but don’t lose hope! There are plenty of ways that you can reconcile relationships even when it seems hopeless.

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