Is YourTravelMates Premium Worth It? (SOLVED)

It’s no secret that solo traveling can be lonely. But for singles who are looking to connect with strangers while traveling outside of their own country, it can be even more challenging.

Is YourTravelMates premium worth it?

No, YourTravelMates premium is not worth it. There are many red flags throughout their site, the premium pricing is expensive, and many of their profile pictures show fake models. Many of their reviews include complaints that people feel ripped off.

Now, with all that being said, let us dive into a deeper review of YourTravelMates, why you should avoid it, and better alternatives.

Why YourTravelMates Premium Is Not Worth It (Warnings)

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Without any doubt, YourTravelMates has a bad reputation.

Few websites describe them in a good light. We tend to put more faith in a review website like, where they have a very low score of 1.4 out of 5 based on 126 reviews.

The negatives of do not stop there.

There are several good reasons why we believe that YourTravelMates premium is not worth it.

So the question is, why is YourTravelMates premium not worth it?

YourTravelMates Premium Is Expensive

Paying for the YourTravelMates premium membership is not worth it unless you have a high income (see exact pricing later in this article).

One reason is that the dating site includes many fake profiles and pictures to motivate you to spend money.

You Might Get Scammed

Although we do try to avoid using the word “scam” in a review article, it’s worth mentioning when so many users report fake profiles.

Many of the profiles seem fake.

For example, many of the profiles list a Ph.D. It’s a little suspicious. I mean, how many people really have a Ph.D.?

On the other hand, members at YourTravelMates might be trying to give out their contact info with no intention of meeting up in real life, which leaves you vulnerable and at the mercy of scammers.

You Don’t Get The Responses You Want

You’ll spend a ton of money and time to find genuine connections.

I’m not saying there are no real people on the site, but finding them is difficult (and expensive). There are easier, cheaper, and faster ways to find travel buddies or international dates.

Most of the time, you will get lots of messages with no action.

Or find people who only want a cyber relationship, not to meet up in person. It seems that many profiles exist only to keep you engaged and spending your hard-earned money on the website.

You Might Not Want Casual Hook Ups

If you’re not looking for casual sex, then YourTravelMates is probably not for you.

By definition, most travelers don’t spend that much time in one geographical location. Instead, travelers hop from one country to another, usually spending no more than a few days or weeks in a single place.

So, if you want a more serious or long-term relationship, YouTravelMates might not be for you.

You Might Get Hurt

Another reason YourTravelMates premium is not worth it is because of the possibility of personal harm.

Let’s be real: There is a risk anytime you meet up with strangers.

However, the risk is multiplied when you travel abroad, meeting strangers in strange places. They might take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the area, language, and cultural norms.

Pros and Cons of YourTravelMates Premium

Based on our research, there are more cons than pros when looking at YouTravelmates.

Whether you’re looking at their pricing and how fast you’ll spend your credits or how frequently you’re receiving messages from other members, the website just isn’t a promising place to find a travel partner or date.

When someone seems too good to be true, it usually is—trust your gut.

Lots of search filtersAction-based pricing
40 different countriesExpensive
Find travel buddiesMany fake profiles
Casual flingsScammers
Free membership optionDifficult to cancel
No monthly membershipRewards pointless flirting
Is YourTravelMates premium worth it?

Looking for someone to travel with?

Here are 5 better ways to find someone to travel with:

  1. Talk to your friends and family—If you have the ability, talk to your friends and find out if they know anyone who can travel with you.
  2. Join a travel club—Travel clubs are great. People who join travel clubs don’t do it for dating, so you can rest easy knowing that most of their members enjoy traveling without any hidden agenda.
  3. Meet up with someone at an upcoming event—If you plan to attend an upcoming event, meet people there and ask them if they want to travel together. At the very least, you can become friends with them afterward.
  4. Use social media—Social media is one of the best ways to meet new people. You can search for specific hashtags and find people interested in the same types of hobbies you love.
  5. Talk to new acquaintances—Meet new people through your daily routine, like at the supermarket, university or even local pubs. By talking to them, you might meet someone with whom you can travel together.

You can also take advantage of dating apps that allow you to contact people in other parts of the world (see the list near the end of this article).

How Much Is YourTravelMates Premium? (Exact Prices)

Based on our research, YourTravelMates is not worth the money you pay for it.

There are no monthly membership costs, which may seem like a good thing, but I promise you it is not.

Instead of a flat monthly fee (which I would prefer), you must purchase credits for anything you do on their website, such as to send or receive messages.

I know that sounds crazy, but they will charge you for reading a message that someone also paid to send.

Here is a simple table to give you an idea of just how much money you will spend on the site:

150 Credits 19.99 USD = 0.13 USD per credit
600 Credits149.99 USD = 0.25 USD per credit
1,500 Credits299.99 USD = 0.20 USD per credit
Is YourTravelMates premium worth it?

Also, you can use your credits to buy different real-life presents, like a new phone or Victoria’s Secrets gift card.

Below are some of the real-life gifts you can buy with your credits:

  • Perfume 1019 credits
  • Gold chain 959 credits
  • Basket of flowers for 700 credits
  • Snacks basket for 369 credits
  • Victoria’s Secret Gift card 859 credits
  • Flowers for 29 credits per piece
  • Fruits basket for 369 credits
  • Gold ring 799 credits
  • Picnic basket for 399 credits
  • ZARA/H&M Gift card 420 credits
  • Tea basket for 555 credits
  • AirPods Pro for 1799 credits
  • Gold earrings 759 credits
  • Apple Watch for 2899 credits
  • iPhone 11 4699 credits

That’s right, you can buy a stranger in another country expensive iPhones and jewelry.

Sounds totally legit.

5 Times YourTravelMates Premium Is Worth It (Maybe)

Nobody want’s to spend a fortune on dating sites that may or may not work out.

Therefore, you must be extra careful when looking for an affordable site with high-quality members who are just looking for love, too.

To avoid scams, so you’ve got to be picky.

  1. YourTravelMates might be worth it if you are rich—You are required to pay for every interaction, and the costs are very high. You can’t get dates without paying for them. You don’t get to see who visited your profile unless you pay for it, either. So, if you have plenty of excess money to spend, maybe this site is for you.
  2. You enjoy the fantasy—There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the attention of beautiful people far out of your league. If you enjoy the fantasy of a supermodel drooling over you, then you’ll more likely to get what you pay for on this site.
  3. The ability to search for matches outside of your country—You can set up how far or near you are willing to travel. You also have the ability to filter by 40 different countries so you get a massive pool of potential matches.
  4. Limited dating sites in your country—Perhaps you live in a country with limited options for dating apps. In this case, maybe YourTravelMates is your only and best choice.
  5. Get a free membership—There is actually a way to scoop up a free membership to the site. Unfortunately, it requires a complex sign up and a high ratio of (up to14 hours) of messaging other members each week. Yes, the site will reward you for mindlessly flirting with other members.

Best Dating Apps for Travelers

Instead of taking a chance on YourTravelMates, I suggest you try these much safer and more respected dating sites:

  1. Bumble: Bumble Premium is $22.99/month or $46.99 for three months. You have travel mode on when you go premium, and you can do pretty much everything you want on their app.
  2. Tinder: Tinder Gold is $14.99/month (under 30), $29.99/month (30 and older). When you go premium, you can see who watched your profile, send 5 super likes per day, give unlimited likes, and many other options.
  3. Hinge: Hinge Preferred is $29.99/month or $19.99/month for three months. With premium features, you can get unlimited likes or see who liked your profile. Then you have additional filters for drinking, smoking, or whether someone has or wants kids. 
  4. OkCupid: OKCupid Premium is $19.99/month for six months. You get unlimited likes, set hard filters or “dealbreakers” for categories, see who likes you, and more.
  5. Zoosk: It is $12.49/month, and you can do pretty much everything other apps can do.
  6. PlentyOfFish: $10.18/month for eight months. Their premium features let you upload up to 16 pictures on your profile (free version allows eight), access extended profiles, see whether someone has read your message or deleted it, track profile views with dates and times, and get your profile boosted to the top of search.

If you want to find a travel mate, there are many options available, such as J4Date.

These dating app options will point you in the right direction when it comes to meeting new people and finding someone to join you on your next travel adventure.

Final Thoughts: Is YourTravelMates Premium Worth It?

We hope this article has given you some insight on whether YourTravelMates is a good option for you.

It’s difficult enough to find someone compatible in your home country. It’s an entirely different story if you’re living abroad or planning a trip out of the country.

And to make matters worse, there are so many sites out there that offer international dating services.

It can be hard for singles like yourself to find a legitimate site that works for you. So, be careful when you sign up for a dating website.

You never know who or what is waiting around the corner!

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