Guys and Lip Biting: Ultimate Answer Guide

When guys bite their lips or yours (or you bite their lips), what does it mean?

Kissing, flirting, and the nuance of lip-biting can be confusing, so I created this short guide with all the important answers.

Why Do Guys Bite Your Lip When Kissing?

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Man biting his lip—Guys & Lip Biting
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This is why guys bite your lip when kissing:

Guys bite your lip when kissing to show attraction, desire, and non-threatening erotic intentions. Psychologically, guys bite your lip because of evolutionary “social biting” hardwired into their brains. Their physical attraction for you triggers the same brain regions as seeing a delicious meal.

They’re literally experiencing a subconscious mixed mating/food craving (with no intention to cause harm or pain).

That sounds crazy but it’s based on good science.

The research term is called “cute aggression,” and it’s a known concept in scientific circles.

From the guy’s perspective, they probably want to express their attraction and desire for you. They might also have seen lip-biting in a movie or on TV and wanted to try it out.

Lip biting when kissing is a way for him to playfully express a desire for intimacy without any threats. Sure, it is a bit aggressive, but it’s completely harmless.

As long as it’s a little nibble, not a painful bite.

Author Sheril Kirshenbaum, who wrote The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, says that our lips are highly exposed and sensitive erogenous zones.

Therefore, your guy is naturally targeting an area of your body to demonstrate his romantic interest and to gently spike the pleasure chemicals in your brain.

When I bite my girlfriend’s bottom lip, it usually means I am turned on and want to escalate intimacy with her.

Of course, it could also mean that a male partner is an inexperienced kisser.

Some guys don’t realize that they are doing it, or don’t realize how much it might affect the other person.

Does he engage in lip biting intentionally or unintentionally? Does he bite your tongue?

If he bites you regularly without intention, he might not know how not to bite you. He might not know how to avoid it.

On the other hand, if it’s pretty clear that he bites your lip on purpose, then he’s probably trying to let you know that he’s ready for more physical intimacy right now.

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What Does it Mean When a Guy Bites His Lower Lip after Kissing You?

When a guy bites his own lower lip after kissing you, it generally means that he enjoyed kissing you and wants to do it again.

It’s a sign of heightened attraction, a kind of animal lust. You could say it means, “I want you.”

This is usually his way of asking for another kiss or deciding if he’s going to go for another one.

When he bites his lower lip after kissing you, it can mean he is:

  • Teasing you
  • Focusing your attention on his mouth
  • Trying to suppress or manage his desire
  • Displaying nervousness

Body language experts say that lip biting in guys means they are holding back feelings.

It’s also true that biting their lip also brings more blood to the surface of the skin, making their lips appear redder. And red is the color of sensual attraction.

Why Do Guys Bite Their Lips When Talking to a Girl?

If a guy bites their lips when talking to a girl, it usually means that he is nervous and that he likes her. Lip biting is a common gesture that many men make, and it’s usually considered cute.

In most cases, he is probably starting to become attracted to her.

As an example, one of my good friends in college—we’ll call him Michael—did this all the time. It was a dead give-away that he liked the girl.

This one time, he met a girl at my fraternity house during a party. He was completely smitten by her, even though he denied it.

For the rest of the night, they were inseparable. They didn’t leave each other’s side and you could tell that Michael really liked her because he kept biting his lip…a lot.

If you notice your crush lip biting when talking to you, it could signal that they are interested.

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Why Do Guys Like it When You Bite Their Bottom Lip?

There are several reasons some guys like it when you bite their bottom lip.

Guys like it when you bite their bottom lip because it shows your dominance and uncontrolled desire. Biting his bottom lip is a sign of lust which causes arousal for males.

Just like when a guy bites your bottom lip, he enjoys it because it feels good.

Lips are very sensitive. Any slight touch or pressure ignites nerve endings and floods him with pleasure.

Personally, I get instantly turned on when my girlfriend bites my lip.

Why Do Guys Like It When You Bite Your Bottom Lip?

The reason men can’t help but stare when you have your teeth sunk into your own lower lip is that they associate it with shyness, being nervous, and/or attraction.

Lip biting:

  • Makes your lip red and plump (desirable)
  • Signals your desire for him (which he loves)
  • Makes him look at your mouth, which arouses him (a good thing)
  • Demonstrates your vulnerability which excites his masculine nature (awesome)

It’s a turn-on because it gives him the impression that you want him.

The truth is, even if your teeth are sinking into your bottom lip for no reason at all, many men still love it.

What To Do When A Guy Bites Your Lip While Kissing

How you respond depends on whether or not you like it and if you want to sleep with him.

If you like it, then go ahead and let him do it again. You can even say, “That really turns me on,” “Don’t stop,” or “You’re so bad.”

Many guys will love it if you return the favor and nibble on their lower lip.

But if you don’t like it, then gently tell him so.

Read the next section for more tips on how to do it and exactly what to say.

How To Stop A Guy From Biting Your Lip While Kissing

If he tends to bite, you can tell him that it is a little too aggressive for your taste. He might not have even realized that he was biting you so hard.

Guys are known to view kissing as something more physical than emotional.

That is why you can also present your case in more practical terms, like “My lip is getting sore” or “I don’t like when someone bites my lips.”

However, if he persists in nibbling on you despite your disapproval, then this may be a sign that either he doesn’t care about hurting you or care about your feelings (or both).

Either way, it’s a bright red flag that I wouldn’t ignore.

Remember, you are in charge of your own body. If someone is touching or kissing you without your permission, then it is not okay.

Tell him to stop. If necessary, gently push him away. Make sure he is listening and state your boundaries. If he breaks it again, stop kissing him.

Once you engage in a serious conversation, he will either stop biting you or show his true colors.

How To Bite A Guy’s Lip When Kissing (Without Making it Awkward)

The way you bit his lip will make a huge difference between pain and pleasure.

The last thing you want is to leave him with a swollen or bloody lip.

Here are my best tips for kissing with your teeth:

  • Bite his lip after a bit of french kissing (Don’t start with lip biting, build to it)
  • Bite his lower lip, not his upper lip
  • Only bite his lip for a second or two
  • Apply gentle pressure (if he likes it, test out a bit more pressure the next time)
  • Don’t hurt him 😉
  • Gently tug on his lip with your teeth
  • Alternate between nibbling and kissing
  • Transition to sucking on his lip

It’s important to watch his reaction and adjust based on his cues.

That could mean more or less intensity, or more or less biting. Pay attention, communicate, and enjoy the moment.

Here is a good video that shows you how to bite his lip:

YouTube video by Howcast—Guys and Lip Biting

Final Thoughts: Guys and Lip Biting

The common theme in lip-biting is the psychological urge to “crush” or bite something we find cute. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you.

Rather, you are operating by age-old evolutionary programming.

Instead of fighting it, I suggest you embrace it and use it to your advantage.

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