What Do Nerdy Guys Find Attractive? (15 Answers)

Nerdy guys are smart, quirky, and cute—but it’s not always clear how to get their attention.

What do nerdy guys find attractive?

Nerdy guys are attracted to women with traditional physical beauty, femininity, intelligence, drama-free lifestyles, kind personalities, social skills, and supportive natures. They appreciate charming girls with a keen sense of humor. Nerdy guys like girls who accept them and their nerdy hobbies.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about “What do nerdy guys find attractive?”

15 Traits That Nerdy Guys Like in Girls

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Nerdy guys are like any other guys—they like different kinds of girls. All guys (and all girls) possess unique preferences.

With that said, there are clear patterns.

Here are 15 traits that nerdy guys find attractive.

1) Nerdy Guys Like Girls With Traditional Beauty

Nerdy guys are not so different than non-nerdy guys.

Most guys appreciate girls with traditional beauty. That means a slimmer figure, youthful appearance, symmetrical face, lustrous hair, big eyes, great teeth, and an attractive hip to waist ratio.

While many nerdy men have absorbed the idea that they must find “nerdy” girls attractive, most of them also want a girl who looks good in the conventional way.

2) Nerdy Guys Like Feminine Girls

Sometimes it’s easier to define a concept by comparing it to an opposite concept.

For example, many (not all) nerdy men find dominant women less attractive than submissive or non-dominant women. Dominance is often a trait associated with very masculine men and women.

In other words, nerdy guys like girls who embrace their femininity. Femininity includes a wide range of traits.

Feminine traits include:

  • Sweetness
  • Nonconfrontational nature
  • Kindness
  • Supportiveness
  • Cooperation

3) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Are Intelligent and Educated

Nerdy guys are usually (but not always) intelligent.

They usually indulge in learning and mind-related activities such as roleplaying games, chess, gaming, coding, and so on.

Naturally, they are attracted to girls who have similar interests.

Even if you are not a nerd by nature, you can always become one! 😊👌

There are many reasons why nerdy guys like girls who are intelligent and educated, but there is one primary reason: it provides more to talk about, a nexus point of connection.

For example, if a girl is interested in biology, chemistry, or politics (for example), she’ll be able to hold her own in conversation.

4) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Don’t Cause Drama

Drama is an objective term that can be used to define a lot of things.

But when we talk about nerdy guys and what they find attractive, we’re talking about the kind of drama that stems from over-assertiveness, over-sensitivity, and bad communication.

Nerdy guys are often introverted people.

They are more “introspective” rather than trying to get attention from others all the time. They are interested in exploring their passions, not gossiping about other peoples’ lives—at least most of them (wink wink).

Therefore, nerdy guys don’t like girls who bring drama into their lives.

Drama can be jealousy, constant friction, and arguments that never seem to resolve.

Nerdy guys like drama-free lifestyles where they can pursue their own interests without having to constantly negotiate the needs of others.

5) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Are Low Maintenance and Easygoing

Nerdy guys develop a preference for easygoing girls.

The term “low maintenance” is often used to describe such women. One of the reasons why nerdy guys like low-maintenance and easygoing girls is because they don’t cause much drama—they’re very chill.

Nerdy men also like it when their girls are low-maintenance because it allows them to pursue their interests without worrying about managing a clingy girlfriend.

Guys can be guilty of being needy themselves, so they prefer dating girls who are independent enough that they don’t feel the need to constantly check in with each other.

Nerdy men prefer girls who don’t play relationship games.

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6) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Are Kind and Compassionate

One of the traits girls often underappreciate about attraction is simple kindness.

Nerdy guys like kind and compassionate girls who genuinely treat them well. Kind girls also care about others.

And they are not afraid to speak up against injustice.

This is one of the traits that many nerdy guys find attractive about girls because it’s somewhat rare.

They like women who are willing to fight for what is right—and this means not engaging in harmful behaviors such as bullying, hate speech, and discrimination against people based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and so on.

7) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Are Resilient and Determined To Succeed in Life

Nerdy guys like girls who are resilient and determined to succeed in life.

Resilience means that a person has been able to overcome or adapt well to adversity.

For example, a resilient girl wouldn’t get shaken by a small snafu at work. She is able to bounce back from a minor personal setback.

Determination means that a person is dedicated to achieving their goals and working hard for them.

In other words, nerdy guys like girls who are not lazy—they actually go out and do things. They don’t just sit around and dream.

8) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Are Adventurous and Uninhibited

Nerdy guys like girls who bring adenventure and freedom into the relationship.

This is one of the most popular traits that people generally agree upon when asked what they find attractive.

Since nerdy guys are often shy and introverted, they need a girl to coax them out of their shells. An adventurous girl brings fun and excitement into their otherwise safe existence.

She also pushes them to overcome their fears and to do things outside of their comfort zones.

You could say that nerdy guys are attracted to women who have qualities that are the opposite of themselves—adventurous girls provide balance in their lives.

9) Nerdy Guys Like Girls With Social Grace

Many nerdy guys feel shy, so they are attracted to girls who have social grace.

Social grace means that a person knows how to “work the room” and make others feel comfortable. If you’ve ever been in a situation where everyone was on their phones or mumbling among themselves, then you know how important social grace is for good interactions.

It’s also one of the traits that people generally agree is attractive (especially nerdy guys).

But it’s even more important for nerds because they are often shy and unconfident around other people, so they need a girl to help them break the ice and put them at ease.

10) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Support Them

Nerdy guys like girls who support them and their interests.

This is one of the traits nearly every nerdy guy says they want in a partner.

In fact, it’s significantly more important to nerdy guys because most can’t find a girl who truly understands and empathizes with all their issues.

They might feel alienated because they are bad at sports or don’t like watching reality TV shows. They could be discouraged by academic struggles, social criticism, and bullying.

Support helps them keep going through the hard times so that they can pursue their interests instead of giving anything up or feeling ashamed.

There is a certain peace in a supportive relationship.

Here is a great video about how to support your sexy nerd guy:

YouTube by PopSugar—What Do Nerdy Guys Find Attractive?

11) Nerdy Guys Appreciate Direct Girls Who Make the First Move

Nerdy guys will often never make the first move in a relationship.

Even if they like a girl, they may feel too intimidated to strike up a conversation, ask for your number, or go for a kiss.

This trait is simple: nerdy guys like it when a girl asks them out and makes the first move instead of waiting around for him to take action. If you wait for a nerd to make the first move, you may end up waiting forever.

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12) Nerdy Guys Like Charming Girls

Nerdy guys like girls with charm and wit.

Charming means that a person makes them feel special. If you are able to make someone else feel good about themselves, then you are charming.

Nerdy guys are often insecure because they don’t have many friends or feel socially inept, so they appreciate it when a girl can charm the pants off anyone in the room. Wit is a close cousin.

Witty girls who can banter and keep up a conversation are girls that nerdy guys fantasize about.

13) Nerdy Guys Like Girls With a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is important to nerdy guys.

Nerdy guys like girls with a good sense of humor because they need someone who can laugh at their shortcomings and not take life itself too seriously.

If you are the kind of girl that has high standards for what she finds funny, then nerdy guys will love you even more. Intelligent humor is often a huge turn-on to nerdy guys.

14) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Are Open-Minded

A girl who is open-minded is attractive to nerdy guys.

Nerdy guys appreciate a wild and open-minded spirit because they want someone who won’t judge them for their interests.

They value individuality and self-expression, so they like girls with similar passions who don’t feel the need to always fit the mold.

15) Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Are Not Superficial

Superficial means that a person looks at the surface and can’t see past appearances to discern who someone truly is deep inside. This is one of the key traits that nerds despise.

To nerdy guys, a girl who doesn’t put much stock into appearances, social media, or “vanity metrics” like followers is a breath of fresh air.

They want someone who can see past their awkward nature and geeky quirks to truly appreciate them.

Bonus: Nerdy Guys Like Girls Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Themselves

Nerdy guys like girls who aren’t afraid to be themselves around them.

Girls who can hold their own in a conversation about interesting topics, who don’t get all tongue-tied when they meet someone new, and who aren’t afraid to have geeky interests are girls that nerdy guys want to be around.

If you’re willing to show up for a nerdy guy as your awesome quirky self, then you’re a great match.

Final Thoughts: What Do Nerdy Guys Find Attractive?

The world of dating can be a scary place.

You have to put your best foot forward, meet strangers, and strike up conversations. For nerdy guys, this process can seem impossible.

If you see a nerdy guy you like, don’t hesitate. Go make the first move.

They will love you for it.

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