What Body Type Does a Cancer Man Like? (Answered)

If you’re interested in a Cancer man, you probably want to know what he likes.

What body type does a Cancer man like?

Cancer men like an average and healthy body type. In general, they prefer women who are not overly thin and not overweight. Since a Cancer man loves romance and physical touch, he enjoys a woman whose body is healthy, athletic, and feminine.

As a Cancer man myself, I can share with you my insights and experience over the last 42 years.

Some of the insights may surprise you, so make sure you read this article all the way through—at least once!

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What body type does a Cancer man like?

5 Good Reasons Why Cancer Men Like Women With Average Body Types

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Image by Author via Canva—What Body Type Does a Cancer Man Like?

Just like any other sign, there is a range of preferences among Cancer men. Generally, we enjoy a more feminine and healthy body to one that appears less healthy.

What does healthy mean?

It can mean different things to different Cancer men. However, a woman who is below average size (very thin) or above-average size (overweight), is less attractive to most Cancer men.

For us, a woman with an average (but healthy and vibrant) body type is more feminine and beautiful. A healthy female body gives off a womanly vibe that Cancer men find extremely attractive.

Five reasons why Cancer men like women with a healthy, average body type:

  1. The shape of intimacy—Cancer men like how being in shape allows for more romantic moments with their partners.
  2. Cancer guys appreciate feminity—The moon, which symbolizes maternity and feminity, rules over this sign.
  3. Cancer men love the physical touch between partners—They enjoy caressing their partner’s body, holding hands and hugs, and kisses on the neck and ears. They love to touch healtht, vibrant skin.
  4. Cancer men respond to healthy energy—They enjoy being able to undress their partners in a sensual manner, shower together, or spend bath time with each other.
  5. Cancer men are deeply emotional—They enjoy the sparks that fly when they see their partner’s attractive, healthy body.

This means that to physically attract a Cancer man, your best bet is to focus on getting (or staying) fit and in shape.

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Let’s look a bit deeper into each of these five reasons a Cancer man likes a healthy, feminine body type.

The shape of intimacy

Us Cancer men enjoy long romantic walks through a star-lit park. Or holding your hand while strolling along the seashore. We enjoy the active intimacy of massage, playing sports, or exploring new places.

My girlfriend and I regularly run 5Ks, hike to waterfalls, and go kayaking. Almost every few months, we whisk each other away on a weekend getaway—so far, we’ve been to Nashville, TN, Gattlingburg, TN, and Saint Louis, Missouri. We already have more “surprise trips” planned for each other.

Any kind of activity requires a certain baseline of athletic ability.

When you take care of your body and stay in shape, you become more healthy and more attractive to a Cancer man.

It’s also true that active people are more likely on the go and will allow a cancer man to freely explore his love and affection. Cancer men can be shy at first, but active women will quickly motivate us to reveal ourselves. We want women who can pull us out of our crab shells.

Cancer guys appreciate feminity

Men with Cancer astrological signs like to be with women who are very feminine. For example, the woman might be very sweet, funny, and caring. One hallmark of femininity is a small body size.

When I think about what type of person this might describe, my girlfriend once again comes to mind. She’s my version of the perfect body size. Other men might like other body types, but I love her thin, athletic shape.

She’s also a perfect mix of strong, independent woman and soft femininity.

Cancer men love the physical touch between partners

Cancer men love the physical touch between partners but don’t always easily reciprocate. We are in tune with our emotions and can be sensitive, which often results in being moody or withdrawn when we’re feeling unappreciated by others.

Physical touch really helps us feel safe to express our affection to our partners. Guys with cancer astrological signs especially enjoy the touch of healthy, vibrant skin.

The women most likely to possess this type of skin often work out, eat healthily, and take good care of their bodies. They also often practice some form of meditation, yoga, and manifestation.

Cancer men respond to healthy energy

Healthy vibrant bodies radiate healthy vibrant energy. This energy is supremely attractive to a Cancer man.

Cancer is known as the sensitive sign of the zodiac and us Cancer guys are no exception. We can be fickle and moody. There I said it! 🙂 When it comes to dating, we respond best to an upbeat attitude that will keep our energy levels high at all times when in your presence!

We respond well to lively energy so, if you want to attract a Cancer man, make an effort to be positive and happy when around them.

Disclaimer: Please note this doesn’t mean that you need to pretend at peace or put on a dramatic show. Be yourself but focus on the good and positive things in life.

Everyone get’s down in the dumps occasionally. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, hurt, or disappointed sometimes. That’s called being human.

Cancer men are deeply emotional

We enjoy the emotional sparks that fly when they see our partner’s attractive, healthy body.

Cancer men love women who are not afraid to show off their beauty (at least to them—we can be, ahem, somewhat possessive if we don’t manage our emotions well). We like it when women have a good sense of humor and can easily keep up with us in conversation. These are some of my favorite traits about my girlfriend (who is a Gemini, by the way).

She’s drop-dead gorgeous and passionate about her life.

Here’s a major hint on how to woo a Cancer man: Cancer men love having passionate relationships. It’s the one of the best ways to nourish us as human beings, partners, and lovers.

On top of physical attraction, Cancer men enjoy spending quality time with their partners. That brings us to a very important question about how much looks really matter to us.

Keep reading to find out!

Do Cancer Men Prefer Skinny Women?

Some Cancer men do like thinner women. There are many different varieties of skinny women, and certain males prefer each variety. There is no one-size-fits-all perfect size for any man of any astrological sign.

With that said, Cancer men typically prefer women with an average to slightly below average weight body type.

Thinner women usually portray more of the traits and characteristics that attract a Cancer man. That’s not to say a Cancer man will not appreciate a body size slightly above average.

Skinny women usually (but not always):

  • Display more health and vibrance
  • Live more active lifestyles
  • Demostrate more feminine qualities

Are Cancer Males Really Into Looks?

Most men are really into physical appearance. Men are visual creatures, and Cancer men being men, we also focus heavily on looks. While the specific appearance we find attractive differs wildly, in general, most men feel biologically connected to more petite, feminine women.

So, I wouldn’t say that Cancer males are more into looks than any other astrological sign.

It’s really a sliding scale of personal preference. Looks almost always matter (at least a little bit) and, for some of us, looks matter a lot. Personally, I prefer women with skinny or athletic body shapes.

But I certainly don’t speak for every Cancer man on the planet. Also, I’ve dated women of all body types over the years.

The Most Attractive Part of Your Body To a Cancer Man (It’s Not What You Think)

Cancer men thrive on emotional intimacy. Therefore, the most attractive part of your body to a Cancer man is your heart, soul, and mind. This three-fold combination holds the key to a Cancer man’s affections.

Why are your heart, mind, and soul so attractive to him?

There are five main reasons that you should know:

  1. Cancer men are attracted to your emotional intelligence and creativity because these traits make them feel safe and loved. They find themselves wanting to spend more and more time with you.
  2. Cancer men are drawn to vulnerability (thanks to the nurturing side of their personality).
  3. Cancer men like it when they can feel intellectually stimulated by your thoughts and opinions. They find themselves being drawn in by the depth of what you have to say.
  4. Cancer men are very sensitive. The more you mirror this sensitivity back to him, the better. The Cancer man is drawn to your sensitivity because it makes him feel so comfortable and at home with you.
  5. A Cancer male is ruled by his emotions. The moon is the symbol of many things, most notably emotions and femininity. If you date a Cancer man, they will never make you feel like your emotions don’t matter.

What’s more, a Cancer man will never make you feel like your emotions are inconvenient to him. He will be happy to listen and assist in any way he can.

If you reciprocate this level of thoughtful attentiveness, a Cancer man might just fall madly in love with you!

Take a deeper dive into what attracts a Cancer man in this video:

Video by Hannah’s Elsewhere via YouTube—What body type does a Cancer man like?

Final Thoughts: What Body Type Does a Cancer Man Like?

I think it’s important to reemphasize that body type is a very personal preference. No single body type is better or worse than any other body type. We are all beautiful creations that deserve love.

This article represents my personal experience as a Cancer man and relationship trainer of 13 years.

And remember, the question, “What body type does a Cancer man like?” is not as important as “What kind of person does a Cancer man like?”

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