How To Make a Gemini Man Want You Back (20 Best Tips)

If you want to get a Gemini man back, this is the ultimate guide for you.

We’re going to cover all 20 of the best tips, including how to make a Gemini man want you back, how to make a Gemini man miss you, and how to make him chase you.

How to make a Gemini man want you back?

You make a Gemini man want you back by taking full responsibility for your actions, strategically expressing your interest, opening him up emotionally, differentiating yourself from other women, mirroring his astrological sign back to him, and allowing him to fully express his masculinity.

There are many details and specific examples to cover, so let’s get your Gemini man back.

How To Make a Gemini Man Want You Back (Answered)

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Gemini men are known for their flirtatious and dual personalities, which can make them difficult to win back. How do you make a Gemini man want you back? No one answer will work on them all the time.

However, this blog post outlines the 20 absolute best tips to give you the greatest chance of winning him back.

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1) Take full accountability for your part

You can make a Gemini man want you back by taking full accountability for your part of the breakup. Many Gemini men don’t come back because their ego is involved. When you take accountability for the role you played, you remove the ego from the equation.

Accept full responsibility for all of your actions leading up to the breakup so he knows that you realize what you did wrong in the relationship.

Take full accountability for how you treated him throughout the relationship so that he knows you regret it, and to remove any doubt, guilt or shame he may be feeling—so that he can feel justified in coming back to you.

Regardless of how much you think your ex is at fault for how the relationship ended and why it ended…it doesn’t matter (at least for now).

It’s far more important to focus on what YOU did wrong in the relationship.

2) Ask him to forgive you (if necessary)

Authentically apologize for anything and everything you did wrong in the relationship. Full accountability + forgiveness will pave the way for your eventual reunion.

He won’t come back unless he forgives you.

Your apology, delivered from the heart (instead of through text or email), will demonstrate your remorse and desire for forgiveness. No one can guarantee what he will do, but forgiveness often proceeds re-attraction and coupling up again.

3) Mobilize his masculine energy

Most relationships thrive off of a balance between masculine and feminine energy. All genders possess both energies, and the dominant energy in relationships fluctuates all the time.

How to make a Gemini man want you back? Tap into his masculine energy.

Many women don’t understand the relationship jet fuel of giving a man space for his true masculine nature to shine. There’s an entire program that shows you how to maximize this desire to make him want you back, and want you forever.

One method is to express feminine energy and respond favorably to his masculine drive, ambition, and dominance. Allow him to make decisions on where to go and what to do. Let him take the lead.

4) Design an incredible life

The last thing that is going to make him want you back is moping around your house stuffing your face with chocolate. You don’t need to pretend at happiness if you feel truly happy.

Go out and have a blast. Do fun things. Meet fun people and go fun places. The more you design a fun, interesting life, the more he will want to be a part of it.

5) Rock your best body

Almost everyone hits the gym after a breakup. Do one even better: get into the best shape of your life.

When someone asks me, “How to make a Gemini man want you back?” this is one of my first recommendations. Attraction isn’t everything, but it does matter.

Do whatever you need to do to look fabulous, including leveling up your diet, exercise, and sleep habits. How you look will help you feel great after the split, and—no matter what happens—being a happy fit person will help your next relationship be so much better.

This works even more if he’s never seen you in tip-top shape. Get ready to blow his freaking mind.

My current two favorite programs for whipping myself in shape fast are Flat Belly and BioFit.

6) Pattern interupts

One of my favorite concepts for personal development and relationships boils down to: “If you want different results, do something different.” I believe it’s based on an Albert Einstein quote.

Many of the ideas in this article encourage you to change your methods. When you switch paths suddenly, you surprise and delight your Gemini ex. You can call this a “pattern interrupt.” Basically, you interrupt a pattern of behavior. He expects you to stay the same, but you surprise him by doing something different.

This subtle tactic helps him see you in a new and different light.

7) Use obsession phrases

I wrote an entire article where I listed 40 examples of obsession phrases you can use to win a Gemini man back. You’ll want to read that article once you finish this one. The gist of obsession phrases: specific types of phrases can trigger emotional investment, curiosity, and attraction in men.

This includes Gemini men like your ex.

The language you use (and don’t use) can have a dramatic effect on whether or not he wants you back. In general, men prefer language that is less aggressive, less negative, and less harshly direct.

Check out the full program: Obsession Phrases

8) Let him know that you want him

It’s no secret that people like other people who like them. So let him know that you want him. Give him an open door through which to come back to you.

He may want you back, but not know how to approach you.

If he’s worried about looking stupid, repeating mistakes, or getting rejected, letting him know you want him may give him the gentle nudge he needs to make the first step back into your life.

9) Be balanced and calm

Like you, your Gemini ex wants peace. Show that you’re a good listener and bring peace to his life. The less drama and more peace that you bring, the more likely he is to want you back.

By providing peace, you’ll earn his appreciation and trust.

You shouldn’t be afraid to let your Gemini man know that you’re hurt, confused, or upset with him.

However, you don’t want to come off as angry and aggressive. Keep your emotions in check. One of The best ways to make a Gemini man want you back is to express your thoughts and listen to his thoughts without anger or judgment.

10) Fully accept and celebrate him

This is a huge factor that can make a Gemini man feel closer to you. Geminis are known for their emotional openness, and this is why they make great partners.

Whether in a text message or a phone call, take every opportunity to reassure and celebrate him. Cheer him up, be his biggest fan, and let him know that you trust and believe in him.

Everyone man that I know, including Gemini men, crave acceptance and celebration.

11) Emotional excavation

It’s best to ask your ex what happened to end your relationship. Try to gently uncover what made them break up with you (if that’s the case).

Was it your behavior? A difficult conversation? Something you said? Focus your energy on getting to the root of the problem, then try to put a positive spin on what happened. Talk about what you feel, how you’ve learned from those past mistakes, and why you’d never do those things again.

Geminis are known for changing their feelings rapidly, so it’s best to start these conversations as soon as possible.

12) Open yourself to him

This may be your most complex and most challenging step, as it’s often clear to Gemini men when you purposely hold back the truth. Gemini men don’t handle ambiguity well (even if they create it sometimes), so you’re best bet is transparency.

Be honest about your fears, hopes, and needs.

Allow yourself some vulnerability with him. Vulnerability usually triggers in men a desire to protect and safeguard you. This is one of the reasons men love very feminine women.

13) Know what kind of person he is and match it

Each sign has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s essential to identify and match them in your Gemini man.

Here are some tips to help you discover which type of Gemini man you have in your life right now: they are likely (semi-) pragmatic, practical, and prefer routine. They are responsible and considerate. They have a little playful in them, but not too much. They enjoy novelty, especially sexual novelty.

They like peace but appreciate intellectual and social stimulation.

When you match and mirror your Gemini man, he begins to see his fullest potential in you. He will subconsciously feel deeply in tune with you.

14) Avoid making any sudden moves

If a Gemini man loves you, he doesn’t want to feel trapped in a relationship, so make sure you tread lightly.

Don’t make any abrupt moves and do your best to show him affection without coming on too strong. If you’re in an undefined situationship right now, it can be a little awkward to do things like holding hands, cuddling, and kissing, since these actions could appear too much for your Gemini ex. They can quickly get uncomfortable.

It’s best to keep things slow and steady when it comes to emotional expressions and physical affection. Remember this: Gemini men are some of the most desirable men to date.

If you’re in love with them, you need to do everything in your power to make them crave you, yearn for you, and ache to be with you.

15) Remember that being playful doesn’t mean being disrespectful

Gemini men like to get attention and can’t handle a relationship without it. Be a little playful and have fun! If you’re sometimes a bit mean or aggressive, however, it’s a turn-off for Gemini men.

Their best way of expressing love is through flattery, affection, and physical intimacy. Playful teasing is going to help you win his heart, but lots of negative comments with a biting edge can quickly push him away.

Therefore, emphasize having fun so that he associates positive feelings with you.

16) Manage your expectations

Gemini men like to stay busy. They have their careers and hobbies, and many of them socialize at odd hours. This makes dating them a challenge. Don’t expect too much of your Gemini man.

You may not get as much time with him as you want. Demanding it will backfire.

As relationship coach Corey Wayne likes to quote:

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.”—Thich Nhat Hanh

If your Gemini ex feels trapped, he won’t want to come back to you. If he feels free to be himself, then he is much more likely to return.

17) Don’t lose yourself

There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not, no matter what type of man you are trying to attract. Rather than trying to be someone else, showcasing your beautiful authenticity will more likely capture your ex’s attention.

It is important to know how to avoid losing yourself in your pursuit of your Gemini man.

Yes, it’s important to push yourself to grow, to get in shape, and to be the very best version of yourself. However, that doesn’t mean compromising your integrity, values, or acting like a completely different person. Ultimately, you want to feel free and accepted in your future relationship, too.

Keep reading for the last three epic tips for how to make a Gemini man want you back.

How To Make a Gemini Man Regret Losing You

You make a Gemini man regret losing you by embodying the female traits a Gemini man loves, saying you’re sorry, taking full responsibility for your actions, and asking him to forgive you.

Once he forgives you, the next step is to regret losing you.

Here are five simple things you can do to make your Gemini man regret losing you:

  1. Send him a love letter—Men almost never get notes or letters. Be honest, sweet, humble, and caring.
  2. Write him a song—Even fewer men get love songs or poems written for them.
  3. Tell him he’s your best friend in the world—This identity as your best friend will echo in his mind and heart.
  4. Ask for his advice to make things better—Men love to give their opinion and advice, especially when it’s appreciated and valued.
  5. Let him see how much you care when he’s not even trying—Men respond to actions over words. Show him you care about him even though the two of you are not together (yet).

How To Make a Gemini Man Miss You

The most important way to make a Gemini man miss you is to give him space.

Yes, do everything else in this article, too. But if you smother him, you’ll smother him right out of your life forever. Mature men don’t want mommas. They want healthy, independent, feminine women who partner with them in life.

Giving him space allows him to miss the good times he had with you. Another thing you can do is act playful and friendly on social media. Geminis love socializing and connecting.

If they associate you with fun and peace, part of them will start to miss you.

Another way to make a Gemini man miss you is by playing a little hard to get. Don’t always give in or text first. Let him wonder what you’re up to. The more he wonders, the more he will miss you. Gemini men love having their minds challenged with fun puzzles.

How To Make a Gemini Man Chase You

If you want him to chase you, don’t chase him.

Let him know you want him back, clear the air with an apology, and then live your best life. Don’t sit by the phone all night—go out and have fun. You don’t need to start dating right away (you probably need some time to chill and heal), but go have fun. Pursue your passions.

Explore new places and experiences.

Don’t answer the phone every time he calls. Don’t jump through all his hoops. Don’t text back instantly (but don’t ghost him either). Be available, but not too available. Open the door, but then let him come through it on his own terms.

If he’s not texting or calling you back at least once a week, don’t contact him again. A man who wants you will reach out to you.

It may feel terrible not to contact him, but after you let him know you want him back, then the ball is in court. The worst thing you can do is chase him too hard. Just like smothering him, chasing him will chase him out of your life.

If you want a Gemini man to chase you, then you need to know how to attract him. Here’s a video that tells you exactly how to do just that:

Video by Hanna’s Elsewhere via YouTube—How to make a Gemini want you back?

How Long Does It Take For a Gemini Man To Come Back?

Most Geminin men will come back to you within a few weeks, a month tops. It’s possible to get him back after a month, but the longer he stays away, the harder it is to come back.

While there is no exact answer to this question, some Gemini men will come back if you follow the suggestions in this article. Read it through a few times so that you know the information. Most importantly, apply the ideas to your life.

Unless something traumatic happened to end the relationship—like cheating—he may come back to you in under 30 days. After a month, I would back off even more and start focusing on dating other people, even casually.

Only invest your time and energy in people who invest in you.