7 Scientific Reasons Women Love Fat Guys (Explained)

Many men I know don’t understand why women love fat guys.

Why do women love fat guys?

Women love fat guys because they are cuddly, live longer, last longer in bed, have great personalities, and will make sure that their partners are well-fed. Fat guys are also less likely to judge women for their body shape and size. Women love fat guys, chubby guys, and fat hairy guys.

In this article, you’ll learn 7 scientific reasons women love fat guys.

One: More Man to Love

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Perhaps the most obvious reason women love fat guys is that there’s literally more to love.

Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy curves. Studies show that women aren’t as particular as men are about the shape of their partner, and toggle between no preference or preferring a partner who is taller and thicker.

A possible reason for this is that no matter what shape, height, or weight a woman is, she can look smaller and slimmer relative to a chubby guy.

It might be vain, but in a world where society often expects women to be the petite part of the pair, one reason women love fat guys is that they make it way easier to fill that role.

Two: Hot Cuddle Bugs

A common misconception is that fat guys have a hotter body temperature and are therefore warmer cuddle bugs.

Temperature-wise, this is not true.

However, chubby guys are better cuddlers because fat is softer than muscle and their larger surface area means there’s more warmth to cuddle with.

Think about it: when a muscled Adonis moves in for a hug, a woman might find herself pressed against a slim waist with toned biceps wrapped around her.

When a teddy bear holds out his arms, there’s a pillowy chest for her to lay her head on, a round stomach for her to sink into like a memory foam mattress, and arms she can feel—not simply wrapped around her but pressed against her.

I mean, which one sounds more appealing to you?

Three: They Live Longer

A “fat guy” isn’t necessarily an “obese guy.”

Most of us know that more weight usually means more health problems. Turns out, weight-related health risks primarily apply to those who are grossly overweight (or obese) and not your average “fat guy,” who usually just have a little pudge where their washboard abs could be.

This phenomenon is called the “obesity paradox.”

Studies show that overweight people have higher survival rates in cases of chronic illnesses (like heart disease) than patients of average or below average weight.

In a way, this makes sense.

Way back when, weight represented a person’s wealth and status. Overweight people had the means to provide for themselves while thin people were too poor to do so.

Overweight people could also hold onto and live off of their fat reserves, making them evolutionary champions when it came to living through famines.

Therefore, another reason women love fat guys is because they live longer.

Four: They Last Longer (In the Sheets)

On top of lasting longer in life, a 2017 study in Turkey showed that fat guys last longer in bed too (by about 5 minutes!).

The science that backs it up is based on the fat itself.

An interesting fact you might not know is that men and women have opposite-sex hormones. Men specifically produce the female sex hormone estrogen.

More fat usually means more estrogen, and as a female hormone, estrogen can slow down a male orgasm.

So, understandably, women love fat guys because they last longer, and they can love longer too.

Five: Stay Fat, Stay Fed

Chubby guys don’t just wake up that way.

There’s usually some element of diet and lifestyle choices that brought them to their current weight. Essentially, fat guys stay fed…and so can their girlfriends.

A fat guy who is not trying to lose weight is eating enough—whether it’s often or in the form of a few large meals—to maintain their current weight.

Though women who love chubby guys might not eat as much as them, they will find themselves surrounded by food on a regular enough basis that hunger or wondering what to eat are nonissues.

When it comes down to it, staying fed is as good as any of the other reasons women love fat guys.

Six: A Fat Man Isn’t a Sad Man

There are two types of fat guys out there:

One – which is more commonly known – is the insecure fat guy. His style is misguided, aiming to hide his shape instead of complimenting it, and his personality is shy and self-loathing.

The insecure fat guy doesn’t like his chub, so he feels out of place in his own body (and it shows).

The second is a genuine “fat guy.”

What I mean by this is a fat guy who doesn’t mind his weight and likes who he is. He just lives his life, eats what he wants, and isn’t trying to change. He’s comfortable in his own skin and that confidence reflects in his appearance, lifestyle, self-care, and his approach to dating.

While women are statistically more lenient about the shape of their partner, they have a more consistent preference for confidence.

Considering the shame and ridicule all fat guys face, a fat guy who doesn’t care has thick skin and doesn’t let the opinions of others change who he is.

Here are the reasons women love fat guys who love themselves:

  • They like who they are
  • They know what they want
  • They can share that confidence and security with their partners

Seven: Good Personality

Fat guys face adversity.

On an emotional level, they are more compassionate and sensitive out of a familiarity with rejection. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely chubby duds out there.

But for the ones who fit the general stereotype, it comes from a place of knowing pain and having the compassion to want better for themselves and others (including their girlfriends).

Another personality trait that stems from this rejection is that chubby guys are funny.

For most, it becomes the way they fit in and find acceptance. Since their weight is what gets them pushed out, they turn it into a way back in through self-deprecating humor.

On a chemical level, remember when we talked about men with more fat having more estrogen?

Well, while testosterone is the aggressive male hormone, estrogen is the female hormone commonly linked to sensitivity and mood swings. Since fat guys produce more estrogen, they’re more emotional on a hormonal level.

A fat guy can be sensitive, confident, funny, and cuddly? No wonder women love them.

Do Women Love Chubby Guys?

Women love all kinds of guys, including chubby ones.

Chubby guys often get a bad rap, but the truth is that they can be just as attractive as their thinner counterparts. Sure, they may not have rock-hard abs or sculpted muscles, but they more than make up for it in other ways.

For most women, confidence, drive, passion, kindness, intelligence, and humor are far more important than waist size.

So, if you’re a chubby guy who’s wondering whether or not you have a shot with the ladies, take heart—you definitely do. After all, a chubby guy is just a “fat guy” with less fat.

Don’t let your weight hold you back from going after the woman of your dreams.

Remember: it’s not about always how you look on the outside. It’s about what’s on the inside that counts the most.

Check out this fun Family Feud video about why women say they like chubby guys:

YouTube video by Family Feud—Reasons women love fat guys

Do Women Love Fat Hairy Guys?

Yes, many women love fat hairy guys.

Studies show that women often prefer bearded guys over clean-shaven guys. Beards have always been considered sexy, masculine, and rugged.

Also, all other things being equal, hairiness is unlikely to be the reason a woman doesn’t like a guy.

It’s more about personality, vibe, and connection.

Do Women Love Dad Bods?

There’s no denying that the “dad bod” is having a moment.

Once considered a sign of laziness or lack of self-control, the slightly soft, roundish male physique is now being celebrated by women across the country.

And there are good reasons for this shift in thinking.

For starters, like their bigger bellied friends, dad bods are incredibly cuddly. That extra layer of padding makes for a warm and cozy embrace, not to mention a comfy pillow for naps and Netflix binges.

Dad bods also signal that a man is comfortable in his own skin – and confident enough to not constantly be working out or worried about what he eats.

This laid-back attitude can be very attractive, especially after a long day at work when all you want to do is relax.

Finally, dad bods come with a built-in sense of humor. After all, it takes a certain degree of comedic self-awareness to rock a dad bod—and a sense of humor is always sexy.

Really Though, Do Women Love Fat Guys?

The short, honest answer: Yes, they do! Not all of them, but more than you think.

Keep in mind that fat guys, like any group, have both good and bad qualities, and not all fat guys are the same.

Some don’t care about their health or hygiene and don’t have the discipline to get what they want out of their lives. In those cases, no, women don’t like fat guys.

But some fat guys have the same qualities any ideal partner would have: self-love and respect, compassion, sex drive, and interest in a romantic connection.

At the end of the day, what sets them apart is that there’s a little bit more to love.

Final Thoughts: Reasons Women Love Fat Guys

Not all women prefer bigger boyfriends.

Just like guys possesses preferences for certain body types, hair colors, and accents, women have their own special wants and desires.

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