Do Tinder Likes Expire? (Tested & Solved)

If you log into Tinder and immediately feel confused by the appearance or disappearance of likes, you’re not alone.

Do Tinder likes expire?

Tinder likes do not expire unless the person you liked unmatched with you, deleted their Tinder account, or deactivated their Tinder account. The like is removed from your like section and is added to their like section. You can like 100 profiles per day. Paid Tinder likes refresh every 24 hours.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about, “Do Tinder Likes Expire?”

Do Likes Expire on Tinder After I Send Them?

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Likes on Tinder do not expire after you send them.

Once you send a like, it remains in the other person’s like section as long as they don’t unmatch with you, delete their Tinder account, or deactivate their Tinder account.

If they do any of the above, your like will be removed from their like section.

Do Likes Expire on Tinder Gold?

If you’ve ever used Tinder Gold, you know that one of the benefits is being able to see who likes you before swiping.

But what happens to those likes if you don’t act on them? Do they expire?

The short answer is no, likes do not expire on Tinder Gold. If someone has liked you, their like will stay in your like stack until you either like them back or swipe left on them.

So, if you’re ever wondering why that one person keeps showing up in your like stack, it’s because they liked you at some point and you never swiped left on them.

Of course, just because a like doesn’t expire doesn’t mean that the person who liked you will still be interested.

Do Tinder Likes Expire After 24 Hours?

Tinder likes do not technically expire after 24 hours.

However, for 24 hours your like will be prioritized for the other person. Your likes don’t expire but they do get highlighted so that the other person has a better chance of seeing them.

After 24 hours, your like will no longer be prioritized and will instead just be added to their general “Likes” section.

Why Do My Tinder Gold Likes Disappear?

Your Tinder Gold Daily Picks update every day.

Unless you like one of your picks and match with them, they will be replaced with a new batch of picks.

This helps for two reasons:

  • It motivates you to take action before the 24-hour time period runs out
  • It puts more potential matches in front of you

The other reason a Tinder Gold like might disappear is if the other person removed their like or deactivated their Tinder account.

Do Likes on Tinder Expire Because of the Algorithm?

It’s possible that you get fewer likes because of how the algorithm on Tinder works.

Your profile’s “rating” is likely determined by a number of factors, including how active you are on the app and how often you receive likes from other users.

If you’re inactive or receive fewer likes, your rating will go down, which means your profile will be shown to fewer people.

This can create a vicious self-perpetuating cycle.

You get less exposure, which leads to fewer likes, which further lowers your overall score.

However, there are ways to break out of this cycle.

First, try to be more active on the app, and second, try to interact with users who have high ratings themselves.

If these users give you a like, their “social vote” for you will help improve your own rating.

By following these steps, you can begin to go back up in the Tinder ratings.

Why Did the Number of Likes I Have on Tinder Drop?

There are a number of possible reasons why the number of likes you have on Tinder may have dropped.

One possibility is that you have unliked some of your matches.

Another possibility is that other people have removed the like they gave you. Additionally, you may only be getting likes from new users now.

Alternatively, the other person may have blocked you (or you may have blocked them). Finally, it is also possible that the other people have closed their accounts or that Tinder is shadowbanning you.

Are My Tinder Likes Expiring Because I’m Shadowbanned?

“Shadowbanning” is a term that’s often used on social media platforms, but it’s relatively new to the dating world.

So, what does it mean if you’ve been shadowbanned on Tinder?

Basically, it means that your account has been hidden from other users. Your profile will still be visible to people who already match with you, but it will be invisible to anyone who doesn’t already have you in their swipe queue.

There are several reasons why an account might be shadowbanned, including using fake or offensive photos, spamming other users, or violating Tinder’s terms of service.

What To Do If Your Likes Seem to Expire?

As someone who is intimately familiar with the workings of Tinder, I can say with confidence that the best course of action if you’re concerned about a decrease in likes is to reach out to Tinder directly.

Obviously, I cannot speak to the specifics of your situation.

It’s possible that there has been a decrease in likes across the board due to a recent algorithm update.

By reaching out to Tinder, you’ll be able to get a better sense of what is going on and whether or not there is anything you can do to increase your chances of being liked.

In the meantime, you can also update your profile and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your photos are high quality and represent the real you.
  • Write a compelling bio that showcases your personality and interests.
  • Be active on the app—the more you swipe, the more likely you are to be seen by potential matches.
  • Be positive and outgoing in your messages.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to attract more likes on Tinder.

If all else fails, you can delete Tinder, wait a month, and then start a completely new Tinder account.

Suddenly, you will start fresh with the highest available amount of likes and potential matches.

If you’re looking for some of the best dating strategies on Tinder, here is a good video that is still very relevant this year:

YouTube video by Playing with Fire—Do Tinder Likes Expire?

Can I Like More Than 100 People on Tinder?

Yes. You are able to like up to 100 people per 12-hour period, but if you want to like more than that, you can purchase more likes.

You can also upgrade to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum.

Each of these paid tiers will cost you money each month.

However, they will give you unlimited likes, Super Likes, and allow you to see all of the people who liked you.

Final Thoughts: Do Tinder Likes Expire?

Tinder likes don’t technically expire but there are limits and extenuating circumstances based on what kind of Tinder account you use.

To me, it’s all about maximizing the likes you send, the matches you get, and the conversations you open.

I had a lot of fun on Tinder—I even met my fiance on there.

If you’re looking for someone serious, you might also want to try eHarmony or ChristianMingle.

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