What Do Guys Think of a Good Girl Who Can Twerk? (Solved)

If you’re a good girl who knows how to twerk, you may wonder what guys really think about you.

What do guys think of a good girl who can twerk?

Guys think a good girl who can twerk is fun, fit, and free-spirited. Guys also think that the girl is a bit mysterious and mischievous. A good girl who knows how to twerk is generally seen as a potential girlfriend with the dual desirable qualities of innocence in public and wildness in private.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what guys think of a good girl who can twerk.

10 Things Guys Think of a Good Girl Who Can Twerk

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There are a lot of guys out there who are attracted to good girls.

You know the type – they’re kind, sweet, intelligent, and polite. They’re the ones who always seem to do everything right.

And while there’s nothing wrong with being a good girl, sometimes guys want a little more than that (at least in private). They want a girl who knows how to let loose and have fun.

And one proven way to show that is by knowing how to twerk.

Now, before you go thinking that twerking is nothing but a vulgar display of sexuality, think again.

When done correctly, twerking can be incredibly fun to watch.

The truth is that guys think a lot of things about good girls who know how to twerk.

Here are the top 10.

1) Guys Think You’re Confident

Anyone who has ever been to a club knows that there is nothing quite like watching a girl confidently shake her booty on the dance floor.

There is something mesmerizing about how she moves her hips and shakes her curves.

It just screams confidence. And as any guy will tell you, confidence is insanely attractive.

Girls who can twerk with confidence usually possess high self-regard and feel good about themselves.

They know they look good, and they’re not afraid to show it.

That level of confidence is a massive turn-on for guys. After all, who doesn’t want to be with a girl who loves herself and isn’t afraid to be herself?

So go ahead and bust out your best moves on the dance floor.

2) Guys Think You’re Free-Spirited

Many guys think good girls who can twerk are free-spirited.

Good girls who know how to twerk are usually up for anything and aren’t afraid to let their hair down (literally and figuratively) and have some fun.

Twerking is an incredibly sensual dance move that requires a lot of confidence and sex appeal. It’s not surprising that many guys find it irresistible. Good girls who can twerk tend to be more open-minded than other, more conservative women.

They’re also more likely to take appropriate risks, which can make them even more attractive to men.

If you’re a good girl who knows how to twerk, don’t be afraid to show your wild side.

3) Guys Think You’re Hot

There’s no denying that a girl who can twerk is very attractive.

Twerking basically triggers a certain part of the male brain connected to arousal and reproduction.

That’s why guys respond so potently to good girls who know how to twerk.

4) Guys Think You’re Fun

Many guys think good girls who can twerk are fun and playful.

At the same time, twerking is a form of dancing that often requires extraordinary body movement and flexibility.

Although some girls are born with the talent to twerk, others have to work hard to learn how to do it well. The great thing about twerking is that it’s a whole lot of fun.

Twerking is fun to do and fun to watch.

So, if you’re a good girl who wants to attract guys, learning how to twerk can be a great strategy.

5) Guys Think You’re Edgy

Guys think good girls who can twerk are edgy and adventurous.

It’s a way to let loose and enjoy yourself without being too naughty. Twerking is a strong display of self-assurance and guys love that.

Good girls who can twerk are usually the ones who are the life of the party and always up for anything.

They’re not afraid to get a little wild and they’re always up for a good time.

Guys find this irresistible.

If you’re a good girl who can twerk, you’re definitely on his radar.

6) Guys Think You’re the Best of Both Worlds

Guys love the innocence that these girls represent mixed with the wild side that they know exists underneath.

It strikes a perfect balance.

When they see a girl who can let loose and have fun while still maintaining that sweet, innocent personality, they just can’t resist.

They know that she’s someone they could take home to mom and that she would still be up for a good time later on. That’s why guys go crazy for good girls who can twerk.

They just can’t get enough of them.

7) Guys Think You’re Fit and in Shape

While there are certainly some guys who find twerking unappealing, the majority of guys I’ve known see it as a sign that a girl is fit and in shape.

Guys are visual creatures.

Being able to see a girl’s body move in such a suggestive way is definitely a turn-on for men.

Moreover, being able to twerk demands a certain amount of muscle control and balance.

Most of us guys see those traits as highly desirable in a woman.

8) Guys Think You Might Make a Good Girlfriend

Many guys think that a good girl who can twerk might make a good girlfriend because they want a lady in public but also a fun time behind closed doors.

This may surprise a lot of people who ask, “What do guys think of a good girl who can twerk?”

While it’s true that being able to twerk is a sign of confidence and sexiness, it’s not the only thing that guys are looking for in a girlfriend.

In fact, being able to twerk might actually be a turn-off for some guys.

They might think it twerking means that a girl is too easy or is only interested in partying and having fun.

If you’re trying to impress a guy by twerking, you might want to consider balancing it with other qualities. Focus on being confident, intelligent, friendly, and fun—all qualities that will definitely attract any guy.

9) Guys Think You Are Mysterious

Guys think girls who can twerk are mysterious because they add a layer of “there’s just something about her” to you.

Guys will instinctively want to know more about you.

When you’re able to move your body in ways that most people can’t, it creates an air of mystery and intrigue.

Guys naturally want to learn more. They will wonder what other secret talents you might be hiding.

10) Guys Think You Have a Nice Butt

This one is pretty obvious—most girls who can twerk have a nice rear end.

After all, one of the main purposes of twerking (in the West, anyway) is to emphasize and display your assets.

Twerking definitely puts your body on display.

What Do Guys Think of Girls Twerking?

There are several different camps of men when it comes to what guys think of twerking.

Most men find it appealing and attractive—as long as they also find the woman attractive.

Other guys see twerking as silly, funny, or overly animalistic.

Of those who enjoy watching girls twerk, there are also subcategories:

  • Guys who don’t judge the girl
  • Guys who do judge the girl

Most guys probably wouldn’t judge a girl as “not girlfriend material” if the girl mostly twerked in private or on the dance floor.

Some guys likely would judge girls who twerked on social media for attention.

Either way, the majority of guys would probably still enjoy watching the girl twerk. They would also probably go on a date and sleep with her.

However, they might not take her seriously or commit to her.

The exception is the good girl who knows how to twerk. If you balance your twerking with other positive qualities, most guys would love to date you and even take you home to meet their mothers.

Here is a good video that addresses the question, “What do guys think of a good girl who can twerk?”:

YouTube video by Black Sheep Perspective – What Do Guys Think of a Good Girl Who Can Twerk?

Do Guys Think Twerking is Hot?

I’ll be honest: almost all guys think twerking is hot.

I mean, how could they not?

There’s something about the way a girl can move her body that just drives us wild. When you add in the fact that twerking usually involves tight clothing and a lot of booty shaking, it’s no wonder we can’t get enough.

While there’s no denying that twerking can be incredibly hot, it’s important to remember that not all guys are into it.

In fact, some guys find twerking to be a major turn-off.

If you’re thinking about busting out your best moves on a date, it’s important to gauge your guy’s interest first.

If he seems uncomfortable or even disgusted by your twerking, it’s probably best to save it for another time. The odds are, though, that most men will like it.

Final Thoughts: What Do Guys Think of a Good Girl Who Can Twerk?

A final crucial consideration comes into play in this discussion. What do guys think of a good girl who can twerk?

It depends.

Are you truly good? And can you truly twerk?

A girl who can twerk is attractive. A girl who thinks she can twerk may elicit a smirk. A girl who knows she can’t twerk and does it anyway is charming.

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