What Makes a Girl Perceived As Hot? (30 Hot Girl Traits)

Many women understandably want to be seen as attractive, alluring, and “hot”.

What makes a girl perceived as hot?

A girl is perceived as hot when she is physically fit, confident, feminine, poised, drama-free, friendly, well-dressed, and intelligent. A girl is also perceived as hot when she possesses symmetrical facial features, long hair, youthfulness, a great smile, and a calm, peaceful demeanor.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what makes a girl perceived as hot.

30 Traits That Make a Girl Perceived as Hot (Based on Research)

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Tanned woman in bathing suit—What makes a girl perceived as hot?
Image by the author via Canva—What makes a girl perceived as hot?

There are 30 research-based traits that make a girl perceived as hot.

You can call these the “signs of a hot girl.”

Preferences in what is attractive do vary, however, these 30 hot girl traits have stood the test of time.

According to research published in various peer-reviewed journals, these traits matter most (see the references at the bottom of this article).

1) Physically Fit

There’s no denying that physically fit women are perceived as hot.

There’s something about their toned bodies and perfectly sculpted cuves that just screams “sexy.” And while there are men who appreciate a woman with a little extra padding, there’s something about a fit woman that just makes her irresistible.

Men are actually hard-wired to find women with certain biological markers more attractive.

Fitness is one of those markers.

To the “ancient” part of a man’s brain, a fit woman makes a more safe and secure mother to his offspring.

Of course, the definition of “fit” differs from man to man.

Some men prefer a leaner, skinnier fit woman. Other men want more curves. However, most men and women find women with lower body-fat percentages and a toned frame more attractive.

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2) Inner Confidence

Being confident is hot.

Men find confidence incredibly attractive in women. There’s just something about a woman who knows her worth and carries herself with grace that drives men wild.

When a woman possesses inner confidence, she walks into a room and owns it.

All eyes are on her because she projects an aura of confidence that is simply irresistible. And it’s not really about looking amazing on the surface.

A confident woman radiates an inner beauty that shines through her every move.

She is comfortable in her own body and generates positive energy—which is hot.

She loves herself unconditionally and believes that she deserves the best in life. A confident woman is unafraid to go after what she wants with passion.

3) Femininity

Men are hardwired to respond to cues that indicate a woman is fertile and able to bear children.

This explains why traits such as a high voice, large eyes, and a small chin are considered feminine and attractive.

But it’s not just physical cues that make a woman attractive to men.

Research has shown that men are also attracted to women who display qualities such as caregiving, kindness, and warmth. In other words, men are attracted to women who they perceive as being nurturing and supportive.

This may be due to evolution; after all, it’s in a man’s best interest to partner with a woman who makes a better mother and caregiver.

4) Drama-Free

One of the things that men find most attractive in a woman is a drama-free life.

That’s because men don’t want drama.

They want peace. And a woman who can provide that is hot.

Now, that doesn’t mean that men don’t like women who are passionate or who have a little fire in their belly.

5) Friendly

Men often say that they find friendly women more attractive than those who are standoffish or aloof.

And it makes sense: when we feel confident and comfortable around someone, we tend to view them in a more positive light.

Plus, being friendly shows that you’re interested in engaging with others, which can be a major turn-on for guys. So if you want to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, focus on being friendly and approachable.

Smile, make eye contact and strike up conversations whenever you get the chance.

6) Well-Dressed

A man’s attraction to a woman is largely determined by her appearance.

At least, at first.

A well-dressed woman conveys confidence and sophistication, two qualities that are highly attractive to men.

In addition, a woman who takes pride in her appearance is likely to be more attentive to her own health and hygiene, another trait that men find appealing. Of course, there is no one perfect style of dress that all men find irresistible.

However, by making an effort to look your best, you will increase your chances of being perceived as hot.

7) Well-Groomed

A well-groomed woman is someone who takes care of herself and her appearance.

She knows how to style her hair. Her nails are always manicured, and her skin is smooth and blemish-free.

In short, she looks like she’s put together and she exudes self-love and self-respect.

And that’s exactly what men perceive as hot. A man wants to be with a woman who he can be proud of, and who will make him look good by association.

A well-groomed woman communicates that she’s taking care of herself, and that she’s worth taking care of (by a partner).

8) Intelligent

Men perceive highly intelligent women as hot.

Men are more likely to be interested in a woman who they perceive as intelligent if the woman also displays humble and submissive behaviors.

In other words, men seem to be attracted to smart women as long as they don’t feel like they’re being outsmarted.

This provides some interesting insight into the way that men view intelligence in women.

It suggests that while men may be drawn to intelligent women, they also feel threatened by women who they perceive to be much smarter than them.

9) Good Sense of Humor

It’s no secret that men find women with a good sense of humor attractive (and hot).

In fact, most men are more likely to ask out a woman if they think she’s a bit silly and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

And it’s not just because men want to laugh. Having a good sense of humor is actually a sign of intelligence, which (as we already noted) is another quality that men find irresistible.

If you want to attract the attention of a man, make sure you’ve got your wit about you.

Crack a few jokes, tell a few funny stories, and let your personality shine through.

10) Symmetrical Facial Features

When it comes to finding a mate, symmetry is king.

Studies have shown that men are attracted to women with symmetrical facial features, as they are seen as a sign of good health and genetic fitness. This may explain why so many of the world’s most beautiful women have perfectly balanced faces.

From Angelina Jolie to Beyonce to Scarlett Johansson, the list goes on and on.

Symmetry is perceived as hot.

Here is a good video that goes over what makes a girl perceived as hot almost instantly:

YouTube video by Best Posts & Comments—What Makes a Girl Percieved as Hot?

11) Long Hair

For many guys, longer hair is seen as a sign of femininity.

There’s something very attractive about a woman who takes the time to grow her hair out and style it in a feminine way.

Long hair can be incredibly sensual.

Running your fingers through a woman’s soft, silky hair is a very intimate act that can be incredibly arousing.

Some men do find women with shorter hair attractive.

However, the larger majority of men (and women) perceive a woman with longer hair as hotter.

12) Youthful Appearance

One of the most alluring things about youth is its sense of potential.

A young woman is seen as energetic, vibrant, and full of life.

Men are instinctively drawn to these qualities, as they represent the promise of a bright future.

This may explain why men are often attracted to women in their early twenties.

That’s not to say that men don’t find women who are over 30 very attractive. Men certainly do. At the same time, all other things being equal, most men find a younger woman hotter than an older woman.

The bottom line is that youthfullness in a woman is hot.

13) Dazzling Smile

Men find women with a dazzling smile super attractive.

A woman who can light up a room with her smile makes men melt.

That’s because a beautiful smile communicates warmth, happiness, and confidence. A man wants to be around a woman like that—someone who is always looking on the bright side of life.

14) Calm & Peaceful

Men find peaceful women very attractive.

A calm and peaceful woman moves through life with grace and ease, and her inner peace is reflected in her outer beauty.

She is confident and self-assured, yet also humble and compassionate.

She is a woman who knows her own worth, and she radiates an aura of calm and peace. Whether she is attending a business meeting or spending time with her family, she always appears calm and serene.

Her presence is reassuring and comforting, and she has a way of putting people at ease.

This kind of woman inspires others to be their best selves—and that is really hot!

15) Down to Earth

Many men say a woman is hot when she is down to earth.

By this, they mean a woman who is not high maintenance, who is easy to please, and who does not demand a lot of attention.

In other words, they are looking for a woman who is low stress and low conflict.

A woman who is down to earth is typically someone who does not need validation from others. She enjoys simple things and does not require much in the way of material possessions.

She is also independent, confident, and self-sufficient. In short, she is the complete opposite of a high-maintenance diva.

16) Tanned Skin

Most men prefer girls with tanned skin over paler skin.

Therefore, women with darker complexions are often viewed as hotter than their paler counterparts.

This may be due to the fact that darker skin is also seen as a sign of health and vitality. Plus, it just looks good. A woman with tan skin stands out and catches the eye.

She seems exotic and adventurous, and men find that attractive.

17) Higher Pitched Voice

Evolutionary speaking, men come biologically programmed to find higher-pitched voices more attractive.

This is because a higher voice is usually an indicator of youth, vibrancy, and good health.

However, this preference is not universal.

There are certainly some men who find low-pitched sultry voices attractive.

18) Alluring Scent

Don’t underestimate the power of a woman’s scent.

No one is attracted to an unpleasant smell, so it makes sense that a woman’s scent would be a factor in her attractiveness.

A woman who smells good is automatically more alluring to men.

This might be due to the limbic system in the brain, which is strongly linked to emotions and memories.

In other words, when a man smells something that he likes, it triggers positive emotions and memories inside his brain.

This is why certain scents can be so intoxicating.

19) Kindness & Compassion

Men rate women who are kind and compassionate as hotter than those who are not.

A kind and compassionate woman is someone who cares about others and who has a heart for giving to others.

She is someone who puts the needs of others before her own, and she always tries to do the right thing.

She is also someone who is nonjudgemental and accepting of everyone.

This type of woman is rare, and men find her very attractive.

20) Tilting Your Head Slightly Downward

Research published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal concluded that what makes a girl perceived as “hot” is connected to nuanced body language.

Here is the way the journal article says it:

Both studies confirmed that pitching the face upward at incrementally increasing angles resulted in a linear increase in ratings of masculinity, physical dominance, and social dominance and a linear decrease in ratings of femininity, physical attractiveness, and behavioral allure.

Based on this data, what’s the secret key to hotness?

One of the keys is to slightly tilt your head down as a sign of femininity.

21) Larger Eyes

Research also shows that women with larger eyes are perceived as hotter.

The reason is twofold:

  • Larger eyes mean higher estrogen
  • Larger eyes are considered a neotenous feature

Higher estrogen means a woman is more feminine and fertile, and a neotenous feature is seen as an indicator of youthfulness.

22) Wearing Red

Red is the color of passion and love, so it’s no surprise that it’s also the color of sexiness.

The color red is associated with blushing, youthfulness, and certain feminine body parts.

Men find the color incredibly sexy.

In fact, research clearly shows that men are more attracted to women who wear red than those who don’t.

22) Full Lips

While some men prefer a woman with thinner lips, others find fuller lips to be more attractive. There are a few theories as to why this may be the case.

One possibility is that fuller lips are seen as a sign of femininity and fertility.

In ancient times, childbearing women were often coveted for their ability to produce offspring, and fuller lips may have been seen as a sign of this underlying health and vitality.

Another theory is that men simply enjoy the way fuller lips look and feel.

There is no denying that kissing is more enjoyable when one partner has soft, plump lips.

23) Smaller Jawline

Men have always been attracted to women with smaller jaws.

Smaller jaws signify a lack of testosterone. Testosterone is associated with aggression and dominance, qualities that are not traditionally seen as attractive in women.

Studies have shown that men find women with smaller jaws and higher cheekbones are more attractive and more feminine.

24) Vulnerability

A lot of people think that men want a woman who is all strength and independence, but that’s not always the case.

While it’s true that men are attracted to women who are confident and self-assured, they also appreciate a woman who is willing to be vulnerable.

It’s not about being weak or clingy.

It simply means being honest and expressive with your emotions. When you’re able to share your authentic selves with each other, it creates a much deeper connection.

Men also like to feel needed, so when you’re vulnerable with them, it makes them feel more connected to you.

25) Adventurous Spirit

Many men find themselves attracted to a woman who is adventurous.

This can be a woman who is willing to try new things, go new places, and have new experiences.

She is not afraid to take risks, and this sense of adventure can be very intoxicating to a man. A woman who is adventurous is also often seen as being exciting and fun.

She is someone who knows how to have a good time, and this is something that many men perceive as “hot.”

26) Emotional Maturity

Being emotionally mature means being able to handle difficult emotions in a constructive way.

It also means being able to share your feelings effectively and manage stress.

People who are emotionally mature are typically more self-aware and, therefore, better able to navigate relationships.

They understand that all people have flaws and make mistakes, but they also know how to forgive and move forward. Emotionally mature women can handle the ups and downs of life without losing sight of what is truly important.

27) Playfulness

Many men are attracted to women who are playful and spontaneous.

These qualities give the impression that she is fun-loving and carefree, a refreshing change of pace for a man who is used to being around women who are always stressing out about one thing or another.

A playful woman is also likely to be more open-minded and experimental in the bedroom.

28) High Libido

A high libido is often seen as a desirable trait in a woman, and for good reason.

Men are visual creatures, and they enjoy seeing that their partner craves physical intimacy. Moreover, a woman with a high libido is a fantasy for most men.

Therefore, for many men, a high libido is a sign of a hot girl.

29) Innocence and Chasity

On the flip side, a lot of men are attracted to women who display innocence and chastity.

There is something about these qualities that just scream “relationship material.” And while there are definitely some men who are into more “edgy” women, the majority of guys want a girl they can take home to mom.

Chasity and innocence are usually synonymous with good family values, and that’s something most men see as very hot.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be a prude or overly shy.

Just be yourself and let your natural innocence shine through.

30) Natural Look

Many women believe that they need to wear tons of makeup to be hot.

The truth is that most men actually prefer a woman who wears less makeup and has a more natural look.

Makeup can look cakey and unnatural, which is not really appealing to most guys.

Studies have also shown that men tend to find women who wear less makeup more attractive because they appear more trustworthy and down-to-earth.

Final Thoughts: What Makes a Girl Perceived as “Hot”?

So, there you have it—30 things that make a girl perceived as “hot”.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you a good idea of what men find hot in women.

If you’re looking to up your hotness factor, start incorporating some of these things into your appearance and behavior. You may be surprised by the results.

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