Do Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin? (Solved)

If you’re trying to attract a man, you might wonder what most men find appealing.

Do guys prefer tan or pale skin?

Most guys prefer tan skin more than pale skin. A tan looks feminine, healthy, and youthful. Published research concludes that tan skin is more universally attractive than pale skin. However, some men prefer girls with pale skin. For example, men in Eastern countries tend to like pale skin.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about “Do guys prefer tan or pale skin?”

Why Do Guys Prefer Tan Skin Over Pale Skin? (5 Good Reasons)

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Two tan girls at the beach—Do Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin
Image by the author via CanvaDo Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin?

There are at least five good reasons why many guys prefer darker, tanned skin over pale skin.

Keep in mind that these are generalities. Each man holds unique preferences.

1) Tan Skin Is Associated with Femininity

Femininity is commonly associated with tan skin.

It may seem strange, but tanned skin is connected to our concept of the most prized and attractive females.

Most models and movie stars possess tan skin.

Tan is also associated with feminity in many cultures around the world, not just in the United States.

Women with tan skin are viewed as more graceful, smooth, elegant, worldly, and approachable.

2) Tans are Associated with Youth

Tanned skin is also associated with youth.

Women with tans are more likely to be considered young-looking than women with paler or whiter skin.

This is because people with lighter skin tend to age more rapidly.

For example, Caucasians tend to develop wrinkles and sagging skin sooner than people of color.

A tan also signals youthfulness and fun because it’s associated with outdoor activities like vacations at the beach, working out in the sun (like jogging), or summertime.

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3) Tanned Skin is Associated with Health

Tanned skin is also associated with health benefits, including high vitamin D absorption and protection against UV rays.

In the shared consciousness of society, health is connected to outdoor activities like running, hiking, and jogging.

Being outdoors in the sun naturally results in tan skin.

On the other side, pale skin is associated with illness and sickness. When we see a person with pale skin, we often think they might be sick or unhealthy.

This includes physical illnesses but also mental health issues like stress and depression.

4) Tanned Skin Is More Desirable Than Pale Skin

Research published in the Dermatology Surgeons journal concluded that tan skin is almost universally desired over pale skin.

Another study in the Facial Plastic Surgery journal came to the same conclusion.

Therefore, the empirical data support the public perception that guys prefer tan skin more than they prefer pale skin.

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Here is a good video that reveals when and how tanning became a worldwide beauty standard:

YouTube video by History Dose—Do Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin?

5) Tanned Skin Equals Good Character (According to Research)

The North American Journal of Psychology published a fascinating 2015 study that suggests both men and women link tan skin to positive personality traits.

It doesn’t seem to follow logic, but it’s true.

The study states:

In both studies, participants in the tan conditions rated the applicant more favorably than those in the non-tan conditions. Study 2 demonstrated that more positive evaluations of tan applicants were mediated by perceptions of increased attractiveness among these individuals. Results support the “what is beautiful is good” hypothesis, and suggest that employers be made aware of the “tan bias” and that future research examine this bias in contexts beyond the workplace.

While this study only looked at workplace preferences, it’s easy to infer the same perceptions likely exist in the realm of dating.

Do All Guys Prefer Tan Skin Over Pale Skin?

Not all guys prefer tan skin over pale skin. Some guys prefer pale skin over tan skin. In some cultures, such as Asian countries, both men and women idolize pale skin.

Each man is different.

Each type of skin tone is linked to a mix of positive and negative traits, so there’s no “winning” complexion regarding physical appearance that applies to every man on the planet.

While not all guys prefer tanned skin, most do.

If you want to attract a man (and it’s not dangerous to your health), choose tanned skin over paler skin.

Do Tanned Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin?

Most tanned guys prefer tan skin over pale skin.

However, some guys with a very dark tan like women with lighter skin complexions. This is especially true in cultures or countries where paler skin is rare.

Just like women, some guys are just not into tans for whatever reason.

Do Pale Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin?

The majority of pale guys prefer girls with tan skin.

However, some guys gravitate towards girls with pale skin because they like the contrast to traditional beauty standards.

This type of guy might prefer a particular girl who looks different than other women clamoring to the beach, pool, or tanning bed.

The only way to know for sure is to make your move.

Do Young Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin?

There’s definitely a preference among young guys for tan skin.

There are a few reasons why young guys consider tanned skin more attractive.

For one, many young men enjoy a fit and active lifestyle. A tanned skin indicates that someone spends time outdoors and is therefore physically active and healthy.

Additionally, tanned skin is associated with summertime, vacations, and relaxation, all of which are seen as positive things by younger men.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with being pale, if you’re looking to attract younger guys it’s definitely advantageous to tan.

Do Older Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin?

Older guys prefer tan skin because men as a whole place a premium on youth and beauty.

Tan skin is generally seen as more attractive than pale skin, especially as someone gets older. This isn’t always the case, but it’s generally true that men are more visual in their attraction than women are.

So, it makes sense that older guys would be more attracted to someone with tan skin – it signals youth and vitality.

Conversely, pale skin tends to signal age and frailty.

Some older men may prefer pale skin because they think it makes their partners look more innocent or delicate.

And some men may simply not care what their partner’s skin color is as long as they are happy and healthy.

It really depends on the individual man and his own preferences and values.

Do Guys Like Pale Skin With Dark Hair?

A woman with pale skin and dark hair is compelling because of the contrast.

Dark hair and pale skin are an uncommon combination—and people like the uncommon.

It’s ideal for girls who don’t want to expose their bodies to the sun as much as they might if they wanted a deep tan.

The high contrast is also resemblant of youth and beauty.

As women (and men) age, the natural contrast fades, becoming more muted. Coloring and makeup offer an artificial contrast.

Do Guys Prefer a Girl With a Dark Tan or Light Tan?

Based on the research, most guys prefer a girl with a lighter tan than a darker tan. The caramel, bronzed texture of a light tan is very appealing.

Interestingly, many people of color agree with this sentiment.

Both Caucasians and people of color tend to prefer lighter (but not pale) skin. This is true of both men and women.

Final Thoughts: Do Guys Prefer Tan or Pale Skin?

Most of us can darken or lighten our skin to some degree. Fewer of us can drastically change our skin tone.

If you like how you look with a light tan, go for it.

Otherwise, embrace your personal beautify, style, and preferences. There is a guy out there looking for someone who looks just like you.