Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts? (20 Must-Know Facts)

You like a guy (or you may even be dating him), but you’re not sure if you should send a good morning text.

Do guys like good morning texts?

Most guys like good morning texts. Morning texts signify thoughtfulness, interest, and attraction. A morning text means that someone is thinking about them, is willing to put energy into the relationship, and is comfortable expressing interest. Guys value girls who send good morning texts.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about “Do guys like good morning texts?”

10 Reasons Guys Like Good Morning Texts

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There are 10 good reasons guys like good morning texts.

As a guy myself, I love getting good morning texts from girls I like. The five thousand guys in my private Facebook group about dating uninamously agree.

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1) Good Morning Texts Show That You Are Thinking About Them

When someone sends a good morning text, guys feel appreciated.

Even if the text is short, sending one in the early hours of the day makes your guy feel special. He knows that he was on your mind as soon as you woke up.

Every guy I know likes to know a girl is thinking of them.

2) Men Rarely Recieve Them

Good morning texts are rare for men to receive.

For many women, receiving one or more text messages in the morning is not unusual. But it’s incredibly rare for men to get them.

I know this because every guy I’ve ever known confirms this is true.

Even guys in relationships seldom get them.

By sending good morning texts, you give a guy a special experience that he will not forget.

3) It Starts His Day With a Smile

Who doesn’t want to begin the day in a good mood?

Every guy I know wants to start his day with positive vibes. If you send him a good morning text, he’ll smile and be glad that he has you in his life.

There’s nothing like beginning the day knowing that someone cares about you.

4) He Feels Cared About and Loved

Guys want to feel loved and cared about by the woman in their life.

When a guy gets a good morning text from you, he feels like he means something to you.

Please don’t underestimate how much this impacts a man. Society likes to say that men don’t or shouldn’t deeply feel their emotions, but most of us do anyway.

We simply do it behind closed doors.

5) It Lets Him Know You’re Interested in Him

Guys like to feel desired and wanted just as much as women do.

When you send a good morning text, you unquestionably let a guy know that you are interested.

He knows that someone is thinking about him and wants to share a moment with him in the early hours of the day.

6) He Knows That He Made an Impression on You

Hearing from you early in the morning tells your guy that he made an impression on you.

It’s nice to know that someone thought enough of you while they were sleeping to send a good morning text.

Even a short message reassures your guy that you’re thinking about him and are happy to have met him.

7) Good Morning Texts Give Him a Green Light To Pursue You

The majority of men make the mistake of initiating contact too early (and too eagerly) with women they like.

When you send your guy a good morning text, he knows that you want him to initiate. He is relieved because he feels safe and doesn’t fear rejection when he wants to text you or call you.

Your good morning text serves as a “green light” for his affections.

8) A Good Morning Text Makes Him Feel Good All Day

It’s surprisingly simple to make a man’s day.

One short text can usher in positivity throughout the next 24 hours. He’ll keep thinking about you and your text as he goes to school, works, or pursues other hobbies and interests.

In fact, you might have just made his entire week.

9) It Creates a Moment Between the Two of You

If you send him a good morning text, he’ll remember that moment.

It’s a special moment between the two of you—an intimate glimpse into your connection. The two of you are not together at the moment (hence the text).

Therefore, your message is something he’ll treasure.

This is especially true if his “love language” is quality time or words of affirmation.

10) He Wants You to Initiate Early in the Relationship  

Every guy I know thinks it’s sexy when a girl initiates with him.

If you send your man a good morning text, he’ll feel like you’re interested, and most importantly, he knows that you want to pursue him.

This is particularly true early in a relationship.

Many dating coaches encourage men to purposely avoid over-pursuing a girl so that they don’t scare them off.

Instead, these coaches tell men to hang back and see if the girl reaches out to them.

Although this may rub you the wrong way, I’ve seen this dynamic lead to happy, healthy relationships much more often than when a guy over-pursues.

Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts? (7 Answers You Need To Know)

Even though guys like good morning texts, the message you send can make a big difference.

What kind of good morning texts do men like? Are they all the same? Or do guys like some types of morning texts more than others?

Let’s find out.

Do Guys Like Cheesy Good Morning Texts?

Most guys like cheesy good morning texts.

However, there are some guys who will respond better to cheesy good morning texts than others.

The trick is knowing the difference between each type of guy.

Some men are extremely romantic, others not so much. If you send them a good morning text that’s too sweet or sugary, they’ll think you’re trying too hard.

If your guy falls into the cheesy-loving category, then go ahead.

Send him a good morning text that’s filled with all of the cheesy goodness he loves so much.

Do Guys Like Flirty Good Morning Texts?

Guys love flirty good morning texts.

Flirty good morning texts are fun and interesting to them.

These types of good morning texts allow men to feel like they’re still in the game, even though you’re not physically with them.

Usually, it’s best to keep these types of messages light and playful.

Do Guys Like Funny Good Morning Texts?

Guys do like funny good morning texts. Most men enjoy a wide range of humor, so use words, pictures, gifs, and videos.

You’ll make him chuckle or laugh out loud—which is a wonderful way to start the day.

A word of warning: Don’t go funny every day.

A few funny good morning texts here and there work great. But a never-ending string of funny texts will confuse him.

He’ll wonder if you’ve friend-zoned him or if there is a chance for romance.

Do Guys Like Spicy Good Morning Texts?

Guys absolutely enjoy spicy good morning texts.

Spicy messages can be a number of things. It depends on the guy and what they like.

However, spicy is usually more direct and sometimes even a little dirty.

These types of messages aren’t extremely explicit, but they let him know you want him physically.

Do Guys Like Long Good Morning Texts?

Unless it’s a special occasion, I wouldn’t blow up his phone with a super long good morning text.

Long texts can quickly annoy him.

Anything over a three sentences is probably too long for a good morning text.

He might be pressed for time in the morning. He might not have time to read a novel before grabbing a quick cup of coffee or a morning run.

I suggest that you avoid long good morning texts.

Use them rarely and only once you are in a committed long-term relationship.

Do Guys Like Short Good Morning Texts?

Short good morning texts are better than long messages.

Many guys appreciate short and sweet messages. No more than a sentence or two is recommended. It’s okay if you have very little to say.

What matters is that you let him know that you’re thinking of him.

Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts Every Day?

If a guy likes you, then he will enjoy receiving good morning texts from you every day.

However, if he is not interested, your good morning texts will probably irritate him. You also don’t want to create a daily obligation for him to respond to you.

So, it’s best to know for sure whether he is into you or not.

Once you confirm that he likes you, there is nothing wrong with sending regular good morning texts. Send them expecting nothing more in return than making him feel good.

Do Guys Like Random Good Morning Texts?

Most guys like getting random good morning texts.

By random, I mean sporadically throughout the week. If you are only casually dating him, wait longer between good morning texts.

However, the more serious you get with him, the more often you can send good morning texts.

That’s a good rule of thumb.

Send good morning texts at the same level as your relationship.

Do All Guys Like Good Morning Texts?

Not all guys like good morning texts.

Some guys think they are pointless wastes of time. Always check with each guy to see how they feel about good morning texts before sending them.

When in doubt, talk it out.

If you don’t get a chance to get his views, sending one good morning text won’t hurt anything.

Do Guys Like Girls Who Send Good Morning Texts?

Yes, by and large, guys really like girls who send good morning texts. I wish more women sent them during dating and relationships.

Almost none of my past girlfriends sent regular good morning texts.

Most guys I know hardly ever receive them. They might get a response to their good morning text, but the woman they are dating will not initiate the message.

The bottom line is that guys like girls who send good morning texts.

Good Morning Texts He Will Love (21 Examples)

Here is a quick list of good morning texts he is sure to love:

  • Hey handsome! I hope you have a great day 🙂
  • Good morning! Thinking of you.
  • Hope you have a fun and relaxing day ahead of you.
  • I can’t wait to see you tonight.
  • Take it easy today, okay? You hunk of burning love, you.
  • Hey, sexy! I’m thinking of you this morning 😉
  • Hope your day is off to a good start. Mine is because I’m thinking of you.
  • Good luck with everything today! Hope all goes according to plan. <3
  • Sweet dreams last night? 🙂
  • I love you <3
  • Morning babe. Wish I was waking up to you.
  • Well, hello there, handsome! How are you today?
  • Hope you have a fantastic day. <3
  • Good Morning Sexy! Wishing I could be there to give you a big hug and smooch first thing in the morning.
  • I hope this text makes your day even better 😉
  • Tell the truth, you’re missing me as much as I’m missing you, aren’t you? <3
  • GM babe!
  • GM cutie. Can I steal you away on Friday night?
  • [Funny gif]
  • [String of emjois]
  • [Link] I saw this and thought of you!

Take these ideas and run with them. The important thing is to be genuine, kind, and let him know that he is on your mind.

Here is a good video with seven more good morning text ideas:

YouTube video by Carlos Cavallo—Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts?

Final Thoughts: Do Guys Like Good Morning Texts?

If you take anything from this article, I hope that you decide to send a good morning text to the guy you like.

Happy texting!