22 Things To Do When You Miss Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Feeling lonely in a long-distance relationship is common, but there are countless ways to feel connected and keep the spark alive, despite the distance.

Here are things to do when you miss your long distance boyfriend:

When you miss your long distance boyfriend, you can send a surprise gift, schedule a video date, start a shared journal, plan your next visit, or write a love letter. Engage in shared activities like creating a playlist, starting a book club, or taking an online class together.

In this guide, you’ll learn all the thoughtful, fun, and meaningful things to do when you miss your long distance boyfriend.

1. Send a Surprise Gift

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The thrill of receiving a surprise gift, especially from someone you love, is unparalleled.

This unexpected act of love can bring about joy and excitement, and it reminds your boyfriend of your love despite the physical distance.

Also, surprise gifts serve as beautiful reminders of your relationship that your boyfriend can touch, use, or cherish.

It bridges the physical distance with something tangible and thoughtful.

2. Schedule a Video Date

Having a scheduled video date gives you both something to look forward to.

It creates an opportunity for shared experiences and conversations beyond the usual daily updates.

It also helps create a sense of normalcy in your relationship, giving you both the chance to see each other’s facial expressions and hear each other’s voices, which can enhance emotional connectivity.

3. Start a Shared Journal

This shared journal serves as an open line of communication where you both can be candid about your feelings, making your relationship more transparent and understanding.

It also provides an outlet for expressing emotions that might be difficult to voice out in conversation.

This constant back and forth exchange makes you part of each other’s lives in a very special way.

4. Plan Your Next Visit

Apart from the excitement of seeing each other again, planning also gives you both a sense of control in a situation where feelings of helplessness can creep in due to the distance.

It provides an assurance that despite the distance, you’re still making decisions and dreaming together.

It keeps the relationship dynamic and forward-looking.

5. Write Him a Love Letter

A love letter can be kept, reread, and cherished. It serves as a tangible reminder of your love and feelings for him.

Writing a letter can also help you articulate your feelings better as it allows you the time and space to express yourself thoroughly.

It’s a classic romantic gesture that never goes out of style.

6. Create a Playlist

A playlist can serve as a soundtrack for your relationship, with each song holding specific memories or sentiments.

It’s an easy way to share your musical tastes and discover new songs together.

Every time he listens to it, he will think of you and the thought you put into creating it.

7. Start a Book Club

A shared book club creates a regular engagement activity that helps fill the gap created by physical distance.

It can also help you understand your boyfriend’s perspective better, encouraging deeper conversations and debates.

The shared learning experience can be incredibly bonding.

8. Learn His Language

Learning his language is a thoughtful way to show your commitment to understanding his world better.

It can also open up new ways of communicating with each other. And imagine his surprise and joy when you converse with him in his language.

It’s a clear demonstration of your dedication to him and your relationship.

I’m doing this right now by learning French so that I can speak my French girlfriend’s language.

9. Send a Care Package

A care package is a physical manifestation of your love and care.

Every item in the box shows that you know him well and consider his likes and interests.

Every time he uses an item from the package, it will remind him of you and make him feel closer to you.

10. Create a Countdown

A countdown serves as a visual reminder that each day brings you closer to the moment you’ll see each other again.

This can create a sense of shared anticipation and give a positive perspective to the passing time.

It also reinforces the fact that the physical separation is temporary.

11. Take an Online Class Together

Engaging in a shared learning experience can stimulate conversations that go beyond your everyday routine.

It creates new memories and experiences despite the distance.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to motivate and appreciate each other’s progress in the class.

12. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset Together

This shared experience gives you a moment of calm and connection, where it’s just the two of you and the beautiful scenery.

It’s a simple yet profound activity that lets you share a moment of beauty, no matter where you are in the world.

It also creates a beautiful memory to look back on.

13. Share Your Daily Highlights

Sharing daily highlights allows you to celebrate each other’s successes and navigate challenges together.

It gives you a snapshot of each other’s lives, helping maintain a sense of intimacy.

These small conversations can make you feel like you’re a part of each other’s everyday life, even from a distance.

14. Cook His Favorite Meal

This can evoke memories of shared meals and create new ones, even if you’re eating alone.

It’s also a creative way to show him that you remember his preferences and that you miss him.

The whole process, from choosing the recipe to sharing photos of the meal, can be a bonding experience.

15. Play Online Games Together

Playing games together can bring out your competitive sides and provide a fun distraction from the distance.

It allows you to interact in a light-hearted and engaging way.

Plus, the shared activity gives you something immediate and enjoyable to focus on together.

16. Create a Photo Album

Pictures capture moments, and having an album filled with those moments can be extremely heartening.

It’s a sweet trip down memory lane whenever you miss him the most.

This album can be a testament to your relationship, illustrating the fun times you’ve had and the obstacles you’ve overcome.

17. Try His Favorite Workout

This can make you feel more connected to him and give you a deeper understanding of what he enjoys.

Plus, working out is a great way to lift your spirits and keep yourself healthy.

It’s a win-win situation where you not only stay fit but also feel emotionally close to your boyfriend.

18. Listen to a Podcast Together

This shared experience gives you a new topic to talk about and can bring interesting perspectives to light.

It can provide a fresh input of ideas into your conversations and help you understand each other’s viewpoints better.

Plus, it’s a fun and easy way to engage in a common interest.

19. Record a Voice Message

Voice messages have a personal touch to them, and they can convey emotions better than text.

The sound of your voice can bring comfort and familiarity to your boyfriend, making the distance feel a little less daunting.

It’s also a nice break from the routine of texting and emailing.

20. Remember to Love Yourself

Self-love and care are crucial in a long-distance relationship, as they prevent feelings of loneliness and longing from overwhelming you.

A happy and healthy you contribute positively to your relationship.

By maintaining your own well-being, you’re also ensuring that you’re at your best for your partner.

21. Develop a New Hobby Together

Diving into a new hobby together is a unique way to strengthen your bond and create shared experiences, even while apart.

This could be anything from gardening, painting, learning a musical instrument, to coding.

This joint venture not only fills your spare time but also provides new topics for you to discuss.

It shows that you’re eager to grow together, even if it’s not in the same physical space.

Moreover, you’ll be acquiring new skills or knowledge, which is always a bonus. Whenever you engage in this hobby, it will remind you of your boyfriend, making the distance feel a little less harsh.

22. Send Him a Voice Recording of You Reading a Story

Sending a voice recording of you reading a short story or a chapter from his favorite book can be a comforting and intimate gesture.

Hearing your voice can be soothing and make him feel closer to you.

Choose a story that resonates with your relationship or something you know he’d love.

This could turn into a routine where you alternate sending each other voice recordings of stories.

It’s a creative way to say goodnight and ensure that you’re the last thought on each other’s minds before drifting off to sleep

It not only makes the nighttime less lonely but also gives you yet another shared experience.

Here is a good video about how to deal with missing your long-distance boyfriend:

YouTube Video by Olivera Darko – Things To Do When You Miss Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Final Thoughts: Things To Do When You Miss Your Long Distance Boyfriend

If you miss him a lot – and nothing is helping – then talk to a friend, family member, or even a professional.

Long-distance relationships are tough.

But you don’t have to face them alone.

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