How To Make a Fake Marriage Certificate (With Examples)

Fake marriage certificates make it easy and cheap for anyone to play a prank, make a joke, or entertain their friends.

Here is how to make a fake marriage certificate:

You make a fake marriage certificate by using a preformatted template, filling in the specific bride and groom information, printing the certificate, and framing your certificate. You can use free graphic design software or hire a graphic designer to make your certificate appear more authentic.

In this article, we’ll look at the best way to make a fake marriage certificate, nine good alternatives, and examples of popular fake certificates.

Disclaimer: This information is meant for entertainment purposes only. This article should not be misconstrued to support or promote marriage fraud or illegal activities of any kind. Please contact an attorney for any legal questions regarding fake marriage certificates.

The Best Way To Make a Fake Marriage Certificate (Easy Steps)

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Man and Woman Getting Married—How To Make a Fake Marriage Certificate
Image by author via Canva—How To Make a Fake Marriage Certificate

Marriage is an important institution, so it’s no surprise that fake marriage certificates are a hot commodity.

Whether you’re looking to fake your own marriage (for fun) or want to play around with graphic design, there are plenty of online options for making fake marriage certificates.

What’s the best way to make one?

The best way to make a fake marriage certificate is to use and then perform any additional editing in free graphic editing software such as Canva.

1) Go to the Website

Go to and select the “start” button.

You really can’t miss the button because it’s big, red, and centered on the homepage.

2) Complete the Interactive Form

Once you click the button, the site will bring up an interactive form. Fill out all the information about both parties involved in the fake marriage.

You can enter:

  • The name of the husband
  • The name of the wife
  • Your email address
  • Thier email address

You can also choose whether or not to display your certificate in the registry (I suggest you simply leave this checkbox blank).

Next, click the checkbox acknowledging that you accept all the terms and conditions.

Verify your identity, then click the “continue” button.

You’ll be asked to click the “I do” button. Click it, copy the provided code, click on “Wedding Ceremony” in the navigational bar, paste the code into the text box, and you’ll have created your free fake certificate!

Finally, you can save a copy of your certificate to your computer or device.

Here’s a two-minute video that walks you through the entire process:

Video by Linda and Brooklyn via YouTube—How to make a fake marriage certificate

3) Edit Your Fake Marriage Certificate

Once complete, save your new document into Photoshop or another photo editing software program like GIMP, Paint.NET, or Canva.

Personally, I suggest that you use the free version of Canva.

You can add sections such as:

  • The date of the marriage
  • The place where you got married
  • The husband’s signature
  • The wife’s signature

Open the fake certificate in your photo editing software and crop out any information you don’t need, like watermarks from the template website.

You can add graphics to the certificate that match your home state or the country you want to list on the marriage certificate.

I recommend adding this text in black or gold on embossed paper to make it look even more authentic.

Follow these instructions in Canva:

  • Search for “Certificate” in the search bar
  • Choose your favorite template
  • Go into your Text settings
  • Select the font type and size that you want
  • Choose the black or gold color
  • Type the words you want on your certificate
  • Move the text to wherever you want on the form
  • Add a fancy border using the “elements” feature

Once the fake certificate is ready, save it as a JPEG or PNG image. Then you can download it to your computer or device and print it out on embossed/fancy paper.

You can also upload the image to any online site, like social media, or to a fake marriage website.

How To Make a Fake Marriage Certificate (10 Alternatives)

When you are looking to make a fake marriage certificate, there are many options for you to choose.

There are places online where you can make free DIY fake marriage certificates. There are also online fake marriage certificate generators.

Here are 10 ways to make a marriage certificate:

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How to make a fake marriage certificate

How To Get a Fake Marriage Certificate?

You can also hire low-cost freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork to create a fake marriage certificate for you.

They will do all of the work for you for as cheaply as $5.00.

I’ve used Fiverr for lots of different services, including graphic design jobs such as creating book covers, YouTube video thumbnails, and more.

There are a lot of talented professionals on Fiverr.

My suggestions:

  • Filter your search on Fiverr for top-reviewed graphic designers
  • Read the reviews and look at any samples
  • Make a shortlist of your favorite sellers
  • Contact the seller before ordering

If you follow these tips, you’ll have the best shot at getting a perfect fake marriage certificate.

Examples of Fake Marriage Certificates

Sometimes you want to make a marriage certificate for a specific location or person.

Many people search for examples of fake wedding certificates for Las Vegas, Australia, Florida, Egypt, and Texas. Perhaps you want to create a fake certificate to prank your best friend, boyfriend, siblings, or parents.

Let’s look at some examples of fake marriage licenses.

Fake Marriage Certificate: Las Vegas

This is a simple fake marriage certificate for Las Vegas:

Fake Marriage Certificate Las Vegas
Image by author via Canva—How to make a fake marriage certificate

Fake Marriage Certificate: Australia

Here is a fake virtual marriage license for Australia:

Fake Marriage Certificate Austrailia
Image by author via CanvaHow to make a fake marriage certificate

Fake Marriage Certificate: Egypt

If you’re looking for a fake marriage certificate for Egypt, here’s an example:

Fake Marriage Certificate Egypt
Image by author via Canva—How to make a fake marriage certificate

Fake Marriage Certificate App

The best fake marriage certificate app is Certificate Maker (Certificate Editor Online). It’s available as a free download on android devices.

With over 100 thousand downloads and more than 3,000 positive reviews, it’s an app that you can trust.

You can create free certificates in only a few minutes.

Here are a few features of the app that you may like:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Signature section
  • Beautiful designs

There are also other free and paid apps for making marriage certificates on mobile or tablet devices. Try a few out to see which one works best for you.

How Much Does a Fake Marriage Certificate Cost?

The average authentic fake marriage certificate costs $20 to $100.

However, even with no experience, you can make a simple one online for free.

If you use an online generator, you can pay anywhere from $0 up to $100. If you hire a graphic designer, it might cost you $5 up to $300 or more.

The more realistic you want your fake wedding certificate to be, the more it will cost.

People who want a high-quality, printable paper certificate will pay the highest price, because it will require significant design and printing work. Those who want a digital copy can get one for free or at a minimal cost.

How Long Does It Take To Make a Fake Wedding Certificate?

The time it takes to complete your fake virtual wedding certificate will depend on how you make it and how much detail you want. It can take a few minutes for a simple DIY wedding certificate.

If you want a more complex and real-looking certificate, you can probably do it yourself in under an hour.

However, it will take longer if you hire someone to make one for you.

It could take a few hours or a few days.

Fake Marriage Certificate on TikTok

Yes, you can learn how to make a fake marriage certificate on TikTok.

There are many videos that show you different websites you can use and why people used them. For example, one woman on TikTok said that she made a fake marriage certificate and pretended to be married so that her religious family wouldn’t disown her.

Another woman fake married her best friend for fun.

Then there are the people who get fake wedding certificates between them and a celebrity or their favorite fandom character (like Dexter, Jessica Alba, or the Queen of England).

It really doesn’t matter why you want to make a virtual marriage certificate. You can make one for any reason.

One of the most heartwarming reasons someone created a fake marriage certificate on TikTok was so that a hospital would allow her into the delivery room when her best friend had a baby.

Final Thoughts: How To Make a Fake Marriage Certificate

Remember, making your fake virtual marriage certificate is meant for fun, not to defraud anyone or any organization.

To stay out of legal trouble, never try to use the fake document for any official purpose.

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