What To Wear on a First Date With an Aquarius Man (Solved)

I know how nerve-racking it can be to figure out what to wear for a first date. Even more so with an Aquarius man. I know many Aquarius men and women, so here is my best advice right from the source.

What to wear on a first date with an Aquarius Man?

On the first date with an Aquarius man, wear an outfit that is quirky, colorful, and outside of normal trends. A vintage dress with unique accessories, such as an antique brooch or pendant necklace is perfect. Also, wear something comfortable that is appropriate for the activity of the date.

The rest of this article breaks down five different complete outfits to wear. We will also cover the exact colors to wear to attract an Aquarius man.

Let’s get started!

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What to wear on a date

How To Dress for an Aquarius Man (Detailed Advice)

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Image by author via Canva—What to Wear on a First Date with an Aquarius Man

Aquarius men value freedom, intellectual stimulation, solitude, friendship, communication, and spontaneity.

With that in mind, it’s generally best to match your outfit to his personality (and to avoid clothing that unintentionally sends him the wrong message).

Therefore, when choosing your first date outfit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How restrictive is the clothing?
  • How modest is the clothing?
  • How creative is the clothing?
  • How quirky is the clothing?
  • How idealistic is the clothing?

So, how do you dress for an Aquarius man?

I’ll share five specific outfits below, but here I want to share the principles that can apply to any outfit you choose.

Choose a first date outfit that:

  • Shows your personality
  • Shows your creativity
  • Shows you care about the environment and humanitarian causes (like sustainability)
  • Expresses intelligence and deep thinking
  • Allows you to easily breathe and move (freedom)
  • Demonstrates that you are independent and a free thinker

The most important principle to remember when choosing your outfit is the principle of freedom. You want everything about your outfit to scream, “I value freedom.”

Now that you know the essential principles to keep in mind, let’s look at how to apply them to complete outfits.

5 Best Outfits To Wear on a First Date With an Aquarius Man

The best way to figure out what to wear on a date with an Aquarius man is to follow the essential principles, check the weather, and think about what you are doing on the date.

If possible, find out where you are going (location) and what you will be doing (activity).

To give you the most flexibility in your outfit choices, I’ve categorized my custom suggestions by formality (how casual or formal the date is) and activity (romantic or adventurous).

Here are five different looks to try when going out on a first date with an Aquarius man.

Outfit for the Casual Date

On a casual first date with an Aquarius man, you don’t have to worry too much about wowing him with what you wear. However, what you wear is still very important.

For a casual date, go with an outfit that is comfortable but also shows that you enjoy feeling free and creative.

Subconsciously, he will feel drawn to you.

You want to look laid back while showing how much you appreciate spending time with him. At the same time, always stay true to your personality while aligning to his highest values (which, by the way, serve as his attraction triggers).

Recommended outfit:

Outfit for the Semi-Casual Date

If your date is a bit more formal, shoot for a semi-casual look.

The tricky part of these dates is balancing the formal and informal vibes. Get as much information as you can about the location and activity so that you know whether to lean more into a casual outfit or more into a formal outfit.

For ladies who are looking to impress an Aquarius man, here’s a semi-casual outfit that will make him come back for more:

Outfit for the Dressy Date

If you’re headed out on a fancy date to a nice restaurant or event, then you want to show off your glamorous side.

Dressy outfits give you the opportunity to accessorize with quirky items like jewelry, handbags, and scarves. All the better to let your Aquarius guy know that you buck trends for an individual style.

Try this dressy first date outfit:

Outfit for the Romantic Date

If your date falls on the more romantic side, such as a nighttime stroll along a waterway, wine and cheese picnic, or rooftop dinner, then opt for a more romantic outfit.

On a romantic first date, you want to avoid wearing anything too revealing. A dress that hits too far above the knee and clings too tightly is probably not ideal. Don’t overdo it on the makeup or accessories either.

Keep your look clean, simple, and classic. You don’t want your date to be more focused on what you’re wearing than spending time with you.

At the same time, remember to add quirky touches to let him know you’re the kind of girl he wants to date.

Outfit for the Adventurous Date

Aquarius men can be highly unpredictable, so he may invite you out on an adventurous date.

You could end up rollerskating, surfing, playing tennis, or hiking to a perfect picnic spot. You want to dress appropriately for the specific activity. Whatever you do, always ensure that your outfit feels comfortable.

Try this sporty yet stylish outfit:

What To Wear on a First Date With an Aquarius Man in the Winter

Cold weather requires a clothing change-up. When you date in the winter, wear a darker color instead of light pastels, and cover your skin. Dressing in layers is highly recommended.

The good news is that more layers mean more opportunities to show personality in your wardrobe.

Remember, an Aquarius man loves innovative clothing that goes against the cultural trends of the moment. He will love it when you express your personality through the clothes you wear. Feel free to break some rules, just don’t go too crazy.

Here are some fun and fabulous winter outfits that will heat up your first date:

(1) The Bubbly Character

Go sweet and bubbly with a sparkly jumper outfit. Layer on a jean jacket to keep warm in the winter chill. Dress it up with some knee-high socks, platform boots, a hair bow (optional), and natural lipstick for one of an Aquarius man’s favorite looks: girly rockstar sweetness.

(2) The Sweet and Dark Ensemble

This outfit screams winter but stays sweet. Layer a tight-fitting sweater under an oversized, loose-knit cardigan. Wear it with dark jeans. For a romantic finish, style this look with some knee-high boots and light-blue eye shadow for that “come hither” vibe.

(3) The Subtle and Sweet Ensemble

For a low-key but feminine look, wear a pastel sweater set with dark skinny jeans. Style your hair into soft waves and add some makeup for an elegant finish. Don’t forget to accessorize with a vintage brooch or scarf.

What Makeup To Wear on a First Date With an Aquarius Man

You may also be wondering what makeup to wear on your first date with an Aquarius guy. Don’t worry, I have you covered.

I have gathered 5 looks that are easy to achieve and are great for both your first date with an Aquarius guy or just going out on a date in general.

Aquarius men love individuality, so make sure to show it by implementing some unique elements into your makeup to catch his attention.

Go with these looks:

Aquarius men love glam, so go full-on glamorous while still looking like yourself. If you’re a big fan of having a smokey eye and dramatic lashes, then rock it!

(1) Rock Glam

You can catch his eye with a fun rock-start look. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your look either, such as blue or green lipstick.

(2) Classic and Flawless

First-date makeup is all about keeping it simple while still looking put together.

If you’re not a fan of experimenting too much with your makeup, just go with a classic red lip to enhance your natural beauty.

(3) Natural Beauty

If you’re going to a more casual place for your first date with an Aquarius guy, then go for a fresh, natural look.

Play up your eyes with some smoky blues or grays (Aquarius men love silvery colors) and slip-on blue lipstick for that extra pop.

(4) Retro Looks are Perfect for Aquarius Guys

Aquarius men love vintage fashion, so go with a fun, retro look for your first date. Apply strong winged liner and add some bright lipstick to complete this look.

(5) Aquarius Men Love Flower Power

The last time I checked, most Aquarius guys are still passionate about social issues (at least all the ones I know). Either way, this look is perfect to wear on your first date. It’s very casual and easy to create.

Pair it with a red lip for extra impact!

What Jewelry To Wear on a First Date With an Aquarius Man

You can also stand out to an Aquarius man by wearing the right jewelry. Aquarius men are known for their unique, artistic personalities and their appreciation of art and beauty.

An Aquarius man will notice if you spend the time to accessorize yourself with some lovely pieces he can appreciate.

An aqua aura quartz crystal pendant is perfect for this more bohemian-minded guy. This crystal is a beautiful seafoam color, which will stand out to him. He will also appreciate the crystal’s natural beauty.

If you’re more into diamonds, consider pairing an outfit with a gorgeous diamond ring or some diamond stud earrings to balance your outfit. Aquarius men love symmetry.

Aquarius men will also appreciate rings with stones in the colors of their astrological sign (see below), as well as anything that is artistically made or different from the norm.

Here are some jewelry options:

What Hairstyle Does an Aquarius Man Like?

An Aquarius man does not care about trends and following what everyone else is doing. He prefers to create his own style and will admire you if you do the same.

Before we go into some specific hairstyle suggestions, always remember to match your hairstyle to your overall outfit and date.

A hairstyle that works great for ballroom dancing might not be perfect for surfing.

Here are a few ways to style your hair:

(1) Wavy Layers

This hairstyle screams individuality and confidence, which is very attractive to the Aquarius man.

Use a salt spray and scrunch your hair when it is damp, to get the wavy effect.

Then use some hairspray to keep it in place for the rest of the day.

The messier you are able to make this look, and still look good, the better. Aquarius men prefer women who don’t care what others think to women who spend hours worrying over their appearance.

(2) Make a Statement With Your Hairstyle

The best way to attract an Aquarius man is to make sure that you look stunning and unique.

Use vibrant colors in your hair, or dye sections of it blue or silver if you dare! He will think it’s beautiful and original.

(3) Creatively Clip Up Your Hair

Wear your hair in a messy bun with crazy tendrils coming out of it, or clip your hair up in an unusual way.

He will compliment you on your creativity and originality.

Aquarius men are attracted to women who don’t follow the crowd. They want someone who is bold and spunky.

How To Dress To Impress an Aquarius Man

So far, we’ve covered what outfits, makeup, jewelry, and hairstyle to wear. But how do you impress an Aquarius man?

The key to impressing an Aquarius guy is originality. You want every piece of your wardrobe to drip with creativity and individualism.

Nothing speaks directly to an Aquarius man’s heart more than an outfit that symbolizes freedom.

You want to look like a work of art on your first date. You want him to be speechless and wonder: “Is she always this beautiful and different, or is it just tonight?”

He’ll have to ask you on a second date to find out.

Here’s a video about what else you need to know about choosing an outfit that impresses an Aquarius man (choose clothing that matches the traits of his sign):

Video by Astrology Guy via YouTube—What To Wear on a First Date with an Aquarius man?

What Color Is Aquarius Attracted To?

An Aquarius man’s favorite color is usually some variation of blue. He feels this color deep inside him.

As you get ready for your date, add some silver, white and light shades of blue. Your date is drawn to colors that remind him of his physical, mental, and spiritual essence.

How do you add these colors to your outfit?

  • Color up your top or bottom, even your shoes
  • Add silver, white, or light blue earrings or a necklace
  • Wear a coat or scarf that’s a light aqua color

If you show up for your date in an original outfit in his favorite color, you’ve got it made.

Final Thoughts: What To Wear on a First Date With an Aquarius Man

It’s also important to know what NOT to wear on a date with an Aquarius man (unless you want to run him away). Avoid anything too revealing, too trendy, too boring, or too restrictive (where you can’t move).

Happy dating!

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