What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery (47 Best Outfits)

Knowing what to wear on a first date to a brewery can be tricky. But, don’t sweat, we have you covered.

What to wear on a date to a brewery?

When you go on a date to a brewery, you should wear something casual, nice, and that shows your personality. The exact outfit depends on the weather, but jeans and a designer T-shirt make a perfect outfit for men or women. Women can also try a summer dress or jeans with a blouse.

If you want to find out the perfect outfits to wear on a brewery date in all four seasons, and what to definitely NEVER wear to a beer garden date, then this post is for you.

47 Best Outfits to Wear on a Brewery Date

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Let’s dive right in with the 47 best outfits to wear on a date to a brewery.

Then we’ll go into categories like the best outfits for women, men, and first dates (and more).

Before we get to the list, the first rule of dressing for a brewery date is to be comfortable.

If you are uncomfortable in your clothes it will be hard to have a good time, and the night will only get worse if any accidental spills happen.

1. Hopster Chic

Hopster Chic strikes a balance between casual and trendy.

Opt for a relaxed-fit graphic tee that showcases your favorite beer or band, paired with straight-legged dark denim.

Add some leather ankle boots and a light denim jacket for an effortlessly cool vibe.

A leather crossbody bag and some simple hoop earrings round off this ensemble.

Breweries are all about relaxing and enjoying the craft. This outfit speaks to that, while still letting you show off a bit of your personal style.

The graphic tee is a conversation starter, and the dark denim is both slimming and practical for a setting that might involve spills.

2. Cozy Flannel Fusion

Cozy Flannel Fusion is ideal for those chillier brewery nights.

Start with a pair of fitted black leggings and a soft, oversized flannel shirt. Wear it over a white tank top and throw on some comfortable ankle-length brown leather boots.

Complete the look with a chunky scarf and a simple leather tote.

There’s nothing like being cozy when sipping on your favorite stout.

The oversized flannel gives a relaxed, comfy vibe, but the fitted leggings keep the look sleek and date-ready.

The chunky scarf adds warmth and style, making you look effortlessly prepared for any beer garden chill.

3. Brewed in Vintage

Brewed in Vintage combines retro charm with modern flair.

Go for high-waisted mom jeans and a tucked-in vintage band tee. Throw over a retro bomber jacket, and sport white low-top sneakers.

Add a pop of color with a red lipstick and accessorize with cat-eye sunglasses and a compact backpack.

There’s something about the craft of brewing that seems to harmonize with vintage styles.

This outfit nods to yesteryears while keeping the vibe young and fresh. It’s perfect for those who love a bit of nostalgia with their craft beer.

4. Laid-back Lager Lover

Laid-back Lager Lover is for those who prioritize comfort without sacrificing style.

Opt for a soft white henley shirt paired with olive chino shorts. Slip on a pair of espadrilles and sport a baseball cap of your favorite brewery.

Accessorize with a leather wrap bracelet and a relaxed sling bag.

Breweries are casual by nature, and this outfit ensures you fit right in.

The henley shirt adds a touch of sophistication while the chino shorts and cap keep things laid-back.

It’s an outfit that says “I’m here to chill and enjoy.”

5. Brews & Boho

Brews & Boho captures a free-spirited vibe.

Choose a flowy bohemian dress, preferably in earthy tones. Pair it with gladiator sandals and a jean jacket for those cooler evenings.

Accessorize with layered necklaces, bangles, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Breweries often have an artisanal, handcrafted feel that pairs well with boho aesthetics.

The flowy dress provides comfort while the layered accessories add depth to the outfit.

This combination ensures you’re ready for both indoor tasting rooms and outdoor beer gardens.

6. Cider Slick

Cider Slick blends modernity and comfort.

Choose a pair of slick black joggers and pair it with a fitted gray crewneck sweater.

Opt for black leather sneakers and a minimalist watch. Keep it streamlined with a slim black wallet and matte black shades.

A brewery date isn’t always about rough and rugged; it can be sleek too.

This outfit oozes modern appeal, and its monochromatic palette is universally flattering.

It’s an ensemble that can transition easily from daytime tasting to a nighttime brewery event.

7. Golden Ale Glow

Golden Ale Glow exudes warmth and sunshine.

Don a yellow sundress with small floral patterns, and match it with tan wedge sandals.

Throw over a lightweight cardigan in case it gets breezy. Complement with a straw tote bag and gold hoop earrings.

On a sunny day, this outfit is perfect for enjoying golden ales on the brewery’s patio.

The bright yellow mirrors the joy of a day out, and the floral patterns are playful and romantic.

It’s an outfit that’s as refreshing as the brews you’re tasting.

8. Barrel-Aged Beauty

Barrel-Aged Beauty captures an essence of timelessness.

Begin with a classic black midi skirt and a fitted white blouse. Team them with brown ankle boots and a wide belt to cinch the waist.

A vintage watch and a structured leather handbag complete the look.

Breweries often have a rustic charm, echoing years of tradition.

This outfit matches that ambiance, combining modern femininity with timeless pieces.

It offers a sophisticated way to enjoy the rich history of brewing while still looking chic and stylish.

9. Crafted in Comfort

Crafted in Comfort is all about relaxed vibes.

Throw on a soft pair of joggers and a loose-fitting crewneck sweatshirt. Complement with slip-on sneakers and a beanie.

A canvas backpack and minimalistic stud earrings keep things casual yet functional.

Breweries are places to kick back, and this outfit is perfect for doing just that.

The joggers and sweatshirt provide maximum comfort, while the slip-on sneakers and beanie offer an effortlessly stylish touch, making it a go-to outfit for a laid-back brewery tour.

10. Frothy Fashionista

Frothy Fashionista fuses high fashion with brewery-appropriate attire.

Think a sleek pair of leather leggings combined with an oversized, off-the-shoulder knit sweater.

Add stiletto ankle boots for height, and accessorize with statement earrings and a chic clutch.

Beer tasting doesn’t always have to be casual. This outfit adds a touch of runway flair to the brewery scene.

The leather leggings elevate the entire ensemble, while the oversized knit ensures you’re snug and cozy while sipping on your favorite brews.

11. Hoppy Hour Hero

Hoppy Hour Hero embraces the happy hour spirit.

Opt for a collared short-sleeve shirt paired with tailored shorts. Finish with loafers and a stylish wristwatch.

A messenger bag and aviator sunglasses round off the look perfectly.

This outfit is perfect for those sunny afternoons when the brewery transforms into a lively hub of chatter and cheers.

he collared shirt keeps things semi-formal, while the tailored shorts ensure you stay cool.

It’s a harmonious blend of style and comfort, ready for a toast.

12. Brewmaster’s Muse

Brewmaster’s Muse is a nod to vintage brewing traditions.

Choose a tweed skirt with a tucked-in chambray shirt. Add brown knee-high boots and a chunky knit cardigan.

Vintage-inspired brooches and a satchel bag give that old-world charm.

This outfit is inspired by the age-old art of brewing.

The tweed and chambray represent timelessness, while the knee-high boots offer a touch of modern appeal. It’s an outfit that respects the legacy of brewing, with a touch of modern muse.

13. Stout & Stylish

Stout & Stylish offers a dark, sleek look.

Go for a black bodycon dress with a denim jacket thrown over. Pair with black ankle boots and silver layered necklaces.

A dark, smoky eye makeup and a leather sling bag complete this sultry ensemble.

Darker brews like stouts are rich and robust, and this outfit mirrors that intensity.

The bodycon dress showcases confidence, while the denim jacket keeps things approachable. It’s a captivating choice for a brewery date night.

14. Pilsner & Plaid

Pilsner & Plaid brings out the casual charm.

Don a plaid shirt over a plain tee, combined with distressed jeans. Sport white sneakers and a baseball cap.

A leather wristband and a canvas tote bag add a touch of laid-back style.

Plaid has an undeniably relaxed vibe, which aligns perfectly with the mood of most breweries.

The distressed jeans add character, and the white sneakers are both stylish and comfortable. It’s an ideal outfit for a day of tasting and toasting.

15. Ale’s Autumn Admire

Ale’s Autumn Admire encapsulates the essence of fall.

Opt for a mustard-colored knit sweater paired with skinny burgundy jeans.

A pair of brown ankle booties and a lightweight scarf in earthy tones perfectly complements the season.

Finish with gold leaf-shaped earrings and a suede crossbody bag.

Breweries often release special seasonal brews in autumn, and this outfit matches that cozy, warming sensation.

The colors are reminiscent of falling leaves, and the knit sweater keeps you toasty as temperatures drop, ensuring you look and feel great savoring those autumnal ales.

16. Wheat-Whimsy Wonder

Wheat-Whimsy Wonder introduces a touch of playful innocence.

Dress in a flowy white skirt and a light blue crop top. Pair it with white strappy sandals and a straw sun hat.

A dainty pendant necklace and a woven basket bag add to the whimsical charm.

Light wheat beers are crisp and refreshing, just like this outfit.

The ensemble gives off a breezy, summery vibe that’s perfect for enjoying a brew under the sun.

It’s a delightful choice for an afternoon date at a brewery garden.

17. Saison Sophisticate

Saison Sophisticate exemplifies casual refinement.

Choose tailored beige trousers and a crisp white button-down shirt. Add some flair with dark brown leather loafers and a matching leather belt.

A thin gold watch and classic aviator sunglasses elevate the look.

Inspired by the sophisticated and often complex flavors of saisons, this outfit oozes refinement without being overly formal.

It balances relaxed and classy, ensuring you’re perfectly dressed for a date at a high-end brewery or craft beer tasting event.

18. Doppelbock Dapper

Doppelbock Dapper takes a cue from traditional German attire.

Adorn in dark-colored suspenders over a white long-sleeved henley. Pair with dark khaki shorts and brown leather brogues.

A flat cap and a pocket watch tie together this old-world charm.

Doppelbocks have a rich history in German brewing tradition. This outfit pays homage to that heritage, offering a blend of old and new.

It’s a distinctive choice for a brewery date, ensuring you stand out and spark conversation.

19. Malt Maven

Malt Maven resonates with earthy tones.

Slip into a terracotta midi dress with a belted waist. Complement with tan mules and a matching leather jacket for chillier moments.

Brass geometric earrings and a neutral clutch complete the grounded look.

Breweries, with their artisanal approach, pair well with earthy, natural colors.

This outfit captures that essence while being effortlessly stylish. The midi dress flatters, and the accessories enhance, making you ready for any brewery backdrop.

20. Porter’s Night Prowess

Porter’s Night Prowess is all about nighttime allure.

Dress in a sleek black jumpsuit with a deep neckline. Pair with silver stiletto heels and a sequined blazer for added shimmer.

Crystal chandelier earrings and a patent leather clutch pull the sultry ensemble together.

Dark, rich porters are nighttime favorites, and this outfit mirrors their deep allure.

The jumpsuit offers elegance, while the sequined blazer captures the ambient lighting of a brewery at night.

It’s the perfect attire for an evening of elegance and brews.

21. Lambic Luxe

Lambic Luxe speaks to the unique and fruity flavors of lambics.

Wear a vibrant, patterned maxi dress with hues of berries. Team with strappy gold sandals and a lightweight white shrug.

A berry-tinted lip and statement beaded earrings tie the look together.

Lambics, with their fruity undertones, call for an outfit that’s both vibrant and sophisticated.

The maxi dress stands out while the accessories balance, creating an ensemble that’s a mix of fun and finesse.

It’s a beautiful choice for a summer brewery soiree.

22. Rye Radiance

Rye Radiance takes inspiration from the spiciness of rye beers.

Go for a textured mini skirt paired with a burnt orange blouse. Add heeled ankle boots and a chunky knit cardigan.

A statement necklace with amber tones and a fringe handbag enhance the spicy vibes.

Rye beers offer a unique twist to traditional brews, and this outfit reflects that unconventional charm.

The textures and colors mirror the richness of rye, making you both stylish and in sync with the brewery theme.

23. IPA Inspire

IPA Inspire is a nod to the hop-forward nature of IPAs.

Embrace a green, leaf-patterned wrap dress that accentuates the waist. Team it with nude wedges and a lightweight denim jacket.

A hop pendant necklace and a structured tan tote bag make you the muse of IPA lovers.

The bitterness of IPAs is iconic, and this outfit captures its refreshing character.

The green motifs on the dress resonate with the hoppy essence of the brew, while the accessories keep the look grounded and date-ready, making it a playful choice for an IPA tasting session.

24. Lager’s Luminance

Lager’s Luminance is about embracing the light, easy-going nature of lagers.

Adorn in pale blue skinny jeans with a white off-the-shoulder top. Add espadrille sandals and a gold-layered necklace.

A woven sun hat and a beaded clutch complete this sun-kissed look.

Lagers are synonymous with sunny days and relaxation. This ensemble is breezy and comfortable, making it ideal for a leisurely day at a brewery garden.

The hues mirror the clarity of a lager, ensuring you shine with every sip.

25. Belgian Elegance

Belgian Elegance brings forth the finesse of Belgian brews.

Choose a pleated midi skirt in a royal hue like deep purple. Pair with a fitted black turtleneck and black ankle-strap heels.

Gold statement earrings and a velvet handbag enhance the richness.

Belgian beers, renowned for their depth and complexity, deserve an outfit that reflects the same elegance.

The midi skirt showcases refinement, while the turtleneck adds a touch of class. It’s a sophisticated choice for a Belgian beer tasting evening.

26. Amber Ambition

Amber Ambition embodies the rich, malty character of amber ales.

Don a caramel-colored jumpsuit with a belted waist. Complement with deep brown heeled sandals and a leather jacket.

Amber-toned jewelry and a sleek envelope clutch give you that perfect brewery glow.

Amber ales are all about balance and warmth. This outfit exudes the same vibes, offering both comfort and style.

The jumpsuit is both relaxed and chic, making it a fitting choice for an intimate brewery date.

27. Cream Ale Casual

Cream Ale Casual is inspired by the smoothness of cream ales.

Wear beige chino shorts paired with a light cream sleeveless blouse. Slip into white canvas sneakers and throw on a pastel baseball cap.

A minimalist watch and a canvas backpack keep it relaxed and practical.

Cream ales are refreshingly smooth, and this outfit reflects that easy-going nature.

It’s the perfect blend of casual and stylish, ensuring you feel at ease while still turning heads at the brewery.

28. Stellar Stout Star

Stellar Stout Star mirrors the dark allure of stouts.

Opt for a deep brown or black velvet dress with a slight shimmer. Pair with knee-high leather boots and a silver choker necklace.

Smoky eye makeup and a sequined clutch make you the star of the evening.

Stouts are rich, dark, and often have a hint of sweetness.

This outfit captures the mysterious appeal of stouts, making you shine in the dim ambiance of a brewery at night.

It’s an outfit that promises both warmth and allure.

29. Pilsner Poise

Pilsner Poise is a nod to the crisp and clear nature of pilsners.

Dress in tailored white linen pants with a pastel-colored tucked-in blouse. Accessorize with tan sandals and a dainty pearl necklace.

A wide-brimmed sun hat and a clear tote bag tie the ensemble together.

Pilsners are all about clarity and freshness.

This outfit is crisp, clean, and stylish, mirroring the refreshing feel of a chilled pilsner. Perfect for a sunny day at the brewery, this look radiates charm and poise.

30. Farmhouse Fresh

Farmhouse Fresh celebrates the rustic and artisanal essence of farmhouse ales.

Slip into a checkered midi dress, cinched at the waist with a leather belt. Brown lace-up boots and a braided headband accentuate the country feel.

A basket bag and dangle earrings with wooden accents complete the pastoral vibe.

Farmhouse ales, with their earthy tones and spontaneous fermentation, evoke a countryside feel.

This outfit mirrors that rustic charm, making it a perfect choice for an authentic brewery experience.

It’s the epitome of country chic, combining elegance with a touch of the rural.

31. Barleywine Brilliance

Barleywine Brilliance plays with the rich and robust nature of barleywines.

Don a maroon velvet blazer over a silky gold camisole. Pair with black palazzo pants and pointed-toe heels.

A chunky gold bracelet and a dark, luxurious clutch make the look opulent.

Barleywines stand out with their strong alcohol content and depth of flavor.

This ensemble is both powerful and luxurious, reflecting the potency and richness of the drink.

It’s an outfit that promises to turn heads, ensuring you’re the center of attention during a tasting session.

32. Sessionable Style

Sessionable Style is inspired by session beers that are light and easy-going.

Sport high-waist denim shorts paired with a relaxed graphic tee. Slip-on sneakers and a sun visor cap make it cool and casual.

A canvas sling bag and layered bracelets add a youthful touch.

Session beers are made for longer drinking sessions, and this outfit ensures you’re comfortable throughout.

It’s a relaxed and playful ensemble, perfect for those who enjoy a laid-back brewery atmosphere.

It’s the epitome of casual brewery fashion, ensuring ease and style.

33. Hefeweizen Harmony

Hefeweizen Harmony captures the light and fruity nuances of hefeweizens.

Choose a flowy white sundress with subtle floral prints. Pair with strappy sandals and a light cardigan.

A wicker basket purse and citrus-inspired earrings reflect the beer’s character.

Hefeweizens, known for their wheaty base and banana or clove undertones, are summer favorites.

This outfit radiates summertime bliss, making it perfect for enjoying a chilled hefeweizen on a sunlit patio.

It’s breezy, bright, and harmoniously aligned with the beer’s vibe.

34. Gruit Grace

Gruit Grace pays homage to the ancient beer style made with herbs.

Wear an earth-toned maxi skirt and a moss green fitted top. Leather gladiator sandals and a pendant with a herbal motif reflect the brew’s roots.

A leather cuff bracelet and a pouch-style bag accentuate the historical touch.

Gruits, with their herbal notes and rich history, deserve an outfit that’s both grounded and graceful.

This ensemble combines modern fashion with historical elements, ensuring you resonate with the ancient brewing traditions while looking effortlessly chic.

35. Witbier Whimsy

Witbier Whimsy is a nod to the light and zesty Belgian wheat beer.

Don a sheer white blouse with lace details, paired with high-waist pastel shorts. White ballet flats and a headband with a bow add a girlish charm.

Finish with a circular rattan bag and dainty silver anklets.

Witbiers, often brewed with coriander and orange peel, are delicate and playful.

This outfit is fresh and youthful, mirroring the beer’s sprightliness.

It’s an ensemble that’s perfect for a sunny day, ensuring you feel light and lively at the brewery.

36. Kölsch Class

Kölsch Class embodies the elegance of the German Kölsch style.

Sport a navy A-line dress with a modest neckline. Pair with tan block heels and a structured blazer.

A pearl necklace and a small leather handbag elevate the sophistication.

Kölsch beers are all about clarity, crispness, and a slight fruitiness. This outfit is sleek and refined, much like the beer itself.

It’s perfect for a more upscale brewery or a classy beer tasting event, ensuring you’re dressed to impress.

37. Bock’s Best

Bock’s Best pays homage to the malty richness of bocks.

Opt for a caramel turtleneck sweater tucked into a pleated leather skirt.

Knee-high suede boots and a wool beret cap add a touch of European charm. Finish with gold hoop earrings and a structured tote.

Bocks, with their deep malt profile and German origins, are comforting and classic.

This ensemble melds warmth and style, perfectly capturing the essence of the brew.

It’s ideal for cooler brewery visits, ensuring you’re both cozy and chic.

38. Sour Sophisticate

Sour Sophisticate is inspired by the tart and funky sour ales.

Don a fuchsia pencil skirt paired with a charcoal gray blouse. Black stiletto heels and a silver cuff bracelet add elegance.

A clutch with geometric patterns and statement drop earrings evoke the beer’s unique character.

Sour beers challenge the palate with their unique flavor profile.

This outfit is both bold and elegant, reflecting the adventurous spirit of sour ale enthusiasts. It’s a look that promises to stand out, much like the beer itself.

39. Trappist Tradition

Trappist Tradition plays on the monastic roots of Trappist ales.

Wear a long burgundy maxi dress with a cinched waist. Pair with brown leather sandals and a draped beige shawl.

Wooden beaded necklaces and a leather-bound journal as an accessory evoke monastic simplicity.

Trappist ales, crafted with centuries-old traditions, are rich in history.

This outfit is a blend of simplicity and depth, mirroring the monastic brewing heritage.

It’s an ensemble that combines reverence for the past with contemporary style.

40. Pale Ale Poet

Pale Ale Poet captures the creative spirit of craft beer lovers.

Go for distressed boyfriend jeans paired with a loose, white poetic blouse with ruffled sleeves. Brown ankle boots and a leather journal-style purse complete the look.

Bronze bangles and a feather pendant emphasize the artistic flair.

Pale ales, with their balanced profile, are a staple in the craft beer world.

This outfit exudes a relaxed and artsy vibe, perfect for sipping on a pint while engaging in deep conversations.

It’s a blend of comfort and creativity, reflecting the spirit of craft beer enthusiasts.

41. Märzen Muse

Märzen Muse is a nod to Oktoberfest’s favorite, the Märzen lager.

Dress in a plaid A-line dress with colors reflecting autumn hues.

Pair with brown lace-up booties and a rustic leather belt. Bavarian-inspired jewelry and a braided headpiece enhance the festive mood.

Oktoberfest is a celebration of beer and tradition.

This outfit blends festival flair with everyday wearability, ensuring you’re ready for any Oktoberfest-themed brewery event.

It’s a charming choice that radiates joy and celebration.

42. Dubbel’s Depth

Dubbel’s Depth dives into the richness of Belgian dubbels.

Opt for a deep chocolate-colored wrap dress that flatters the figure. Gold strappy heels and a matching choker highlight the beer’s caramel notes.

A velvety handbag and amber drop earrings emphasize the brew’s depth.

Dubbels, known for their dark fruit and caramel flavors, are complex and luxurious.

This ensemble captures that richness, ensuring you’re dressed to reflect the depth and elegance of the brew. It’s a look that promises both sophistication and allure.

43. RyePA Radiance

RyePA Radiance mirrors the spiciness of Rye IPAs.

Wear a striped asymmetrical skirt with a fiery orange top. Tan wedge sandals and a chunky wooden necklace amplify the earthy tones.

A raffia clutch and sunburst earrings capture the brew’s vibrancy.

Rye IPAs blend the bitterness of hops with the spicy character of rye.

This outfit is both vibrant and grounded, perfectly capturing the dual nature of the beer. It’s an ensemble that’s equally suited for a day or evening brewery visit.

44. Quad’s Quest

Quad’s Quest taps into the intensity of Belgian quads.

Don a royal blue velvet jumpsuit with a gold belt cinching the waist. Black stilettos and a dark cape or shawl emphasize the beer’s potency.

Gold statement rings and a jeweled clutch elevate the ensemble.

Quads, with their high alcohol content and deep flavors, are powerful and captivating.

This outfit exudes similar strength and allure, making it a fit for the intense character of the beer. It’s a choice that promises to turn heads and spark conversation.

45. Gose Glam

Gose Glam celebrates the salty and sour nuances of gose beers.

Opt for a sea-green playsuit with silver details. White espadrilles and a beachy tote bag enhance the coastal vibe.

Shell earrings and a layered anklet round off this breezy look.

Goses, with their hint of salinity, evoke memories of the sea. This outfit mirrors that breezy, beachy feel, making it perfect for a summer day at the brewery.

It’s light, playful, and perfectly in tune with the beer’s character.

46. Tripel Trendsetter

Tripel Trendsetter draws from the strong and fruity character of Belgian tripels.

Sport a high-waist golden-yellow skirt with a sheer black blouse.

Black block heels and a wide-brimmed hat offer a trendy touch. A geometric gold necklace and a minimalist handbag refine the look.

Tripels are both potent and delicate, often exuding fruity and spicy notes.

This ensemble captures that balance, offering a blend of bold colors and sheer materials. It’s an outfit that’s fashion-forward and perfectly aligned with the beer’s elegance.

47. Ale’s Avant-Garde

Ale’s Avant-Garde is inspired by the experimental nature of craft ales.

Wear a mismatched patterned ensemble—like polka dot pants with a striped top. Red ankle boots and oversized sunglasses give a quirky touch.

A sling bag with abstract designs and mismatched earrings highlight the spirit of innovation.

Craft ales often push boundaries, and this outfit does the same.

It’s a mix of patterns and styles, reflecting the innovative spirit of craft brewing. It’s a daring choice for those looking to make a statement during their brewery date.

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery for Women

You should wear something casual but chic that shows your personality. 

There are a few factors to consider when choosing an outfit for the brewery. Keep these in mind when choosing your outfit.

First, wear comfortable shoes in case you will be walking around for a tour. Spilled beer can also be rather slippery!

Second, layer your clothes. It will keep you warm if it’s chilly (hopefully not too much). If you get overheated, you can shed layers as needed. This allows you to adjust to shifting temperatures without feeling trapped in a freezer or boiler room.

Third, be sure to wear fabrics that breathe well. Natural fibers like cotton and linen work well.

Three women in different outfits—What to wear on a date to a brewery for females
Image by author via Canva—What to Wear On a Date to a Brewery?

Here are a few good outfit ideas for you:

  • Earth tones and warm hues like green, brown, and red in layers with some jewelry or accessories. A light jacket or hoodie is also perfect in case it’s cold.
  • Summer dress paired with cute, open-toed shoes.
  • Jeans and blouse, or jeans and a designer T-shirt.

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What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery for Men

 Men, I recommend one of these three things for a brewery date: 

  1. A classic button-down shirt and denim or chino shorts (always good).
  2. Something fun like a printed tee with an old pair of Levi’s 501 jeans.
  3. Something formal for the evening such as an executive blazer paired with dark slim-fit jeans.

Three men in different date outfits—what to wear on a date to a brewery for men
Image by author via Canva—what to wear on a date to a brewery?

But… don’t be afraid to get creative!

There are tons of vintage shops out there that have great items that will stand out at the brewery! Best way to decide? Try out a few different options in front of the mirror to find what looks best.

Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Summer

It depends on what atmosphere you want to create. The best outfits for hot weather are light and breezy.

For women, go for something like:

  • Jeans or a skirt with a cute top.
  • Flared pants or denim shorts with sandals or flats.
  • A cool-toned tank with jeans complemented by a bright yellow shirt or vest.
  • Dark green pants would also match well here. Add some cork wedges for extra fun.
  • Dark blue denim shorts with sandals and embellished v-neck blouse or loose tee. Pile up on chunky jewels such as rings and bracelets for every last sparkle before pairing this whole look with a chic floppy hat.

You could show up with a flowy dress or anything breezy so you don’t get too hot.

For men:

  • Chino shorts and a polo shirt
  • A T-shirt or polo with a nice watch, sunglasses, sturdy sandals, or tennis shoes with a back
  • Fitted jeans with a light button-down shirt and boat shoes

One last recommendation: don’t wear nylon or polyester! These fabrics tend to trap sweat more than other fabrics—which can lead to smelling undesirable after an hour or so at the brewery.

Trust me on this one 😉

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Winter

On a date to a brewery in the winter, it’s good to be comfortable and cozy. 

You’ll want to wear something warm that offers protection against the cold. I recommend going with wool or thick cotton layers in colors like brown, red, or green.

Pants have an advantage over skirts and shorts as they provide more coverage from the wind, snow, and cold temperatures!

In addition to looking amazing on anyone who wears them, hats are a key accessory for your brewery-date outfit. 

There are so many different kinds of hats that will work. Maybe even wear one of those cute fedoras with earflaps.

A long coat is always a good option, as are boots. Scarves are popular so may want to go with one of those —just be sure you’re willing to take it off at the brewery and put it back on when leaving.

I personally like matching the outerwear colors and wearing white underneath. 

You could also wear a dress or pair of jeans influenced by a specific region’s culture—say German beer hall clothes, for example, Bavarian lederhosen, or dirndls, if available.

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Fall 

If you plan to head to a brewery date in the fall, shoot for cute and warm with earthy colors. If meeting for drinks closer to sunset, try neutrals like black, navy, or cocoa.

For men:

  • Jeans (dark wash or black)
  • Button up shirt or sweater
  • Shoes you can walk around in all evening (Avoid footwear that won’t let your feet breathe)

For women:

  • Comfy flats for walking around and standing
  • Fitted Jeans or denim leggings
  • A sweater or cardigan to wear with jeans so it’s easier to tuck in as well as layer over a casual top
  • Cropped utility or moto jacket

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Spring

When choosing your outfit for a brewery date in spring, you want to consider a few factors: the ambiance of the brewery, whether it is nighttime or daytime, who will be at the brewery, the weather, and where you are going afterward (if anywhere).

If there are food trucks outside and loud music inside, loose-fitting clothes would be perfect because they will make sense in both environments.

They still feel light to wear in an outdoor environment with livelier sounds—like table talk and laughter spilling from doors open to fresh air.

Or from waitresses buzzing about with busy hands under strings of lights.

Here are two outfits where you can both be comfortable—one for early spring when lows might dip down into the 40s (or lower) in some places, and one for late spring when lows sometimes stay in the 70s all night long.

For Early Spring

Women: You can wear a 3/4 length coat or raincoat (depending on the weather), skinny jeans, flat lace-up boots or ankle boots, and a bell-sleeve shirt or tie knot front blouse.

Men: Wear a button-up shirt, polo, or t-shirt (turquoise is my favorite color) with straight or tapered jeans.

You can find this style of clothing at Ross or Nordstrom Rack stores (or most places online), and you’ll not only look sharp but will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

For Late Spring

Women: If it’s a warm spring day, you may want to stick with an airy, flowing dress with sandals (or refer to the summer outfit suggestions).

Also, check out my recommendations for what to wear on a zoo date.

Men: I recommend wearing jeans or nice dress pants that are slightly fitted with a T-shirt or a button-down shirt.

A blazer over the shirt would also work well depending on the temperature and type of establishment.

Men should always be looking their absolute best when they go out on a date, but it’s important not to feel overdressed at such laid-back date locations as breweries, and any other casual place you might want to hit up after having drinks.

For the really adventurous couple: If you want to have a lot of fun (and it’s appropriate), why not show up in a full costume?

What To Wear on a First Date to a Brewery

If this is the first date, you want to look your absolute best.

First impressions, as they say, can be lasting impressions. One thing to consider is the color of your clothes. While any color can do, I often suggest that both men and women wear black on a first date.

Almost everyone looks good in black.

Men should consider a thin, long-sleeve linen t-shirt or button-down shirt. This gives the impression of being comfortable but still looking sharp and put together.

A pair of jeans with some comfortable boat shoes go well with the setting, making sure that you won’t scuff up a brewery’s floors.

Athletic shoes are a no-go here so don’t wear them on this date night.

As for women, keep it casual with a light t-shirt, flirty blouse, or spaghetti strap sundress.

Here are some other tips for what to wear on a first date to a brewery:

  • This is the first date and you want them to get to know the best version of yourself rather than an awkward, sweaty self-conscious version.
  • You don’t always need heels but, if you’re going for a more fancy brewery, then maybe skip those dirty athletic sneakers.
  • A brewery is unlikely to have any sort of fancy dress code, so just go with something classy and comfortable that also flatters your figure.
  • Oh, and don’t forget the bobby pins – no one likes hair flip-outs when they’re trying to down a drink 😉

What Not To Wear on a Date to a Brewery

Avoid low-cut tops or anything that’s too fancy (beer doesn’t mix well with Goldilocks).

This is all about letting loose and feeling comfortable. You probably want to avoid anything too overdressed and flashy, because breweries are more of a casual hangout place.

At the same time, you probably don’t want to go totally casual since it’s a date and you probably want to make a good impression on the other person.

So try to strike a balance between wedding attire and homeless person.

What else not to wear on a date to a brewery:

  • Tons of jewelry
  • Anything uncomfortable
  • Anything too tight or revealing (a brewery is not a nightclub)
  • Anything dirty or wrinkled
  • Anything that will show spilled beer (it’s a brewery after all!)

Of course, all of these suggestions might be moot depending on where you go after drinks. Remember to keep the entire date in mind when choosing your attire.

Here’s a 5-minute video of more things never to wear on a date:

Video by Takara Oneá via YouTube—What to wear on a date to a brewery?

Final Thoughts: What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery

There’s something about a brewery that makes a perfect first date. The entire atmosphere, vibe, and of course the drinks help facilitate two people getting to know each other.

Of course, just as important as the date is how to text the other person after the date.

I have lots of other articles on this site about dating, so have a look around.

Thanks for reading!