What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery (24 Real Examples)

Knowing what to wear on a first date to a brewery can be tricky. But, don’t sweat, we have you covered.

What to wear on a date to a brewery?

When you go on a date to a brewery, you should wear something casual, nice, and that shows your personality. The exact outfit depends on the weather, but jeans and a designer t-shirt make a perfect outfit for men or women. Women can also try a summer dress or jeans with a blouse.

The first rule of dressing for a brewery date is to be comfortable.

If you are uncomfortable in your clothes it will be hard to have a good time, and the night will only get worse if any accidental spills happen.

If you want to find out the perfect outfits to wear on a brewery date in all four seasons, and what to definitely NEVER wear to a beer garden date, then this post is for you!

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What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery for Females

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6 glasses of beer on a flight—what to wear on a date to a brewery
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You should wear something casual but chic that shows your personality. 

There are a few factors to consider when choosing an outfit for the brewery. Keep these in mind when choosing your outfit.

First, wear comfortable shoes in case you will be walking around for a tour. Spilled beer can also be rather slippery!

Second, layer your clothes. It will keep you warm if it’s chilly (hopefully not too much). If you get overheated, you can shed layers as needed. This allows you to adjust to shifting temperatures without feeling trapped in a freezer or boiler room.

Third, be sure to wear fabrics that breathe well. Natural fibers like cotton and linen work well.

Three women in different outfits—What to wear on a date to a brewery for females
Image by author via Canva—What to Wear On a Date to a Brewery

Here are a few good outfit ideas for you:

  • Earth tones and warm hues like green, brown, and red in layers with some jewelry or accessories. A light jacket or hoodie is also perfect in case it’s cold.
  • Summer dress paired with cute, open-toed shoes.
  • Jeans and blouse, or jeans and a designer t-shirt.

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What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery for Men

 Men, I recommend one of these three things for a brewery date: 

  1. A classic button-down shirt and denim or chino shorts (always good).
  2. Something fun like a printed tee with an old pair of Levi’s 501 jeans.
  3. Something formal for the evening such as an executive blazer paired with dark slim-fit jeans.

Three men in different date outfits—what to wear on a date to a brewery for men
Image by author via Canva—what to wear on a date to a brewery?

But… don’t be afraid to get creative!

There are tons of vintage shops out there that have great items that will stand out at the brewery! Best way to decide? Try out a few different options in front of the mirror to find what looks best.

Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Summer

It depends on what atmosphere you want to create. The best outfits for hot weather are light and breezy.

For women, go for something like:

  • Jeans or a skirt with a cute top.
  • Flared pants or denim shorts with sandals or flats.
  • A cool-toned tank with jeans complemented by a bright yellow shirt or vest.
  • Dark green pants would also match well here. Add some cork wedges for extra fun.
  • Dark blue denim shorts with sandals and embellished v-neck blouse or loose tee. Pile up on chunky jewels such as rings and bracelets for every last sparkle before pairing this whole look together with a chic floppy hat.

You could show up with a flowy dress or anything breezy so you don’t get too hot.

For men:

  • Chino shorts and a polo shirt
  • T-shirt or polo with a nice watch, sunglasses, sturdy sandals, or tennis shoes with a back
  • Fitted jeans with a light button-down shirt and boat shoes

One last recommendation: don’t wear nylon or polyester! These fabrics tend to trap sweat more than other fabrics—which can lead to smelling undesirable after an hour or so at the brewery.

Trust me on this one 😉

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Winter

On a date to a brewery in the winter, it’s good to be comfortable and cozy. 

You’ll want to wear something warm that offers protection against the cold. I recommend going with wool or thick cotton layers in colors like brown, red, or green.

Pants have an advantage over skirts and shorts as they provide more coverage from the wind, snow, and cold temperatures!

In addition to looking amazing on anyone who wears them, hats are a key accessory for your brewery-date outfit. 

There are so many different kinds of hats that will work! Maybe even wear one of those cute fedoras with ear flaps!

A long coat is always a good option, as are boots. Scarves are popular so may want to go with one of those —just be sure you’re willing to take it off at the brewery and put it back on when leaving! 

I personally like matching the outerwear colors and wearing white underneath. 

You could also wear a dress or pair of jeans influenced by a specific region’s culture—say German beer hall clothes, for example, Bavarian lederhosen, or dirndls, if available.

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Fall 

If you plan to head to a brewery date in the fall, shoot for cute and warm with earthy colors. If meeting for drinks closer to sunset, try neutrals like black, navy, or cocoa.

For men:

  • Jeans (dark wash or black)
  • Button up shirt or sweater
  • Shoes you can walk around in all evening (Avoid footwear that won’t let your feet breathe)

For women:

  • Comfy flats for walking around and standing
  • Fitted Jeans or denim leggings
  • A sweater or cardigan to wear with jeans so it’s easier to tuck in as well as layer over a casual top
  • Cropped utlility or moto jacket

What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery in the Spring

When choosing your outfit for a brewery date in spring, you want to consider a few factors: the ambiance of the brewery, if it is nighttime or daytime, who will be at the brewery, the weather, and where you are going afterward (if anywhere).

If there are food trucks outside and loud music inside, loose-fitting clothes would be perfect because they will make sense in both environments.

They still feel light to wear in an outdoor environment with livelier sounds—like table talk and laughter spilling from doors open to fresh air.

Or from waitresses buzzing about with busy hands under strings of lights.

Here are two outfits where you can both be comfortable—one for an early spring when lows might dip down into the 40s (or lower) in some places, and one for late spring when lows sometimes stay in the 70s all night long.

For Early Spring

Women: You can wear a 3/4 length coat or raincoat (depending on the weather), skinny jeans, flat lace-up boots or ankle boots, and a bell-sleeve shirt or tie knot front blouse.

Men: Wear a button-up shirt, polo, or t-shirt (turquoise is my favorite color) with straight or tapered jeans.

You can find this style of clothing at Ross or Nordstrom Rack stores (or most places online), and you’ll not only look sharp but will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

For Late Spring

Women: If it’s a warm spring day, you may want to stick with an airy, flowing dress with sandals (or refer to the summer outfit suggestions).

Also, check out my recommendations for what to wear on a zoo date.

Men: I recommend wearing jeans or nice dress pants that are slightly fitted with a t-shirt or a button-down shirt.

A blazer over the shirt would also work well depending on the temperature and type of establishment.

Men should always be looking their absolute best when they go out on a date, but it’s important not to feel overdressed at such laid-back date locations as breweries, and any other casual place you might want to hit up after having drinks.

For the really adventurous couple: If you want to have a lot of fun (and it’s appropriate), why not show up in a full costume?

What To Wear on a First Date to a Brewery

If this is the first date, you want to look your absolute best.

First impressions, as they say, can be lasting impressions. One thing to consider is the color of your clothes. While any color can do, I often suggest that both men and women wear black on a first date.

Almost everyone looks good in black.

Men should consider a thin, long-sleeve linen t-shirt or button-down shirt. This gives the impression of being comfortable but still looking sharp and put together.

A pair of jeans with some comfortable boat shoes go well with the setting, making sure that you won’t scuff up a brewery’s floors.

Athletic shoes are a no-go here so don’t wear them on this date night.

As for women, keep it casual with a light t-shirt, flirty blouse, or spaghetti strap sundress.

Here are some other tips for what to wear on a first date to a brewery:

  • This is the first date and you want them to get to know the best version of yourself rather than an awkward, sweaty self-conscious version.
  • You don’t always need heels but, if you’re going for a more fancy brewery, then maybe skip those dirty athletic sneakers.
  • A brewery is unlikely to have any sort of fancy dress code, so just go with something classy and comfortable that also flatters your figure.
  • Oh, and don’t forget the bobby pins – no one likes hair flip outs when they’re trying to down a drink 😉

What Not To Wear on a Date to a Brewery

Avoid low-cut tops or anything that’s too fancy (beer doesn’t mix well with Goldilocks). This is all about letting loose and feeling comfortable. You probably want to avoid anything to overdressed and flashy, because breweries are more of a casual hangout place.

At the same time, you probably don’t want to go totally casual since it’s a date and you probably want to make a good impression on the other person.

So try to strike a balance between wedding attire and homeless person.

What else not to wear on a date to a brewery:

  • Tons of jewelry
  • Anything uncomfortable
  • Anything too tight or revealing (a brewery is not a nightclub)
  • Anything dirty or wrinkled
  • Anything that will show spilled beer (it’s a brewery after all!)

Of course, all of these suggestions might be moot depending on where you go after drinks. Remember to keep the entire date in mind when choosing your attire.

Here’s a 5-minute video of more things never to wear on a date:

Video by Takara Oneá via YouTube—What to wear on a date to a brewery?

Final Thoughts: What To Wear on a Date to a Brewery

There’s something about a brewery that makes a perfect first date. The entire atmosphere, vibe, and of course the drinks help facilitate two people getting to know each other.

Of course, just as important as the date is how to text the other person after the date.

I have lots of other articles on this site about dating, so have a look around!

Thanks for reading!