What Does It Mean When a Girl Says Aww You’re So Sweet?

Words and phrases from a girl you like can seem like the most impossible language puzzle.

For example, what does it mean when a girl says, “Aww you’re so sweet?”

When a girl says, “Aww you’re so sweet,” she is usually being polite and giving you an honest compliment. The deeper meaning depends on the context of your relationship. If she likes you, she could be flirting. However, if she is not interested in you, she may be placing you in the friend zone.

The only way to know the exact meaning is to ask her, watch her actions, and study the information in this article.

We’re going to cover all five common meanings of “Aww you’re so sweet” and exactly how you should respond to get the results you want.

When a Girl Says Aww You’re So Sweet (5 Meanings You Need To Know)

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When a girl says, “Aww you’re so sweet” there can be at least five different meanings. What matters most is the context. When did she say it, where did she say it, and how did she say it?

These are all important factors in riddling out her meaning.

Are you in a relationship? Are you dating or exclusive? What’s her body language say?

Keeping those variables in mind, let’s look at five different meanings of “aww you’re so sweet.”

The five meanings:

  1. She thinks you did something sweet
  2. She is just being polite
  3. She is rejecting you in a friendly way
  4. She is placing you in the friend zone
  5. She is flirting with you

Now that you know the surface meanings, we’re going to dig in a bit to uncover the juicy details.

1) She thinks you did something sweet

In my experience, it generally means that the girl thinks you did something very sweet, either for them or for someone else. The simplest answer is usually correct.

Some examples of things girls would typically classify as “sweet”: paying for dinner when they offered to pay already, bringing them flowers, or doing something like fixing their computer.

Sweet isn’t usually used with an overly romantic tone though—they might also say “thank you so much,” “you’re the sweetest,” or “you’re the best”.

All of these compliments do not mean she is romantically interested in you. She just thinks you did something sweet. So, I wouldn’t read into the phrase anything other than the obvious.

2) She is being polite

When a girl says “aww you’re so sweet,” she might just want to be polite. It means that not only did you do something nice for her but also that she appreciates your effort and thoughtfulness.

She wants to show appreciation for the little things like offering her your umbrella in the rain or playing a game on Xbox with her.

Remember, it is always nice to know someone cares.

Sometimes people will say “aww, thanks” without meaning anything by it. They want to be polite and avoid being rude.

It doesn’t mean that she likes you, finds you attractive, or wants you to make a move.

It COULD mean all of those things, but I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion without more information: body language, tone, asking you lots of questions, wanting your attention, etc.

3) She is rejecting you in a friendly way

She means that she is rejecting your romantic advances in a friendly way.

If you’re not sure whether she’s being serious, ask her what she means. Most likely, she was just trying to compliment you or something.

When someone who considers themselves a friend says, “aww you’re so sweet,” it more often than not is seen as a way of politely refusing someone’s romantic efforts without hurting their feelings too much and leaving them with the impression that they are completely undesirable.

Instead of being direct and risking you getting upset, she lets you down easily.

She’s recognizing your advances and trying to be kind, instead of letting it ruin the friendship. Just don’t take the rejection personally.

That is a good way to make the situation worse for you (if you are, in fact, interested in dating her).

4) She is placing you in the friend zone

When a girl says, “Aww you’re so sweet,” she might be trying to put you in the friend zone—or letting you know she’s already put you there.

Some of the things a girl can say when putting you in the friend zone are, “I’m really glad we’re friends,” or “You’re so sweet.”

By saying those things, she’s trying to let you down easy and not get your hopes up about something more.

In other words, it’s an indication that she might view you as only a friend, brother, and not as a potential romantic partner.

You might think, “Hey, starting with a friendship might develop into a relationship later.” That could happen, but a 2015 study published in the Journal of Research on Adolescence clearly suggests that it is very unlikely to get out of the friendzone.

Their exact findings say: “Results primarily support the second hypothesis: Romantic partners are unlikely to be friends in the previous year or share the same cohesive subgroup, and opposite-gender friends are unlikely to transition to dating.”

Of course, it depends on the situation.

Some girls who call you sweet may also want to date you. Others will never date you.

When a woman likes a guy, one of her last thoughts is that he is sweet. She wants someone who will turn her on, give her butterflies, and make her weak in the knees.

There is a way to turn things around and possibly get out of the friend zone. The best way I’ve seen is in the book How To Be a 3% Man by Corey Wayne.

5) She is flirting with you

When a girl says “aww you’re so sweet,” it might mean she’s flirting with you. It could be an indication of interest.

When someone doesn’t want others to know about their intentions with someone else, they might say this comment instead of something more overt and direct.

It can really mean anything though because context is everything.

The key to knowing if she’s flirting is to watch her other behavior. Is she playing with her hair, giving you eye contact, smiling at you, laughing at your jokes even if they are not funny?

Is she asking you lots of questions or otherwise showing you interest and attention?

If she’s doing these things, then she’s probably flirting with you and wants you to make a move.

What Does It Mean When a Girl You Are Dating Says Awww You’re So Sweet?

The meaning changes when she is your girlfriend.

Girlfriends say, “You’re so sweet” to their boyfriends when they do something thoughtful for them. This could be cooking her dinner, or just leaving a cute little love note. 

When your girlfriend says it, the phrase means an honest compliment doused with affection. “You’re so sweet” means that she appreciates the fact that you care and want to please her. Guys, this isn’t an attempt to manipulate or guilt you.

In the end, though, she thinks you did something sweet, and she wants to let you know how she feels.

Is It Bad When a Girl Says Aww You’re So Sweet?

No, it’s not necessarily bad, but it might indicate a lack of interest in dating you. At best, it could mean she feels low interest in you romantically.

If you don’t want to date her, then it isn’t bad at all.

If you do want to date her, you can use it as a sign to change how you interact with her. Simple changes can sometimes make the difference between the friend zone and an eventual date.

Remember, girls do like sweet guys, but they often first want to date men who challenge and excite them.

What Do You Say When A Girl Says You’re Sweet?

When a girl says, “Aww you’re so sweet” to me, I say, “Thank you!” If she’s trying to flirt with me, then sometimes I will use that as an opportunity to flirt back by saying, “Only for you”.

If she says it in a really cute way, then I will tell her, “You’re not so bad yourself” (or something like that), to which she’ll probably laugh or blush. Her reaction will tell you how much or how little she may like you.

If she’s being sarcastic or teasing me, then I would counter with something equally disarming.

For example, if she says, “Aww you’re so sweet” in a sarcastic voice and then follows it with, “Oh, but you’re such an idiot”, I might say, “Thank you for noticing.”

But if she’s just politely complimenting me, then I’ll stick with, “Thank you”.

You could also try taking it a step further. For example, if a girl tells me that I am sweet and then says something like, “You’re the only guy that can make me laugh this hard”, then my response would be along the lines of, “Well, I really enjoy being around you. You’re such a great person and I’m happy that I can make you laugh.”

Here are a few other ways you could respond in person or by text:

  • Playful: “I have my moments.”
  • Recipricol: “Thank you—you are so sweet, too!”
  • Friendly: “Thanks! You just made my day.”
  • Flirty: “And so are you.” (Maybe with a sly smile or a playful wink)
  • Professional: “I appreciate you saying that” or “How kind of you to say.”

If you have been dating her awhile, then you might try something even more flirty like, “You make it easy” or even “Think so? Then you should taste my lips.”

Finally, when a girl says, “Aww you’re so sweet”, don’t take it too personally. Ultimately, it’s just words.

How Do You Respond to Aww You’re So Sweet?

We went over what to say, but how else can you respond?

Well, that depends on what you want out of the interaction and relationship with the girl. If you work together, or if you are just friends, then you probably don’t need to do anything more than say, “Thank you.”

But, what if you want something more with the girl? What if you want to date the girl?

Then you need to take a few more steps:

  1. Gauge her overall interest in you (Watch her body language, behavior, and active interest in you and your life).
  2. Stop acting like a friend (Be friendly, but also flirty and playful. Act like someone who wants to date her. Take the absolute best dating programs for guys—that actually work).
  3. If she seems interested, set what’s called a “definite date” (Schedule a specific day, time, and place at night).

Here’s a video from Corey Wayne on how to get out of the friend zone:

Video by Coach Corey Wayne via YouTube—When a girl says aww you’re so sweet?

What Does it Mean When a Girl Says, “You’re So Cute”?

If a girl says, “You’re so cute” or “You’re the cutest,” then she is giving you a positive compliment.

However, it does not mean that she likes you. Just like being sweet is not the best adjective from a girl you like, neither is “cute.”

Most women want to date guys who are hot, not cute.

Teddy bears are cute. Puppy dogs are cute. Children are cute. Women normally don’t use “cute” to describe the kind of guys they want to date. They say words like “attractive” or “good looking.”

Now, most girls won’t come out and say, “I think you are gorgeous,” so cute is not always a bad thing. The girl may be shy or just feel uncomfortable with using any other word than “cute.” That’s why reading her body language and understanding the context matter most.

So, when she says you are cute, she usually means that she doesn’t see you as dating potential (at least not right now).

You might be viewed as only a friend, not boyfriend material. That can feel discouraging, but not every girl is going to go gaga for you.

Final Thoughts: When a Girl Says Aww You’re So Sweet

The main takeaway from this post is to consider the overall context, the girl’s level of interest in you, and what you want out of the relationship. Once you have those down, you’ll know how to best proceed.

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