21 Nail Colors Guys Absolutely Love (Ultimate Guide)

We live in a competitive dating world. Nobody wants to miss out on any opportunities, especially because of nail color.

Here’s what nail colors guys absolutely love:

Guys love 21 different nail colors. Guys love blue marble, ruby red, coral, emerald, pink, lavender, gunmetal, leopard, natural, blackline, french manicure, checkerboard, purple, valentines, wiggle art, gingham, grey and burgundy, ombre, geometric, snowflake, and Caribbean blue.

You want to target the nail color to your specific guy.

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about what nail colors guys absolutely love.

What Nail Colors Do Guys Like? (21 Colors)

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Woman's face and hands with multi-colored nails—nail colors guys absolutely love
Image by the author via Canva—Nail colors guys absolutely love

There are 21 nail colors that drive men crazy.

After reading through this list, you’ll also find out what nail shape and nail length that guys prefer. It might sound silly but all of this really does matter to many guys.

Here are all the nail colors guys absolutely love.

1) Blue Marble Nails

Blue marble nails are ideal for sophisticated occasions where you want to inspire memories of winter fun.

The color is also perfect for girls who want to try something new without going overboard. Drops of nail polish are placed in a bowl of water and then swirled together to create a marbling appearance.

Here is my favorite blue marble nail polish.

If you need a full kit, I like this 35-piece nail kit from JODSONE.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Guys love blue marble nails because of the way the color pops against a girl’s skin tone.

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, two things that are often associated with feelings of peace and relaxation.

For many guys, blue has a calming effect.

2) Ruby Red

Bright ruby red is one of the best nail colors for both young and more mature women.

Furthermore, ruby red can be worn with almost any outfit, particularly the classic lace white summer top.

Even if it may appear to be a risk for more conservative women, it is without a doubt one of the most eye-catching nail polish colors that men adore. So, go ahead and take a chance.

You’ll no doubt see how the men around you respond positively.

Here is my favorite ruby red nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Guys are drawn to the color red for a number of reasons.

Red is the color of passion and excitement, and it can signal that a woman is looking for some adventure.

Red is also a very feminine color.

In fact, near the end of this article, I’ll share some cool research that reveals exactly what the color red does to a man’s mind.

All of these factors combine to make red an extremely attractive color for guys.

3) Emerald

Emerald green nails are a stunning, rich, and luxurious color.

The color is associated with wealth, authority, and nobility. Emerald green will help you create an elegant but fashionable manicure.

The amazing part about this color is that it is incredibly versatile, complementing both bright and muted tones.

But longer nails are preferable for creating more detailed nail art.

Wearing emerald nails with white or gold is a fashionable option because these colors match the green hues and add to the overall classy appearance.

Here is my favorite emerald nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

There are a few reasons why this color is particularly attractive on women.

For one, emerald green is a bold color that shows that the wearer is confident and not afraid to take risks.

Additionally, emerald green also brings to mind thoughts of nature and vitality.

This can be highly appealing to guys who are looking for a down-to-earth partner. And finally, the color green is often associated with fertility and growth, which can be a positive quality in a potential mate.

4) Lavender

Lavender Nail Polish—Nail Colors Guys Absolutely Love
Image by the author via Canva—Nail colors guys absolutely love

Lavender is also one of the cutest colors for nail polish.

Because men have traditionally preferred floral nuances on women, they like the same thing when it comes to nail polish shades.

Lavender is both a lovely scent and a lovely nail polish.

Here is my favorite lavender nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Guys love lavender nails because lavender is a delicate color, which makes women who wear it seem more vulnerable and in need of protection.

And let’s be honest: guys like feeling needed.

The bottom line is that lavender is a color that universally appeals to guys.

5) Gunmetal Nails

Gunmetal is a metallic-looking mixture of silvery grays.

This is an excellent option for those looking for something unique to wear during the warmer or colder months. Gunmetal works in every season of the year.

Here is my favorite gunmetal nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Gunmetal is one of the nail colors guys absolutely love.

Gunmetal grey is a very sleek and polished color. It looks professional and put-together, which is always a plus.

Also, gunmetal grey is a bit unexpected.

It’s not a typical color that you see on women, which makes it all the more intriguing.

6) Coral

Coral has been declared the go-to color for spring and summer by many fashion specialists.

It’s a stunning nail color that will catch the attention of all your male suitors.

Here is my favorite coral nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Men simply love coral on women because it complements even the palest skin colors and makes them look very nice and natural.

Coral is cute, enjoyable, and tasteful all at the same time.

7) Leopard Nails

Show off your wild side with leopard print nails.

This animal print nail color has become a top fashion top choice because it can express the fierce side of your personality while giving guys something to talk about when they first approach you.

Here is my favorite leopard nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

There is something about leopard print nail color that just screams sexy.

Whether it’s the boldness of the print or the way it shows off a woman’s nails, guys can’t help but be drawn to it.

Perhaps it’s because leopard print is associated with confidence and power. Or maybe it’s because the color is a great way to show off your mischievous side.

Guys like confident girls with a wild streak.

8) Ballet Slipper Pink

Ballet slipper pink is simple, natural, and doesn’t overpower your skin tone.

It’s also a lovely, dainty pink, rather than the hot pink of the more resolved shades.

The majority of people look great in this lovely toned-down pink. It can be worn to formal events as well as family gatherings – all while maintaining a flirty look.

Here is my favorite ballet slipper pink nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

More conservative men tend to prefer women who are similarly reserved and conservative.

Pink is a feminine color that triggers a man’s internal desire for masculine-feminine polarity. Use pink nails to hack this biological male drive.

9) Natural Palette Nails

Natural palette nail polish on fingers
Image by the author via Canva—Nail colors guys absolutely love

A natural palette looks great on most nails and is an excellent choice for a woman looking for a pretty and attractive manicure.

Dress in muted colors to match your nails, or go bold and bright, such as red or bright yellow, to create stunning contrast.

Colors such as beiges, sands, white nudes, and others can also work.

Here is my favorite natural palette nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Many guys prefer women with less makeup, jewelry, and other fashion accessories.

Therefore, it’s not too surprising that men also love natural nails.

It’s hard to go wrong with this muted, understated elegance.

10) Minty Green

Mint green is a light, refreshing shade that is perfect for spring and summer.

It looks especially nice with a touch of gold or silver glitter.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try layering different shades of mint green to create a unique look.

No matter how you wear it, mint green is sure to give your nails a fresh and trendy twist.

Here is my favorite mint green nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Though mint green may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of nails, it is actually a popular choice among many guys.

The color is fresh and youthful, lending a touch of innocence to the wearer.

Mint green pairs well with all skin tones, especially darker tones, so almost anyone can rock this shade and look beautiful.

Finally, mint green nails tend to stand out from the crowd, making them a unique and eye-catching choice.

11) Classic French Manicure

A French manicure displays quintessential elegance.

It’s feminine and you can wear this color anywhere, including on formal occasions and in the office. In this look, you start with a natural base coat—something like pink or nude. Then, you top each nail with a single white stripe.

Because of its simplicity, this style appeals to men of all ages.

Here is my favorite french manicure nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Why do guys seem to love them so much?

It could be because the classic white tip gives the impression of long, slender fingers.

Like the natural nails, a classic french manicure is soft and subtle.

Many guys prefer women with these qualities.

12) Checkerboard Nails

Checkerboard nails are a classic look.

The checkboard pattern can be done in a range of colors, letting you tailor your manicure to your preferences.

Play with various sizes to achieve a unique and interesting finish. You can always choose to emphasize just one feature nail or to mix it up with different colors and designs.

Wear chunky jewelry to bring attention to your hands and fully embrace the retro vibe.

Here is my favorite checkerboard nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Certain guys absolutely adore the checkerboard nail polish.

The bold geometric pattern is eye-catching and edgy, yet still feminine. It shows that a woman takes pride in her appearance and is willing to experiment with her style.

13) Purple Nails

Purple nail polish is a beautiful color associated with royalty and sophistication.

As a result, it is no surprise that purple nails are a hot trend, with various shades to choose from. You can also experiment with various effects and wraps, such as sparkles and matte nail polish.

Here is my favorite purple nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Guys like purple nail polish because it symbolizes glamor, opulence, and fertility.

Of course, almost all of this happens below a man’s conscious awareness.

To a guy, they just know what they like, not necessarily why they feel so drawn to the color.

14) Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day nails blend the loving colors of red and pink.

You can literally blend the colors, go half-and-half, and even add sweet little hearts to show your man how much you love him.

Even if you are single, Valentine’s Day colors come across as cute and flirty.

Here is my favorite Valentine’s Day nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Guys like women with Valentine’s Day nails because the colors remind them of Valentine’s Day.

The colors are also associated with love and romance.

When a guy sees a woman with these colors on her nails, it subconsciously reminds him of all the happy Valentine’s Days he has had in the past. It also makes him think of all the wonderful future Valentine’s Days he hopes to have with a woman.

In short, the colors of Valentine’s Day nails make guys feel happy, loved, and hopeful.

15) Wiggle Nail Art

Wiggle Art Nail Polish and pastries
Image by the author via Canva—Nail colors guys absolutely love

Wiggles are a fun way to add color to your nail design and come in a variety of colors.

Longer nails can give you more space to show off your artwork. And men like creative women. 🙂

Here is my favorite wiggle nail art polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

I already mentioned that guys like artistic women in touch with their creative side.

And creative women are always interesting.

They’re the ones who can carry on a conversation about art, movies, music, and books. They’re the ones who are up for trying new things and who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Guys like creative women because they’re never bored around them.

16) Gingham

Gingham is a fun and easy nail color.

It is a two-color pattern with classic combinations such as red and black, red and white, or blue and white.

Red and black are striking combinations that will draw attention to your hands. It’s also a great way to highlight the length and form of your nails.

Here is my favorite gingham nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Here’s why: red gingham is the perfect mix of playful and sophisticated. It shows that you’re fun and flirty, but still put-together.

Most guys I know (and have ever met) appreciate mature girls who also know how to be playful.

17) Gray and Burgundy Nails

Gray and burgundy nails are an intriguing and unexpectedly complementary color combination.

Both colors are trendy during the winter, but they can be worn throughout the year. Burgundy is a color that evokes both strength and female sensuality.

Gray is a muted color, so the combination is ideal.

Here is my favorite gray and burgundy nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

These colors convey a sense of sophistication and mystery. They also add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Guys love when they can’t quite figure a girl out at first.

Cultivating mystery is useful because it prompts men to learn more about you.

18) Natural Ombre Nails

The ombre nail technique is versatile and fashionable, and it can be done with any color combination.

Ombre is the progressive blending of two shades, one lighter and one darker.

This can result in a bright and bold manicure or a more subtle texture, such as using earthy colors.

Here is my favorite ombre nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

I personally think ombre nail polish is very attractive on women.

I know it’s not a conventional color scheme, but there’s something about the way it fades from light to dark that makes it really eye-catching.

19) Geometric Nails

Geometric nail polish is a beautiful and unique way to paint your nails.

Unlike traditional nail polish, which uses one color, geometric nail polish uses multiple colors to create patterns and designs.

The most popular way to create these designs is by using tape or stickers to form various shapes on the nails. Once the tape is in place, you apply different colors one at a time.

When the polish dries, you remove the tape, revealing a beautiful design.

Here is my favorite geometric nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Geometric nail polish is seriously hot right now.

Guys love it when girls take their nails to the next level with some clean lines and cool shapes.

Plus, it looks super stylish.

If you’re not sure where to start, simply go for a classic triangle or a simple square. Of course, you can always get creative and go for a more intricate design.

20) White Snowflake

Snowflake designs start with a solid base.

For example, you might go with a pink, nude, or white base coat. Then you layer white snowflake stickers on top of the base color.

You can also experiment with different designs to draw attention to your hands, such as a frosted base and glittery snowflakes.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Snowflakes are delicate and unique, and having them on your nails is a great way to show off your personality.

Not to mention your attention to detail.

It’s also true that snowflakes remind guys of wintertime, which is often associated with romance and happiness.

Here is my favorite white snowflake design nail polish.

21) Teal Nails

Teal is the color of the Caribbean sea.

It washes up to a guy’s eyes like rolling waves, sparkling, pulling him toward you with tidal magnetism.

Teal is a blue-green color synonymous with sun and surf.

And therefore relaxation, romance, and tropical vacations. How could any guy resist that?

Here is my favorite teal nail polish.

Why Guys Love This Nail Color

Guys like teal because it is the color of new life, hope, and possibilities.

The ocean is a deep blue but, in a certain light, it can appear teal. Teal is a calming color, and it can be used to bring a sense of peace and relaxation.

One of the most desirable qualities in women is peacefulness.

Here is my favorite teal nail polish:

What Is the Best Nail Color To Wear to Attract Guys?

While there are many nail colors guys absolutely love, there is only one best nail color to wear for men.

If I had to choose only one, I’d recommend red.

Any bright red color is going to work according to a published study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. The data clearly shows that men prefer women in red.

There are different theories why (red reminds men of female body parts, red is the color of flushed and aroused skin, etc).

However, you don’t need to know the WHY to get all the benefits of red nail polish.

Not only do men prefer women in red, but men in the study also rated women in red as more attractive.

In some cases, though, you might want to go with other nail colors guys absolutely love.

Here are those cases:

  • If you know his favorite color (then go with that)
  • You know his favorite sports team (surprise him with their colors)
  • He’s fiercely patriotic (Use the colors of his national flag
  • Certain nail colors match your skin tone best

Here is a good video that shows you what nail colors match your skin tone:

YouTube video by Be Beautiful—Nail colors guys absolutely love

For a fun change of pace, you might even try mood-changing nail polish colors.

Do Guys Notice Nail Polish?

Do men notice your nails?

They do, and they always notice if your nails are short, long, chipped, or missing.


Some women don’t think guys even care about nail polish. The truth is that we do care.

Now, few guys list nail polish color as a top priority.

Almost zero men will reject or pass over a good woman because of her nail color. We notice nail color but it’s not that important.

Do Guys Like Nail Polish?

Do guys like it when girls wear nail polish?

Many women are unaware of this, but men will tell you that it improves your appeal.

Because nail polish is a sign of femininity, most men find women who wear nail polish more attractive. Fake nails, paste-on nails, extreme nail art, highly long nails, sharp nails, or even square nails, on the other hand, might turn off men.

When it comes to men and nail polish, less is usually more.

Nail Color & Guys: FAQs

Let’s look at a few related frequently asked questions about nails. Beyond nail color, other characteristics of your nails also matter.

What Nail Colors Do Guys Hate?

Most guys don’t like all black nails.

An exception might be Halloween or some other horror-themed event.

Otherwise, totally black nails will probably turn a guy off. Black nails remind men of death, depression, and dark magic.

What Nail Shape Do Guys Like?

Guys like curved or rounded nails.

According to a research study, curves are perceived as being more attractive. No one really knows why.

Strait or boxed nails are seen as being more masculine.

If you want the best odds of attracting a guy, go with rounded, curvy nails.

Shape your nails with a professional-grade Lavinda nail drill.

What Nail Length Do Guys Like?

The majority of men prefer shorter nails.

Shorter nails look more delicate and feminine. On the other hand, long nails can get in the way during certain activities.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Some men like longer, pointier nails, thinking they look sexy and dangerous. But for the most part, guys prefer shorter nails on their ladies.

Final Thoughts: Nail Colors Guys Absolutely Love

To put it all together, wear one of these 21 nail colors guys absolutely love, and keep your nails shorter and rounded.

If you want to know other things that make a man want you, check out the hand-selected articles below.

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