Do Guys Like Funny Girls? (14 Things You Need To Know)

As a funny girl with a big personality, you might wonder what guys think about you.

Do guys like funny girls?

Guys do like funny girls. Most guys find humor, wit, and goofiness attractive in girls. Guys want playful girls who also know how to be serious. Funny girls come across as approachable, down-to-earth, and fun to date. Guys love girls who laugh at their jokes.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about, “Do guys like funny girls?”

7 Reasons Guys Like Funny Girls

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I polled my private Facebook group of 1.4k men from around the world to answer this question.

In addition to the poll, I dug into research data in peer-reviewed articles. What I found is that there are at least 7 good reasons that guys like funny girls.

In this section, let’s look at the most common reasons guys like funny girls.

1) Funny Girls Are Approachable

Guys like funny girls because they are approachable.

When you’re making a guy laugh, he’s not thinking about all the things that could go wrong in the conversation.

He’s just enjoying your company at the moment.

And when you’re both laughing, it’s a lot easier for him to take the next step and ask for your number or even lean in for a kiss.

If you want to snag a guy’s attention, focus on being funny. It will make him see you as someone he’d like to get to know better—and that’s always a good start.

2) Funny Girls Are Down-To-Earth

Funny women tend to come across as down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and not high maintenance.

They’re the “girl next door” type, and most guys find that refreshing.

When you’re funny, you don’t have to try too hard for everyone to like you—it comes naturally.

All of this makes us guys more comfortable in a girl’s presence.

3) Funny Girls Are Likeable

What many people don’t realize is that being funny is about more than just telling jokes.

It’s also about being able to see the humor in everyday situations and find joy in even the most mundane tasks. Funny girls are likable because they exude positive energy and they make life more fun.

They’re the ones who are always up for a good time, no matter what the situation.

And when things do get tough, funny girls are the ones who can help guys see the silver lining.

4) Funny Girls Are Playful

Guys like funny girls because they’re fun to be around.

They know how to keep things light. When you’re with a funny girl, you can just relax and enjoy yourself. There’s no need to put on a front or try to impress anyone.

In a world where guys constantly focus on serious tasks, guys find funny, playful girls refreshingly attractive.

5) Funny Girls Laugh At Our Jokes

As any guy knows, making a girl laugh is a surefire way to win her over—and now there’s scientific evidence to back this up.

A recent study published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal shows that men are more attracted to women who appreciate their humor than women who are funny themselves.

In fact, the study revealed a strong correlation between how many times a man made a woman laugh and the couple eventually falling in love.

So why do guys like funny girls?

It turns out that humor is a sign of intelligence and creativity—two qualities that men find highly desirable in a partner.

6) Funny Girls Make Us Laugh

Laughter releases pleasure chemicals from our brains and into our bodies.

You could almost say that funny girls give guys a dopamine kick.

This feels really good, almost like an altered state of euphoric consciousness. In other words, funny girls make us feel good—and guys like to feel good.

7) Funny Girls Are Great at Intelligent Bantering

Guys like funny girls because they have wit and can ping-pong back and forth in intelligent conversation.

Banter is the verbal equivalent of a game of tennis.

It’s all about quick reflexes, sharp observations, and clever comebacks. When two people are bantering, they’re basically trying to one-up each other with wit and humor.

And just like in a game of tennis, the back-and-forth exchange can be incredibly exciting, especially when there’s a mutual attraction.

Is Being Funny Attractive to a Guy?

Being funny is extremely attractive to guys.

Funny girls are attractive because they are:

  • Smart
  • Happy
  • Electric
  • Magnetic
  • Lighthearted
  • Flirtatious

However, guys don’t like every type of funny girl. The next section shares three kinds of funny that turn many guys off.

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3 Reasons Guys Don’t Like Funny Girls

There are three reasons that guys don’t like funny girls.

You could even call these “types” of funny girls that guys don’t like. The three types are gross funny, always funny, and try-hard funny.

Gross Funny

Gross funny is when a girl is trying to be funny by being gross. This usually happens around guys who are already gross themselves. They think it’s funny because they’re both gross.

But it’s not funny. It’s just gross.

Always Funny

Always funny is when a girl is constantly making attempts at humor, even when it’s inappropriate.

This type of girl is always cracking jokes, even when the situation calls for seriousness. She’s the life of a party that never ends.

Which is exhausting.

Try-Hard Funny

The try-hard funny girl is always trying to prove her skill at humor.

She tells forced jokes that seem off because she’s too concerned with the outcome. This usually happens because she’s insecure about her sense of humor.

All three of these types of funny girls are unattractive to guys.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Says a Girl Is Funny?

When a guy says a girl is funny, there are several possible meanings.

It could be a compliment on her personality or intelligence. For example, he might think she has a great sense of humor and that she likes to make other people laugh.

Or, he could be saying that she is quick-witted and able to come up with clever responses.

It might even be a way of him saying that he finds her attractive. After all, many guys are drawn to women who can make them smile and laugh.

It’s a sign that he enjoys being around her.

What Do Guys Really Think of a Funny Girl?

What guys really think about a funny girl depends on whether or not they find her physically or emotionally attractive.

If a guy is attracted to a funny girl, he will find her even more attractive.

On the other hand, if he’s not attracted to her, he might think of her as a pleasant friend.

It really varies from guy to guy.

Here is a good video that talks about what guys think of funny girl:

YouTube video by Josh Tryhane—Do guys like funny girls?

Do Guys Like Funny Texts?

Guys love funny texts.

We love hilarious memes, messages, gifs, videos, and pictures. My fiance and I send each other funny texts all the time.

Here are some reasons that guys like funny texts:

  • Funny texts make us smile
  • Funny texts give us a mental break from our day
  • Funny texts associate good feelings with whoever sent us the message
  • Funny texts help us remember to enjoy our lives

Do Guys Like Hearing a Girl Laugh?

A girl’s laugh is like music to a guy’s ears.

It’s one of the most angelic sounds in existence. It’s also a sign that she’s happy and confident, two qualities that are incredibly attractive to guys.

When a girl laughs, it shows that she’s comfortable around him and that she enjoys his company.

It’s a way of flirting and bonding, and it makes the guy feel good about himself.

I asked a bunch of my guy friends why they like hearing a girl laugh and here’s what they said: “It’s the best sound in the world,” “I love making her laugh,” “It’s a turn-on,” and “It makes her more attractive.” 

Of course, not all laughs are created equal.

A high-pitched giggle might not have the same effect as a deep belly laugh, but either way, it’s sure to put a smile on his face.

What Do Guys Think When a Girl Laughs?

When a girl laughs, guys think it is cute.

If she’s laughing at their jokes, guys think she is fun, friendly, and potentially girlfriend material.

If a girl laughs with a snort, guys think it’s hilarious.

As long as the laugh is not very strange or unusual, guys think it is adorable.

Final Thoughts: Do Guys Like Funny Girls?

If you can make your guy laugh, chances are he’s already half in love with you. If you regularly and authentically laugh at his jokes, he’s probably already in love.

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