Do Guys Like Stretch Marks? (15 Things You Need To Know)

Stretch marks are not a big deal but it can be nerve-racking wondering what other people think of them.

Do guys like stretch marks?

Guys do not mind stretch marks. Some guys even like the way they look. Most guys do not care if you have them or not. If a guy likes you, stretch marks will not change his feelings about you. Only shallow men with perfection complexes focus on stretch marks.

In this article, I’m going to share 15 things you need to know about, “Do guys like stretch marks?”

11 Reasons Guys Like Stretch Marks

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Woman's belly with stretch marks—Do Guys Like Stretch Marks
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There are at least 11 good reasons that most guys like stretch marks.

Saying that guys “like” them is not entirely accurate. Most guys simply don’t care if you have them one way or the other.

Here are 11 reasons why.

1) Stretch Marks are Entirely Natural

Pregnancy and childbirth naturally cause stretch marks.

They appear when the skin is stretched to accommodate an increase in size, such as during weight gain, or due to hormonal changes.

Both guys and girls who work out excessively might get stretch marks.

Stretch marks often form on the abdomen, breasts, lower back, and thighs. If you have a fast rate of development or acquire weight rapidly, your body can develop cellulite in other places, too.

The bottom line: Guys don’t mind stretch marks because they are natural.

2) Stretch Marks are Scars With Stories

Another reason guys like stretch marks is because they are just scars.

And like any other scar, they tell a story.

Stretch marks are a physical reminder of a significant event in your life, such as pregnancy, weight gain, or growth spurts.

When you have stretch marks, it’s a sign that you’ve gone through something significant and survived.

3) Stretch Marks Show That You Are Comfortable in Your Own Skin

If you are comfortable enough to show your stretch marks, then that is a good sign.

It shows that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Guys like this because confidence is attractive.

In fact, this level of self-confidence is one of 30 traits that make you superattractive to guys.

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4) Stretch Marks Can Be Sexy

Yes, believe it or not, some guys find stretch marks sexy.

Stretch marks can be seen as badges of honor – a physical representation of the hard work and dedication you’ve put in. While some people may see them as blemishes, those who find them sexy see them as something to be celebrated.

After all, they’re a constant reminder that you’ve triumphed over adversity and emerged even stronger on the other side.

So, don’t be afraid to show off your stretch marks—they just might be someone’s new favorite thing about

5) Only Shallow Men Care About Stretch Marks

To say that differently: only men you don’t want to date care about stretch marks.

Shallow or not, those guys are not for you.

The vast majority of men don’t care about stretch marks anymore than we care about that wrinkly behind your ear.

Therefore, the minority of men who do care don’t really matter.

Young boys might care but grown men with real-life experience know better. We focus on more important things.

6) Stretch Marks Are Like Cool Tiger Stripes

When you think about it, stretch marks kind of look like tiger stripes.

Know who thinks tiger stripes look super cool? That’s right: guys. Men love tiger stripes.

If we could, we’d paint ourselves in tiger stripes.

So, it’s only natural that we would find the tiger stripes on your body attractive.

7) Stretch Marks Show That You Are Strong and Resilient

SStretch marks are a tangible manifestation of strength and perseverance.

They highlight an experience of change, growth, struggle, and overcoming difficulty.

Since life is full of obstacles, resilience makes you more attractive to most men.

8) Stretch Marks Do Not Change Feelings

If you’re someone who’s self-conscious about your stretch marks, it can be easy to believe that they’ll make you less attractive to potential partners.

However, the reality is that stretch marks don’t usually have a significant impact on the way people see you.

If a guy is attracted to you, stretch marks are unlikely to change those feelings.

Instead, he’ll still see you as a beautiful, amazing person.

Don’t let your stretch marks hold you back from dating or enjoying any activity, whether that be swimming, playing volleyball, or lounging on the beach.

9) Guys Don’t Obsess Over Stretch Marks

It might seem odd or even impossible but most guys don’t obsess over stretch marks the way some women seem to obsess over them.

Guys don’t tend to focus on the small details of a woman’s appearance.

At least, not on stretch marks.

Some guys focus on a woman’s face, while others focus on her figure. Guys like different things.

But I’ve never, not once, heard a guy say anything close to, “She’s hot but I wouldn’t date her because of her stretch marks.”

I’ve heard guys say a lot of different things over the years but never that statement. Never.

10) Stretch Marks Don’t Define You

Your stretch marks are just a small part of your entire person.

They don’t define you, restrict you, label you, trap you, bottle you up, or relegate you to the shadows.

Stretch marks do not require embarrassment or shame.

The truth is that stretch marks signify such a small space of the universe of awesome that is you.

11) Everyone Has Imperfections

We all have our imperfections.

Big ears. Balding hairline. Pudgy waistline. Flintstone feet.

But that’s what makes us unique. No one is perfect. We all have our own particular faults and oddities that define us as individuals.

Do you know what I see when I look at you?

I see a beautiful, unique individual who is perfect just the way you are. I see someone with an excellent sense of humor and a heart of compassion.

I see someone who is intelligent and talented and capable of amazing things. Yes, everyone has imperfections.

But those imperfections are what make us special and interesting and worthwhile.

They are what make us human.

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Are Stretch Marks Unattractive To Guys?

Stretch marks are not unattractive to most guys. Stretch marks do not turn most guys off.

Men feel pretty neutral about stretch marks.

To us, they are no different than scars, pimples, or other blemishes. We know they exist. We have them, too.

There are even guys who find stretch marks very appealing.

Here is a video where guys share how they really feel about women with stretch marks:

YouTube video by Its Manifique—Do Guys Like Stretch Marks?

Do Guys Like Stretch Marks on Your Bum?

Most guys don’t care if your bottom shows a few stretch marks.

Honestly, men probably focus more on your bottom than any minor detail such as stretch marks.

However, a certain subgroup of men do find stretch marks on your bum rather attractive. The majority of men don’t think twice about them.

We don’t mind if you have stretch marks anywhere on your body.

We’re more interested in learning everything there is to know about a person.

Do Guys Like Stretch Marks on Your Chest?

Guys don’t mind stretch marks on your chest (or anywhere else).

Many women understandably worry about what guys might think of stretch marks on their bodies.

However, as you’ve seen in this article, 99% of men plain just don’t care about the stretch marks you may or may not have somewhere on your body.

I’m a perfect example.

My fiance has a few stretch marks and I couldn’t care less. She’s absolutely stunning.

How To Tell A Guy You Have Stretch Marks

First of all, you don’t need to tell him. He probably won’t mind at all.

If you feel worried about it, then having a short conversation makes the most sense. Be brief, clear, and direct.

You can keep it very simple.

Say something like, “I have stretch marks on my stomach from when I was pregnant. I hope you don’t mind.”

The most likely response you’ll get is, “Okay,” or “I don’t mind at all.”

Then, leave it at that. There is no reason to bring the topic up ever again. Trust his word and get on with your day.

By the way, if he does mind, then he’s not worth your time.

Final Thoughts: Do Guys Like Stretch Marks?

I hope this article gives you some peace and comfort. I hope it encourages you to embrace and love yourself even more.

Thanks for reading.

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