Why Is the Female Form So Attractive? (11 Top Reasons)

Science has finally revealed ten underlying reasons for the compelling power of female beauty.

Why is the female form so attractive?

The female form is so attractive because of evolutionary biology, artistic design, ornamentation, social conditioning, advertising, body positivity, femininity, group attraction psychology, the human brain’s preference for curved shapes, and the gender birth ratio of attractive parents.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about why the female form is so attractive.

The Female Form Is Attractive Because of An Evolutionary Drive for Reproduction

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Published studies show that men are hardwired to find women with certain physical traits attractive.

This is because they subconsciously want to reproduce with someone who will give birth to a healthy baby. It’s an evolved trait that helped our ancestors choose partners who would be good reproducers.

In other words, men are attracted to the traditional female form that signals reproductive health—like a low waist-to-hip ratio, clear skin, and large eyes. 

Men are also attracted to women who are of childbearing age because they are more likely to be fertile.

Guys find the hourglass figure attractive because these proportions indicate that a woman has enough fat stores to survive pregnancy and nursing.

The Female Form Is So Attractive Because of Genetic Diversity

Another theory involves genetic diversity.

Human beings are instinctively drawn to mates who have different genes from their own. This helps to ensure that offspring will be genetically diverse, and therefore more likely to be healthy and resilient.

So when a tall man goes for a short woman, or a skinny woman prefers a bigger man, they may be seeking out genetic diversity without even realizing it.

Since most men are taller and broader, they are attracted to the opposite body form in a potential partner.

The Female Form Is Attractive Because The Human Brain Craves Curves

The female form is widely considered to be one of the most attractive of all possible shapes.

And it’s no wonder—curves are innately pleasing to the human brain.

Studies suggest that our brains are hardwired to respond positively to curved lines, and the female form is full of them.

From the gentle S-shape of the spine to the roundness of the hips, curves are everywhere on the female body. Even small details like a woman’s waistline or the curve of her neck can be incredibly hypnotizing.

The Female Form Is So Attractive Because It’s Art vs Utility

From the hourglass shape to the soft and smooth skin, there’s just something about a woman’s body that begs her to be admired.

And it’s not just the physical appearance that’s so appealing, but also the way that women move and carry themselves.

They seem to glide across the room with effortless grace, while men lumber along like Neanderthals.

When you think about it, the female body is a work of art, whereas the male body is more utilitarian.

The female body is designed for attraction.

Here is a good video about scientific reasons women are attractive:

YouTube video by Business Insider—Why Is the Female Form So Attractive?

The Female Form Is Attractive Because of Good Hygiene

The female form is attractive for many reasons, but good hygiene is definitely one of them.

Women typically take care of their bodies better than most men.

They wash, shave, clean, exfoliate, moisturize, and perfume themselves. As a result, they tend to smell better, look cleaner, and feel softer to the touch.

In addition, women usually have better grooming habits than men.

They often pluck their eyebrows and wear makeup to enhance their features. All of these things come together to create an overall package that is simply more appealing than its male counterpart.

The Female Form Is So Attractive Because of Good Advertising

The female form is often lauded as the standard of beauty.

From a young age, we’re bombarded with impossibly perfect women in magazines, on TV, and in advertisements. While these airbrushed depictions of femininity may not be realistic, they nevertheless have a profound impact on the way we view ourselves and each other.

Studies have shown that seeing these idealized images can lead to internalized values of attractiveness.

The Female Form Is Attractive Because of Social Conditioning

In recent years, there has been a shift in the way that female attractiveness is viewed by society.

The popular mantra of the day is that every body is beautiful.

Specifically with a focus on women. So much cultural energy is directed toward female attractiveness that it has seeped into our subconscious.

As a result, the female form has become even more attractive to us, not because it is objectively any more beautiful than it was in the past, but because we have been conditioned to see it as such.

In other words, the female form is so attractive because of social conditioning.

This change in attitude is largely due to the efforts of body-positive activists, who have worked to challenge the narrow standards of beauty that have been perpetuated by the media.

The Female Form Is So Attractive Because of Ornamentation

Ornamentation is common in nature.

In humans, females with more ornate features tend to have higher levels of estrogen.

Estrogen is a hormone that is associated with mate value, meaning that females with high levels of estrogen are more likely to be perceived as being valuable mates. 

The Female Form Is Attractive Because of the Group Attractiveness Effect

Women are often told that they are more beautiful when they are part of a group.

There is actually good science that supports this claim.

Studies have shown that people tend to rate groups as more attractive when there are attractive members in the group. This is known as the “group attractiveness effect.”

In other words, when we see someone who is surrounded by other attractive people, we automatically assume that person is also attractive.

This phenomenon can work in both directions, of course.

If a woman is surrounded by other women who are not particularly attractive, she may be seen as less attractive herself.

But for the most part, being part of an attractive group seems to give women a boost in the beauty department.

The Female Form Is So Attractive Because of Attractive Parent Gender Ratio

Research shows that attractive parents give birth to more daughters than sons.

This ratio differentiation leads to more attractive women than men. Therefore, the female form is more attractive because the number of attractive women outnumbers the number of attractive men.

Part of the reason might come down to simple math.

The Female Form Is Attractive Because of Feminine Facial Features

Women tend to have softer, rounder faces than men.

They also have larger eyes, fuller lips, and higher cheekbones. These feminine facial features are prioritized by both men and women when it comes to attractiveness.

In fact, a study found that when participants were shown images of faces that had been digitally altered to look more masculine or feminine, they rated the feminine faces as being overall more attractive.

Final Thoughts: Why Is the Female Form So Attractive?

There you have it—all the reasons why the female form is often viewed as highly attractive.

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