Are Cancer Men Loyal? (14 Things You Need To Know)

Cancer men get a lot of flak for being sensitive and emotional. But that can also make us great boyfriends and partners.

Are Cancer men loyal?

Cancer men are extremely loyal. Cancer men develop strong emotional bonds quickly, are deeply romantic, and are very sensitive to their partners. Cancer men also experience jealousy and protectiveness in relationships. Cancers are one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac.

In this article, I’ll share 14 things you need to know about “Are Cancer men loyal?”

Are Cancer Men Loyal in New Relationships?

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Cancer men are usually very loyal in new relationships.

Cancer men tend to develop feelings fast, sometimes within a few days or weeks. We may sometimes come on too strong but we are fiercely loyal.

As we develop strong feelings for someone, we usually want to spend as much time as possible with this person.

Our instincts tell us to commit and protect our partners.

This makes Cancer men great romantic partners and marriage material.

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Are Cancer Men Loyal in Long-Term Relationships?

Cancer men are loyal in short and long-term relationships.

The longer we date someone, the deeper bond we form with them. For example, in my current relationship, I fell in love quickly. Nearly two years later, we are engaged to be married.

Cancer men naturally want to protect their partners—especially in long-term relationships.

Are Cancer Men Loyal in Marriage?

Cancer men are loyal in dating, engagement, and marriage.

Our loyalty is rooted in our feelings. A Cancer man’s emotions can be overwhelming at times but they also call us to action.

If we feel that our partner is unhappy, Cancer men will take responsibility for the problem. They will find ways to make their partner happy again.

Cancer men are very physically and emotionally loyal.

Therefore, Cancer men make wonderful life partners.

Are Cancer Men Loyal in Friendships?

Cancer men are loyal in friendships for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, we develop deep emotional bonds with our friends. We want to be there for them during good times and bad times.

We also feel protective of our friends and will do whatever we can to help them out.

Cancer men are very loyal in relationships—both romantic and platonic. Friendships mean the world to us, so we avoid anything that might jeopardize the connection.

Are Cancer Men Loyal When Emotionally Hurt?

Cancer men come across as more sensitive than other Zodiac signs.

This can damage relationships if the other person does not understand and cater to their sensitivity.

When Cancer men get their feelings hurt, they may want to find comfort in other friendships and relationships. However, that doesn’t mean that Cancer men automatically go off and cheat.

Cancer men are loyal even when they feel sad and hurt.

They just want to feel safe, secure, and trusted when completely committed to someone.

Are Cancer Men Loyal in Long-Distance Relationships?

Cancer men are loyal in their long-distance relationships. Distance does not usually change their feelings for someone.

For example, when I was in a long-distance relationship years ago, my heart still ached to be with her. In some ways, it made my feelings even stronger.

Cancer men are loyal even without physical contact.

However, sometimes being away from our partners is harder than it seems. As romantics and nurturers, we thrive on physical affection.

Are Cancer Men Loyal After Cheating?

Yes, many Cancer men are loyal after cheating in almost all circumstances—unless they can’t overcome their feelings of jealousy.

Cancer men naturally cater to their partner’s needs and wants.

This makes them prime relationship material because they align themselves to their partner’s emotional ecosystem.

If you are dealing with a Cancer man who has cheated on you, then you might need to rethink your relationship with him. If you decide to remain in the relationship, it may be difficult to focus more on trust and less on his past mistakes.

Cancer men will usually not cheat again if he is truly dedicated to the relationship.

At the same time, I always recommend that you trust your instincts and intuition. Cancer men are not perfect and sometimes (as painful as it is) you need to break off a relationship to start again with someone new.

Are Cancer Men Players?

Cancer men are not players. As a Cancer man myself, I know first-hand the loyalty of our sign.

We are very loyal and want to be in a relationship. The majority of Cancer men I know would never cheat on their partner.

One of the reasons is that Cancer men feel emotions so intensely.

We know how badly betrayal would feel to us so we don’t want to inflict that emotional pain on others.

Of course, a Zodiac sign is not the same as a person’s character.

Just because most Cancer men would not cheat does not mean no Cancer man has ever cheated.

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Are Cancer Men Loyal to Their Family?

Cancer men highly value family.

Not only do they want to be there for their family, but they feel protective of them as well.

For example, if you are dating (or married) to a Cancer man, then you automatically become part of the family—whether that is his nuclear family or his “chosen” one.

If your Cancer man has not told his parents about you yet, then I recommend waiting patiently. He will be sure to introduce you sooner or later (most likely when he feels emotionally ready). 

Until then, it could mean that he doesn’t feel safe enough in the relationship yet.

Are Cancer Men Loyal in Work Relationships?

Cancer men and women make excellent employees and co-workers. They are focused on success, but they also want to please everyone along the way.

As a result, their co-workers feel comfortable knowing that Cancer men are loyal and dedicated workers.

When I was working full-time in standard 9-5 jobs, my managers always came to me with questions because they knew I would get the job done. They knew that I wanted to help them succeed.

Cancer men can be extremely valuable assets to any company.

Why Are Cancer Men Loyal?

The main reason Cancer men are loyal is because they feel deeply.

They also see themselves as responsible for the happiness of their partner (and others around them).

So, if someone cheats on them, it is like they are betraying them—and Cancer men can never tolerate that feeling. It’s very difficult for Cancer men to get over the betrayal.

Yet, Cancer men are naturally devoted to their significant others.

As long as you stay loyal to them and respect their sensitivity, you will not find a more loyal partner.

How Are Cancer Men Loyal?

Cancer men are loyal in all ways—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

They will never knowingly do something that makes you question their sincerity, affection, and trustworthiness.

Here are some examples of the ways Cancer men are loyal:

  • They will ask how you feel about their friends
  • They will let you know what they are doing
  • They will let you know who they spend time with
  • They will not do or say anything negative behind your back
  • They will always be there when they say they are going to do something with you
  • They will never cheat on you
  • They will never develop romantic emotional connections with other people
  • They will try to do everything they can for their significant others
  • They will be there to support you through anything and everything

As you can see, Cancer men are extremely faithful in relationships.

Here is a good video about what to expect when dating a Cancer man:

YouTube video by Kendra Nicole—Are Cancer Men Loyal?

Are All Cancer Men Loyal?

Lumping all Cancer men into a single box is impossible.

Every person of every Zodiac sign is an individual with free will and personal choice.

While most Cancer men are loyal, not every Cancer man will live up to the same standard of loyalty. So, no, not all Cancer men are loyal all of the time.

Cancer men are human.

That means Cancers can make mistakes and cheat like any other person. No Zodiac sign is a guarantee of fidelity.

Are Cancer Men Honest?

Loyalty is closely related to honesty.

Cancer men are honest about their feelings for the most part. Sometimes, it’s easier to be honest with strangers than with our partners because we fear hurting them or losing them if they don’t like what we have to say.

Therefore, it is important that you ask your partner how he feels and to encourage him to share his concerns and thoughts with you—especially if he is having a hard time expressing himself.

Cancer men need the reassurance of love and support from their partners in order to open up emotionally (even more so than any other Zodiac sign).

With that said, when Cancer men feel safe and loved, they will be 100% honest with you.

Final Thoughts: Are Cancer Men Loyal?

The bottom line is that Cancer men are loyal in their friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and work relationships.

The ultimate way to find out if a Cancer man is loyal is to trust him and watch his behavior.

Cancers can be both creative and nerdy: