What To Wear on a First Date with a Cancer Man (Best Answer)

As a Cancer, I can tell you exactly what to wear on a first date with a Cancer man. He’ll love you if you follow all the advice in this article.

What should you wear on a first date with a Cancer man?

On the first date with a Cancer man, wear a semi-casual dress with flats or low heels. Wear a minimal amount of jewelry and makeup, as Cancer men prefer a more natural look that highlights your authentic beauty. Wear your hair up or down. Cancer men value a modest, romantic, and feminine style.

Cancer men can be very sensitive to your clothing choices. A Cancer man’s first impression of you and your energy can make or break the first date.

With that in mind, here are some insider tips for what to wear on your first date with a cancer man.

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What to wear on a date

What To Wear on a First Date With a Cancer Man (Solved)

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Keep in mind that no Cancer guys are 100% the same. Different Cancer men prefer slightly different clothing styles, but the recommendations in this article will serve you well.

When choosing your outfit, consider:

  • The season of the year (winter, spring, summer, fall)
  • The temperature (hot or cold)
  • The activity (dinner, rockclimbing, winery)
  • The location (New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville)

The most important thing to remember about dressing for a first date with a Cancer man is the vibe and energy you radiate out into the world. Cancer men appreciate a fun, flirty, kind, feminine, and authentic vibe.

Let’s dig into exactly how to dress for your date. We’re going to cover everything from what outfit to wear, what shoes to wear, what jewelry to wear, how much makeup to wear, how to style your hair, and what colors attract a Cancer man.

Disclaimer: Cancer men differ widely in preference and taste. This information is based on my personal experience as a Cancer man and what I’ve heard from many other Cancer men.

What Dress To Wear for a Cancer Man? (5 Good Options)

If you want to know what to wear on a first date with a Cancer man, you can hardly go wrong with a dress. We Cancers are strongly attracted to women who express confidence and femininity, so it is important to wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Any of these dresses will blow him away (check out the links for examples):

How do you pick out the perfect dress for your date with a Cancer man?

  • Wear a casual and comfortable outfit that matches the activity, temperature, and location.
  • Avoid wearing anything too revealing, as overly sexualized clothing does not attract most cancer men.
  • You might want to make sure your dress or skirt length reflects the cancer man’s more modest views.
  • For an evening dinner date, the cancer man may prefer a more formal look.

What Shoes To Wear for a Cancer Man? (Flats or Low Heels)

What about footwear?

The best shoes to wear are flats or low heels. Both choices show off your femininity while still looking great.

It is best to avoid high heels when going out with a cancer man.

Depending on his height, he doesn’t want you to tower above him (a reflection of power, domination, and masculinity). High heels might also make walking more difficult, which will stress a cancer man out!

If he prefers heels (some Cancer men do), then make sure to wear shoes with a thick sole and lower platform (in other words, not the highest of high heels).

Great footwear choices:

Of course, the most important factor in footwear is what activities he’s planned for the date. If you will be sprinting through the dark playing laser tag or taking a midnight stroll over a walking bridge, make sure your shoes feel comfortable.

What Jewelry To Wear on a Date With a Cancer Man?

Women don’t need jewelry or accessories in order to attract cancer men. Keep your look simple by wearing no more than one accessory (for example, a bracelet). Two accessories at most.

Too much jewelry can turn off a Cancer guy—this is easily seen as too flashy and overdoing it.

Here are a few jewelry tips for what to wear on a first date with a Cancer man:

  • Avoid flashy piercings that may bewilder the cancer man and distract him from focusing on the conversation.
  • The average Cancer man frowns upon too much jewelry (unless he has specifically indicated otherwise).
  • You might want to wear statement earrings, a neckulace, or a bold cuff.
  • Match your jewelry to your dress (or other outfit).

I really like these jewerly pieces:

How To Style Your Hair on a First Date With a Cancer Man

Cancer men love a woman who takes care of herself and keeps her hair clean and well-groomed. Some Cancer guys prefer long hair, some prefer short hair, and others prefer curly or straight hair.

The key is clean, groomed hair in a feminine style.

If a Cancer man prefers long locks, it’s best to keep your hair down—as this highlights the length and flow of your hair.

If a Cancer man prefers short hair, then just make sure your hair is nicely styled before going on your date. If you happen to have long hair, consider putting your hair in a high ponytail or bun.

Here’s a great video on how to style short hair (10 different bun styles):

Video by Milabu via YouTube—What to wear on a first date with a Cancer man?

If your Cancer guy likes curls, keep your hair super curly. Avoid straightening them too much beforehand because he may not like how curly strands look after being brushed out.

Similarly, if a Cancer man prefers smooth waves, be careful about curling them too much before leaving, so they stay sleek during dinner.

Here are two more hair tips for your first date:

  • Avoid wearing an overly heavy hair product because Cancer men are very sensitive to everything about you, including scents.
  • Keep your hair looking natural—Cancer men like a woman with an authentic and natural look (hairspray recommendation).

How To Wear Makeup on a Date With a Cancer Man

Cancer men are interested in women with light makeup that complements their features. Avoid wearing too much foundation or eye shadow, and stick with muted lip colors (such as pink) rather than dark reds or oranges.

Lipstick can be worn, but should also remain conservative.

Follow these makeup recommendations when getting ready for your date:

  • Use makeup sparingly, so the Cancer guy has an unobstructed view of your face. Most of us like the natural look!
  • If you’re going on an outdoor date, then be mindful of how heat and sweat affect your makeup.
  • Always match your makeup to your overall outfit.
  • If you can, choose cruetly free makup.
  • It’s ok to not wear any makeup at all!

Here is some makeup that we like:

Your date will appreciate that you’ve taken time to make yourself look nice for him — just try not to wear anything too heavy because most men don’t care very much about makeup.

Especially Cancers.

Beyond baseline physical attraction, we focus on the emotional connection. How you make us feel is more important than how much or how little makeup you wear.

What Clothes Do Cancer Men Like?

Cancer men like clothes that reflect who you are on the inside, allowing you to be your most authentic self. I can’t emphasize enough how essential it is to feel natural and comfortable on your first date with a Cancer man.

Almost all Cancer men pick up the emotional energy that emanates from a woman’s heart—the way she makes them feel about themselves, the way she validates them—in other words, her emotional energy.

Because they feel more comfortable with women who embrace their femininity, Cancer men prefer more feminine styles.

What to wear to attract a cancer man:

  • Anything that emphasizes your feminine qualities (i.e., dresses, skirts, etc)
  • Don’t wear anything that emphasizes masculine traits (i.e, broad-shouldered, etc)
  • Something cute but casual
  • Nothing too formal or flashy

What To Wear To Impress a Cancer Man?

If you want to impress a Cancer man, dress in something that makes you comfortable and feminine, and that matches the situation.

A Cancer man will instantly pick up on whether or not you feel comfortable in your clothing. If you feel cold, hot, or uncomfortable, he will notice (maybe only subconsciously), which will distract him from enjoying the date.

Even more impressive is if your clothing is modest and matches his personal taste in style, color, and fit.

If you happen to know a little about your date, you can probably figure out his favorite colors and guess his favorite styles.

Ultimately, the most impressive thing to wear on a first date with a Cancer man is a warm, cooperative, and positive attitude.

What To Wear on a First Date With a Cancer Man (Make Him Fall in Love)

Ok, I’m about to give away some secrets here. Pay close attention if you really want to make a Cancer man fall madly in love with you. Just know that I’m not responsible for how you use this information. Please use it responsibly.

Cancers are very sensitive and feel crushed when manipulated, used, or treated poorly.

So, what do you wear on first date (or any date) to make a Cancer man fall in love with you?

If you want to court your Cancer man, wear a feminine outfit that radiates soft and nurturing energy. Even if you think an outfit is too modest or casual, don’t worry—if he can imagine cuddling with you while watching movies, it will go over well.

You can make a Cancer man more comfortable by wearing clothes with soft colors that accentuate femininity, comfort, and romance. We like it when you dress up your features as a nurturing woman.

We like to surround ourselves with people who dress in soft colors. If you wear clothes with sharp lines and stiff fabrics, he will not like it. Wear clothes that project warmth, nurturance and the potential for romance.

What To Wear on a First Date With a Cancer Man (Plus Sized)

While many Cancer men prefer a healthy and fit average body shape, there are Cancer men who love women of all shapes and sizes. The most important factor is your confidence, comfort, and how much we can envision ourselves with you.

If you have natural curves, embrace your beauty.

At the risk of repetition, be yourself. Cancer men are much more concerned about your comfort than the fabric that wraps your body.

If you want a few plus-sized outfit suggestions, try these:

What Colors Do Cancer Men Like? (Best Color Options)

The colors that attract Cancer men depend on their personality and preference.

However, as a general guideline, a Cancer man usually likes the colors associated with the moon and water. We are water signs, after all. Therefore, choose colors like emerald green, aqua, coral, teal, white and silver.

Personally, I gravitate towards intense Carribean sea blues and greens.

But what if these colors don’t look flattering on you?

In that case, wear what suits you best but consider adding a splash of one of these “Cancer-sign” colors in an accessory like earrings, a scarf, or sunglasses.

Final Thoughts: What To Wear on a First Date with a Cancer Man

It may take some time for him to open up fully with you but these clothing choices will certainly help. The keys are matching your outfit to his astrological sign and lots of patience.

If you follow the tips and recommendations in this article, you’ll have the best chance of a perfect first date.

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