Are Gemini Guys Mean? (14 Things You Need To Know)

Gemini guys sometimes get a bad reputation for being rude, mean, or aloof.

Are Gemini guys mean?

Gemini guys are not mean, they are misunderstood. Gemini men can be hot and cold. Their two-sided personality and highly direct communication style lead many people to interpret them as mean. When Gemini men end a relationship, they end it completely.

In this article, I’ll cover 14 things you need to know about “Are Gemini guys mean?”

5 Reasons Gemini Men Are Not Mean

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There are five reasons Gemini guys are not mean.

The reasons mostly rely on accurate interpretation of a Gemini’s traits, dual nature, and communication style.

1) Gemini Guys Are Loyal

Gemini men are loyal.

They are eternal romantics who always want to make things work. Gemini guys may end a relationship, but they always want it to be for the right reasons.

Sometimes, Gemini men are loyal to a fault.

As in, they are more loyal than they need to be in certain relationships.

2) Gemini Guys Are Direct, Not Mean

Geminis are direct communicators.

They say what they mean and don’t mince words. They are not mean, though.

They communicate their feelings and desires honestly and directly with the goal of finding a solution.

Direct communication is one of the most common reasons they get the “mean” label.

3) Geminis Do Everything They Can To Save the Relationship

In many cases, Gemini guys do everything they can to save a relationship.

In fact, it is not uncommon for them to remain in a relationship long after it should have ended.

You can never accuse a Gemini guy of not putting in the effort.

This kind of man is not mean. They are committed.

4) Gemini Guys Enjoy Long-Term Committed Relationships

If you are involved with a Gemini guy, know that he likes committed relationships.

He prefers long-term relationships to short-term ones.

A Gemini guy’s interest in a longer, more faithful relationship makes him a good guy (not a mean guy).

Geminis do have a need for intimacy, which means they require a highly-refined level of closeness. They also enjoy physical intimacy and are good in bed.

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5) Gemini Guys are Highly Protective of Those They Care About

When it comes to friends or family members, Gemini guys go to the ends of the Earth for them.

Gemini men are highly protective of those they care about.

They will always have their backs and defend them if necessary. Like the other four reasons, this one is further proof that Gemini men are not mean.

Why Do People Think Geminis Are Mean?

Most people think Geminis are mean because they misinterpret Gemini’s directness or finality.

Geminis can be very direct communicators.

Other people who are more sensitive and in touch with their emotions can misinterpret this directness as meanness or cruelty—as if the Gemini guy doesn’t care.

However, this is usually far from the truth.

Gemini’s care deeply about their partners. They just possess a very direct and succinct communication style.

Other people think Gemini guys are mean because Geminis aren’t as emotional as other signs of the zodiac. They think Gemini men don’t care about their partner just because he isn’t dumping his emotions on them all the time.

It’s not that Gemini guys don’t feel, it’s just they aren’t necessarily always feeling at other people.

The other misconception is thinking Gemini guys are possessive of their partners.

They are usually not possessive. Rather, they are protective. It’s a subtle difference with a fine line separating the two concepts.

Possession is more about control whereas protection is about safety.

One this is certain: Geminis can also be hot and cold.

When a Gemini guy is finished with the relationship, they are 100% finished. They will not be going back.

Feelings at that point are completely cut off and there’s no chance of a rekindled romance.

This cold part of their personality can come across as mean.

However, it’s more about finality than cruelty.

This is not to say that Gemini guys or Gemini girls can never be mean. People are individuals and human beings can be mean regardless of their zodiac sign.

Here is a good video that will help you understand (and correctly interpret) your Gemini man’s personality:

YouTube video by Genuinely DIVINE—Are Gemini Guys Mean?

Are Gemini Guys Mean in New Relationships?

Gemini guys are typically not mean in new relationships.

They can be direct but not mean.

They use their quick wit to show how smart they are. They enjoy intellectual conversations and stimulating dialog with their partners.

To be with Gemini guys in the long run, you have to be able to keep up with them because they are always looking for new adventures.

Their relationships generally don’t get boring which is one of the reasons they are such popular partners.

The summary: their intelligence, charm, and creative wit prevent them from being mean in new relationships.

Are Gemini Guys Mean in Long-Term Relationships?

Gemini guys are not mean in long-term relationships.

Just like in short-term relationships, they can be direct, which is sometimes viewed as mean by their partners.

The longer you date a Gemini guy, the more you’ll realize that directness is simply the way that they speak. It’s nothing personal against you.

That’s how they treat everyone.

You may or may not like a more direct way of talking, but that doesn’t mean that Gemini guys are trying to hurt your feelings.

If a long-term relationship goes south, a Gemini guy might decide that he is done with the partnership.

If that happens, a Gemini guy can quickly go from hot to cold.

It may seem very sudden to their partner or anyone outside of the relationship.

However, a Gemini guy has probably been contemplating this decision and processing the ramifications for quite some time.

Are Gemini Guys Mean When They Are Mad?

Gemini guys tend to be less emotional than guys with other zodiac signs.

This gives Gemini guys thicker skin.

They are less likely to get upset over things that might make other guys angry.

Therefore, it takes more to get a Gemini guy mad. Once they get mad, Gemini men might lose their cool.

Yet, they can often manage themselves to avoid meanness.

Again, depending on the person and the reason that they are upset, it is possible for a Gemini guy to be mean when they’re mad.

For example, if their partner just cheated on them with their best friend or if someone physically hurt their partner.

In these more extreme scenarios, it would only be natural and human for a Gemini guy to be mean.

Are Geminis Supposed To Be Mean?

Gemini guys are not supposed to be mean.

They do often have two sides to their personalities, which can come across as confusing and even mean to other people.

With that said, there’s nothing in their zodiac sign or personality traits that inherently make them guaranteed to be mean.

Gemini guys can be mean, but it’s not a requirement for this zodiac sign.

Are Young Gemini Guys Mean?

Young Gemini men are usually not mean.

Youth brings with it a certain level of immaturity in most men, but that’s not the same thing as being mean.

A young Gemini might be more wild and carefree.

However, Gemini men can develop a sense of independence and responsibility earlier than men of other zodiac signs.

Are Older Gemini Guys Mean?

Older Gemini men are also not mean.

Age doesn’t automatically make a person more mature or level-headed.

Instead, age brings experience.

If anything, older Gemini men are less likely to be mean because they’ve already been through many situations in their lives.

This gives them the opportunity to see how other people react and behave when they are upset.

Are Gemini Guys Mean After a Breakup?

Gemini guys only break up with someone when they are completely done with the relationship.

The coldness you feel with a Gemini man after a breakup can feel mean.

However, usually, this is not Gemini’s intention. They are simply over the relationship and ready to move on with their lives.

Therefore, Gemini guys are not typically mean after a breakup.

Are Gemini Guys Mean When You Hurt Them?

If you cheat on or otherwise betray a Gemini man, he will have a human reaction.

He could possibly respond with a mean word or action.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Gemini men do not get hurt as easily as some other guys.

Rather than being mean, a Gemini man is more likely to end the relationship.

Their neutral emotional reaction to you is because they have already shut you out of their lives.

Final Thoughts: Are Gemini Guys Mean?

The bottom line is that the majority of Gemini guys are not mean, they are misunderstood.

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